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Run Through Puzzle-like Obstacle Course Levels in Grudger – iPad Game Review

grudgerGrudger is a puzzle runner that takes place in a steampunk style world filled with wooden platforms, trains, pipes, and other dangerous obstacles. The idea is to run through each level, using the environment in innovative ways to make your way to the end of the stage.

You will jump over gaps, duck under pipes, bounce off of walls, and reverse direction in order to get through each level, and figuring out each level can be a formidable challenge.

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Help the Brotherhood Win Against Raging Enemies with Gun Bros. 2 – iPad App Review

Gun Bros 2 LogoThey may not admit to it, but a gamer’s favorite feature when killing lots of things is the ability to collect loot. Picking up random, rare drops when in the middle of a firefight is like a drug. That’s why hardcore gamers will go back to a dungeon raid over and over again.

Gun Bros 2 scratches that addictive itch by dropping plenty of goodies into battle for you to collect. Plus, you can buy sweet weapons for cheap on the Black Market and add crazy modifications to your guns or buy a grab bag for a mysterious surprise.

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Check out this Twisted and Quirky Word Search Game – iPad App Review

Quirky Word Search LogoI am a huge fan of word search games. I am a little embarrassed to admit it, but I even like them more than crossword puzzle games. It’s because you don’t have to think, you just have to look. When I was in college, I loved doing word searches to turn my brain off for a while when I was studying. Quirky Word Search may make your brain work a little bit more, but it is still a fun way to pass the time when you are bored.

The game is simple. Find the words that are hidden amongst the many letters on the grid. The complexity comes with trying to find words when the letters are upside-down, and backward. How do you know if that is an “M” or a “W”?

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Spunk and Moxie is an Addictive One-Touch Platformer – iPad Game Review

spunkSpunk and Moxie is a fun and unique platformer that stars a couple of piles of goo grown in a secret lab by an evil scientist. The scientist was developing a formula to give himself extreme athletic powers and that formula mutated into the gooey duo known as Spunk and Moxie.

The two goos are filled with energy and will bounce endlessly through the level. You can control their jumping, but Spunk and Moxie will zip through each stage on their own, meaning all you can try to do is corral them into the right direction to complete a level. Read More »

There is Nothing to Fear But The Gods: Rebellion – iPad App Review

Gods Rebellion LogoEpic Games rose high in the gaming ranks thanks to its use of Unreal Engine technology. Infinity Blade was the first iOS game to really utilize the iPad’s graphics capabilities to its fullest extent. Since then, games featuring Unreal Engine technology have become huge hits. With the addition of Retina display support on the iPad, games using the advanced graphics program look even more amazing.

The Gods: Rebellion is one of those games that take mobile graphics to the next level. Thanks to Unreal Engine and some fantastic gameplay techniques, this game will have you hooked from the first battle.

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Take the Fight to the Field in Battle Nations – iPad App Review

battle nation logoIf you are looking for turn-based battle adventure mixed with building simulation then you’ve found the right game. Most apps are either one or the other, but now you can have your cake and eat it too with the story-driven adventure of Battle Nations.

Players are given a small army to explore land and build an outpost. Building is not the only thing that this team of soldiers must do. There are always raiders on the hunt to steal your goods and make off with your food.

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Heal Them All is a Fun Tower Defense that Supports a Good Cause – iPad Game Review

healthemallHeal Them All is a new tower defense style game from Shortbreak Studios, in which players repel invading germs and viruses to save sick children. This is a game that was created in cooperation with the “Cape of Hope” foundation, which is constructing a new oncology ward in a children’s hospital in Poland.

The game, which is available as a trial version for free, donates some of the proceeds to the foundation, so not only is this a fun tower defense, it also supports a good cause. Read More »

Take on the Role of a Challenge-Solving Robot in C-Bot Puzzle – iPad Game Review

cbotC-Bot is a puzzle game for the iPad that promises to test both your reasoning and your agility. The game stars C-Bot, an adorable little white robot that is owned by Doctor Puzzle, a young scientist. C-Bot is awfully cute, and looks quite a lot like a square version of lovable Disney robot Eve, from Wall-E.

As the story goes, C-Bot was abandoned in a laboratory, which activated him. He wakes up all alone and confused in the lab. He doesn’t know who he is or where he needs to go, so it is up to you to help him escape the puzzles of the lab and discover his history.

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Timeless, yet Modern, Spatter & Spark is an Original Children’s Story for iOS – iPad App Review

spatsparkappThe only thing better than keeping our readers abreast of the latest Kickstarter projects is when, as with Polk Street Press’ newest kids’ digibook, Spatter & Spark, we get to enjoy the finished product. Spatter & Spark are an artistic porcupine and an invention-loving fox, whose curiosity and friendship will delight four to six-year-old readers.

Spatter & Spark work together to solve the porcupine’s problem: he wants to paint the portrait of Hubert the baby crow, but he can’t reach the crow’s nest, and the diminutive bird is afraid to fly down to model for him. As the story unfolds, it’s Spark to the rescue as the clever fox dreams up a way to get Spatter up to mama crow’s nest.
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Help a Little Blue Amoeba Retrieve His Lost Memories in Cyto – iPad Game Review

cytoPhysics based games have always been overwhelmingly popular in the App Store. Angry Birds, with its cute but furious feathered characters has managed to sell millions of copies, turning it into a thriving franchise. Birds are so overdone, though, right? It’s time for a new cute character, and what’s better than a sweet little blue alien organism named Cyto?

Cyto is a physics-based puzzler from Chillingo, a publisher that has been putting out some solid games lately. In the game, poor Cyto has lost his memories, so he must float around in the primordial abyss hoping to hunt them down. That’s where you come in – you will help direct Cyto towards his memories in each level.

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