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Enjoy Cooking and Eating Better with Green Kitchen’s Healthy Desserts — iPad App Review

hdappIt’s a dilemma that many folks with a sweet tooth face: dessert is bad for you. Usually. Green Kitchen’s Healthy Desserts, inspired by the husband and wife duo who run the vegetarian food blog Green Kitchen Stories, offers 48 dessert recipes that aren’t quite so unhealthy. Many of the recipes are suitable for vegan or gluten free diets.

Considering the recent New York Times pieces on the evils of sugar and junk food respectively, even omnivores have good reason to search out healthier alternatives when it’s time for dessert.

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Sonic Dash Spins Into the App Store – iPad App Review

Sonic DashSonic the Hedgehog is one of those games that have made its way into the hearts of gamers of all ages. Like Super Mario Brothers is for Nintendo, Sonic is Sega’s iconic hero. Unlike Nintendo, Sega has embraced the mobile gaming world and regularly releases its titles on iOS, including the blue runner’s original series. Sonic Dash is not one of the original console games. It is, however, Sonic at his best.

This is an endless runner game very similar to Temple Run. I know what you are thinking, “Oh, great. Another Temple Run copycat.” You’re both right and wrong. Yes, the game play is pretty much the same. Players swipe to the left or right to collect coins and avoid obstacles, or swipe up to jump over logs and swipe down to duck. Only, instead of ducking, Sonic goes into his iconic spin.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Archie Comics

Archie Comics 2

Fridays are a good day for us old timers when it comes to remembering our youth. Radio stations, TV stations, and movie theaters all take a step back in time to bring you their version of Flashback Friday and here at PadGadget, we’ve got our own version of the celebration of all things retro. Last week, we spotlighted a collection of games from the Galaga series. Talk about going back in time. I spent many an hour and many a quarter trying to destroy enemies in Galaxian when I was an itty-bitty gamer.

This week, instead of a game, we are spotlighting a comic book reader for one of the longest running comics in existence.

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Take on the Role of a Rabid Zombie in Infect Them All 2: Zombies – iPad Game Review

infectthemall2Infect Them All 2: Zombies is the follow up to the hit zombie game Infect Them All. In this series by Magic Cube, you get to take on the role of the zombies, working to turn all of the unsuspecting humans into walking undead. If you liked Infect Them All, the sequel will be a blast.

Its not often you get to be a zombie, which is a thematic element that makes the Infect Them All series unique. It is fantastically fun to stagger around sinking your rotting teeth into fleeing humans, putting a nice twist on the typical zombie slaying games that are found in the App Store.

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Can You Survive the Worm Run? – iPad Game Review

wormrunWorm Run is a side scrolling platformer with a unique control scheme. In most platform games you use a joystick to run forward while additional buttons implement jumps or other maneuvers. Worm Run, though, uses swipe gestures for movement, and it incorporates endless running style gameplay for a fresh feel.

In the game, you will take on the role of Zeke Tallahassee, a space janitor who is unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time, finding himself running for his life from a giant worm that’s equipped with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

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Battle Famous Celebrity Zombies in Crazy Bill – iPad Game Review

crazybillCrazy Bill, from Ivanovich Games, combines zombie slaying with endless running, two of my favorite iOS game elements. Though there are a never ending stream of zombie titles hitting the App Store, I never seem to tire of slaughtering wave after wave of zombies, and Crazy Bill offers non-stop zombie smashing action.

This game takes place in a hotel, but it’s not your run of the mill bed and breakfast. Instead, this is a high class zombie hotel that houses the hottest zombie celebrities. You will take on the role of Bill, a man who is dedicated to clearing out the zombie filth. Read More »

Toy Story: Smash It! The Only Time You Are Allowed To Smash Your Toys – iPad App Review

Toy Story LogoDisney has had some big hits with games such as Where’s My Water and Temple Run Brave. They keep pumping out games that please and we keep having fun with them. The company recently released another movie related game called Toy Story: Smash It! and this game is full of fun ways to smash things.

Players take control of Buzz in a playtime attack on invading aliens. Instead of using imaginary lasers, players get to knock down towering boxes with PVC toy balls. To take aim, touch Buzz and drag your finger backward. Glowing crosshairs will appear to let you know where your ball is headed. If you get the shot right, you may knock down all of the three-eyed alien squeaky toys.

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Battle Against Enemy Troops in RTS Game Trenches II – iPad Game Review

trenchesTrenches II is a real time strategy that focuses on World War I, which is an atypical choice for a war game. In this app, the war is storming across Europe and it’s your job to battle against enemy forces.

This is a lane defense style game, which means you have a bunker on one end while the enemy has another bunker on the other end. The idea is to create minions at a rapid pace, which then advance forward attacking any foes in their path.

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Slingshot Puzzle HD is a Puzzle Game for Billiard Lovers – iPad Game Review

slingshothdSlingshot Puzzle HD from Alawar is a game that will require skill, logic, and a bit of luck. The idea is to line up and fling a ball to collect a number of gems in each level, avoiding obstacles along the way. It’s a bit like a cross between a physics-based puzzle and a game of pool.

When you begin the game, you will see a sleek wooden playing field, a set of three gems, and a ball launcher. The first step is to line the launcher up with the gems. After that, pull back to launch the ball, where it must run into all of the gems before hitting the end point.

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Cognition is Both a Blessing and a Curse for Erica Reed – iPad App Review

Cognition LogoCognition is an episodic puzzle mystery where players use their own wits in collaboration with FBI agent Erica Reed’s supernatural intuition to unlock the secrets of a serial killer’s diabolical plan. Your goal is to save Reed’s brother from this sick genius’ deadly contraption before it is too late.

The game starts at a cemetery. Players must use what ever they have on them, or things they come across on their adventure, to get find Reed’s brother before he is murdered.

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