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Monster Meltdown, the Other Editor’s Choice Award- iPad App Review

Monster Meltdown LogoThis week, Apple had a tough choice picking the best game of the week. So tough, in fact, the mysterious editors picked two. On Monday, we told you about Block Fortress. The tower defense game incorporates building simulation, Minecraft style gameplay, and first-person shooters. Today we have a review for the other winner of this week’s App Store Editor’s Choice award, Monster Meltdown.

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Free Trapped Animals and Slay Enemies In Endless Runner Mini Ninja – iPad Game Review

minininjasMini Ninjas is a super fun dojo-themed endless runner that’s fast-paced, challenging, and addictive. One of my favorite endless running games is FANTASYxRUNNERs, and Mini Ninjas highly reminds me of that app. Not only are you running and jumping to avoid obstacles, you’re also attacking to slaughter your enemies.

This game sucked me in right from the beginning thanks to the impressive 3D graphics and the authentic dojo environment. The main ninja character is adorably cute, as are the other characters that can be unlocked.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Musaic Box HD Combines Puzzle Challenges With Music History

Musaic 1

Welcome back to PadGadget’s weekly music column. One of our favorite things to talk about is ways the iPad can help you become a better musician. Last week, we explored the innovative augmented sheet music app from Weezic.

This week, we have an app that is not just for musicians. In fact, Musaic Box HD is more of a game than a music app. However, it incorporates music history throughout, so we think it fits perfectly with Sound Stage.

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G5 is Back With Another Fun Hidden Objects Game in Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD – iPad App Review

Abyss LogoG5 Entertainment has been making some fantastic Hidden Objects games since the company first started showing up in the App Store. Every new release seems to be an improvement on the last and Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD does not disappoint. They’ve moved out of basic Hidden Object games and into something much deeper and more challenging.

Players start by learning about the disappearance of Robert Marceau, and how his fiancé is on a mission to find him. He was last seen underwater in a diving expedition to investigate the lost city of Eden.

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Outland Games Will Make You Run For Your Life – iPad App Review

Outland Games LogoEndless runner games are a dime a dozen in the App Store, and some of them are even “free-a-dozen.” So, it is not easy to find a refreshing and interesting way to make a game that people will enjoy. Right out of the gate, I knew that Outland Games would hold my interest, mainly because of the funny quips the announcer was say, but also because it is a smooth, fun, and exciting game for the endless runner genre.

Players are set to become infamous by running a course that is intended to entertain the masses and kill the runner. Jump, slash, and run your way through robot warriors, spiky pits, and increasingly difficult terrain.

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Liberation Maiden Will Put You in Control of the Best Mech Suit in the Galaxy – iPad App Review

Liberation Maiden LogoIf you are looking for a way to really get into anime, and I mean really get into it, then you’ll be excited to play Liberation Maiden. Not only do you follow the exciting story of a president who is determined to save her country from the deadly grip of the Dominion, but you get to sit in the driver’s seat of the best Mech suit that future technology has ever created. Liberation Maiden is ready to take you on your first mission.

This action shooter game is full of excitement and adventure. The first few minutes of the game’s opening sequence feels like you are watching an action-packed BattleTech style anime. I almost forgot I was playing a game. Once the opening sequence is over, the fun begins.

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Collect Monsters and Battle with Your Friends in Monster Life – iPad Game Review

gameloftIf you’re in the market for a super cute app, look no further than Monster Life. This adorable freemium app stars blocky 3D monsters that look a lot like paper cutouts. The colors are bright and the gameplay is simplistic, which makes it perfect for kids and adults alike.

This is a game that’s a lot like a cross between Nintendo’s Pokemon series and Farmville. You will collect monsters and use them to do battle with other monsters., while also maintaining a small village. Monster Life isn’t quite as in-depth as Pokemon and there are far fewer monsters to collect, but the battles are engaging and the environment can’t be beat.

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Make Beautiful Presentations on your iPad with Haiku Deck — iPad App Review

Haiku Deck LogoI’m old enough that I wasn’t taught how to make PowerPoint presentations in school. When I finally made it to college, I was about 10 years older than my classmates, who all learned how to use the Microsoft program and said things like, “It’s super easy” and, “You just have to add some pictures and some text.” I never did try to master the program. Someone else was always willing to take on that part of the group project and I was able to slip through without ever learning how to make a computer slideshow.

Thank goodness for Haiku Deck for making presentation creation easy and beautiful for people like me. The app is so easy to figure out that even an old timer like me can make stunning presentations with very little effort.

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Mary Engelbreit’s Doll Dress-Up: “Breitville” Brings Paper Dolls to Life — iPad App Review

breitvilleappIllustrator Mary Engelbreit has built a business empire on her vibrant and whimsical illustrations of tea cups, flowers, and rosy-cheeked children. For her newest venture, she partnered with iOS app developer Auryn to release Breitville, an iPad-only digital paper doll play space.

Breitville builds on the idea of traditional paper dolls, but with added interactive features. The user can bring dolls to life, name and dress them, take them to the beach or the park, and even decorate rooms in several different virtual doll houses for the dolls to play in.
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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Block Fortress

Block Fortress MainOnce again, Apple has rummaged through hundreds of apps that were released within the past week to find two that the “editors” (whomever they may be) consider to be the cream of the crop. The criteria for being considered for the honor is unknown, but what we do know is that these mysterious editors know a thing or two about great apps. Last week, Apple spotlighted the third in the Real Racing series, which may have upset the masses by being a freemium game, but you can’t deny that it looks fantastic and plays like a console game.

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