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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Little Inferno

Little Inferno 2

By Thursday of each new week, Apple staff picks a very special app to receive the coveted “Editor’s Choice” award, just enough time for us to download a new app or game and waste our entire weekend exploring it. Last week, the honor went to Might & Magic Clash of Heroes. (Actually, they always pick two. One is a game and one is not.) This week, Penultimate won for its new Evernote sync feature, making it one of the most productive note taking apps in the App Store. They also picked Little Inferno as this week’s Editor’s Choice game of the week.

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Battle Across the Universe With Wingbreaker – iPad App Review

Wingbreaker LogoIf you like good, old-fashioned shoot-em-up arcade gameplay, then you’ll enjoy Wingbreaker. This simple, action packed game will have you on the edge of your seat as you blast your way through the universe, destroying alien ships along the way.

Players control a battle-hardened ship that automatically shoots whatever is in front of it. As you travel through space get in front of a saucer to destroy it. Players can equip their ship with more powerful weapons, but only after they’ve unlocked them in the mission mode, and only if they can manage to grab them without being destroyed first.

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Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell Mixes Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books with RPG Gaming – iPad App Review

FF House of Hell LogoFighting Fantasy is a series of books from the eighties that combines choose-your-own-adventure stories with role-playing game elements. The original creators of the popular fantasy books have teamed up with Tin Man Games to bring the original House of Hell title to iOS.

Players, or readers, start by choosing a level of difficulty. If you’ve never played a Fighting Fantasy game book before, it is probably best to start with the easiest level so you can familiarize yourself with the concept. Once you’ve gotten through a small portion of the book, you can reset it and start over with a harder level.

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Learn How To Sort The Trash With Sortee – iPad App Review

Sortee LogoYou don’t have to be an environmentalist to enjoy sorting this garbage. Throw round objects into one bin and square ones into another. This sorting game is about more than just glass, paper, and plastic. You’ll be sorting by color, use, and size as you toss items in bins before they crash into your windshield.

Players must sort various items that fit into different descriptive categories by swiping the object to “throw” it into the bin. The game consists of increasingly more difficult rounds. Each correct sort earns the player coins while each incorrect sort causes a crack in their windshield. If you get three cracks, you lose the game. Read More »

Attention Football Fans: Join in on the Fun with NFL Quarterback 13 – iPad Game Review

nflFull Fat is known for a range of fun sports games like Flick Golf, Agent Dash, and NFL Kicker. The developer has an all new exciting game for the 2013 NFL season, which is perfect to play while you wait for the super bowl to start this Sunday.

NFL Quarterback 13 lets you join in on your favorite sport. In this immersive game, you can become the quarterback, calling all the shots. You will in in charge of deciding where to pass, setting up defense and coverage, aiming, and tossing the ball.

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Logophiles Rejoice! Download Wordflex Touch Dictionary – iPad App Review

wordflexappWhether you like to read the dictionary with the fervor that most people reserve for tackling a Stephen King novel, or you keep your dictionary under glass, reserving it for emergency use, you are sure to enjoy using Wordflex Touch Dictionary.

Wordflex Touch is so easy to use and thorough that it may actually convert an emergency-only dictionary reader to a meaning-obsessed daily user. This iPad-only app offers three modes: search, entry, and shuffle. Not only does search allow a user to look up her favorite ten dollar word, but when she types in a simpler word with a common root, related words fill the screen, simulating what one might see on the page of a real dictionary.
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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday – Mutant Mudds, Free for Today Only

Mutant Mudds

Ah, the good old days. Depending on how old you are, that could either mean going down to the local arcade with a pocket full of quarters, sitting on the living room floor until your backside was sore and your neck was stiff, or shoving a huge box into your backpack to try to show off your mobile game console without getting caught at school. Whatever decade you grew up in, you’ll probably have fond memories of video games. For those of you who have a place in your heart for retro, we have a place on PadGadget for you.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Chromatik Brings Student and Teacher Together


The iPad is quickly becoming an important device in the music industry. Whether it is for creating a mobile recording studio, learning a new instrument, or simply goofing off with Cat Piano, musicians and music fans love the different ways the iPad helps facilitate their passions.

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Rescue the Dingles from Danger in Dingle Dangle – iPad Game Review

dingledangeChillingo games are almost always well-designed, fun, and worth buying. Dingle Dangle, a new app released last week, is no exception. This is a fun arcade-style puzzle game that stars the Dingles, a jumble of creatures who are in imminent danger.

These silly little monsters live in an environment that has dangers around every corner – they might just be burst, crushed, or set on fire at any moment. Luckily, they have you. It’s your job to use the grappling line to rescue the Dingles and keep them out of trouble.

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Work Out Like a Beast With Gorilla Workout – iPad App Review

Gorilla Workout LogoI am ashamed to admit it, but I ate so much food over the holidays that I can no longer fit comfortably in my pants. I promised myself that I would start eating better and exercising to burn off some of the extra weight I’d gained. I have improved my eating habits, but the cold weather keeps me from wanting to do anything but snuggle under a blanket with my iPad and a cup of hot cocoa.

One way to get me off my duff is to stick an iPad in front of my face with a workout routine on it. Gorilla Workout offers an easy and instructive way to begin a fitness and strength training regimen without having to join a gym.

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