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Battle Famous Celebrity Zombies in Crazy Bill – iPad Game Review

crazybillCrazy Bill, from Ivanovich Games, combines zombie slaying with endless running, two of my favorite iOS game elements. Though there are a never ending stream of zombie titles hitting the App Store, I never seem to tire of slaughtering wave after wave of zombies, and Crazy Bill offers non-stop zombie smashing action.

This game takes place in a hotel, but it’s not your run of the mill bed and breakfast. Instead, this is a high class zombie hotel that houses the hottest zombie celebrities. You will take on the role of Bill, a man who is dedicated to clearing out the zombie filth. Read More »

Toy Story: Smash It! The Only Time You Are Allowed To Smash Your Toys – iPad App Review

Toy Story LogoDisney has had some big hits with games such as Where’s My Water and Temple Run Brave. They keep pumping out games that please and we keep having fun with them. The company recently released another movie related game called Toy Story: Smash It! and this game is full of fun ways to smash things.

Players take control of Buzz in a playtime attack on invading aliens. Instead of using imaginary lasers, players get to knock down towering boxes with PVC toy balls. To take aim, touch Buzz and drag your finger backward. Glowing crosshairs will appear to let you know where your ball is headed. If you get the shot right, you may knock down all of the three-eyed alien squeaky toys.

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Battle Against Enemy Troops in RTS Game Trenches II – iPad Game Review

trenchesTrenches II is a real time strategy that focuses on World War I, which is an atypical choice for a war game. In this app, the war is storming across Europe and it’s your job to battle against enemy forces.

This is a lane defense style game, which means you have a bunker on one end while the enemy has another bunker on the other end. The idea is to create minions at a rapid pace, which then advance forward attacking any foes in their path.

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Slingshot Puzzle HD is a Puzzle Game for Billiard Lovers – iPad Game Review

slingshothdSlingshot Puzzle HD from Alawar is a game that will require skill, logic, and a bit of luck. The idea is to line up and fling a ball to collect a number of gems in each level, avoiding obstacles along the way. It’s a bit like a cross between a physics-based puzzle and a game of pool.

When you begin the game, you will see a sleek wooden playing field, a set of three gems, and a ball launcher. The first step is to line the launcher up with the gems. After that, pull back to launch the ball, where it must run into all of the gems before hitting the end point.

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Cognition is Both a Blessing and a Curse for Erica Reed – iPad App Review

Cognition LogoCognition is an episodic puzzle mystery where players use their own wits in collaboration with FBI agent Erica Reed’s supernatural intuition to unlock the secrets of a serial killer’s diabolical plan. Your goal is to save Reed’s brother from this sick genius’ deadly contraption before it is too late.

The game starts at a cemetery. Players must use what ever they have on them, or things they come across on their adventure, to get find Reed’s brother before he is murdered.

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Don’t Miss Reading A Troop is a Group of Monkeys – iPad App Review

troopappPerhaps because they offer such a mix of the obvious and the unexpected, lists of the collective nouns we use to refer to animals are endlessly entertaining. A Troop is a Group of Monkey‘s uses the comedy and absurdity inherent in these words as the premise for a new children’s storybook app for iPad from Little Bahalia Publishing.

The result is playful, sonorous, and surprising. Yes, Virginia, it really is called a bloat of hippomatomi.

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Play Beat Brite To Practice Your ‘80s Music, Simon Says Style – iPad App Review

Beat Brite Logo Beat Brite is a combination of an electronic Simon Says style game and a visual music instrument like Yamaha’s TNR-i-US. Tap out the notes and beats in this watch-and-play game.

Players follow the rhythm patterns that are presented to them by the game. There are four beats to each measure and you must tap your note within the appropriate beat. Each row has a more complex series of notes to follow and each song is more challenging than the previous one. If you can get the notes right, you’ll be playing songs like an ‘80s synth-pop band in no time.

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Become a CDC Disease Detective in the Solve the Outbreak – iPad App Review

cdcSolve the Outbreak is actually an app that was developed and published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It may be listed in the education category, but in reality, it’s more fun than some of the games out there in the App Store.

In Solve the Outbreak, players take on the role of a Disease Detective. The goal is to look for clues and analyze data in order to solve mystery disease cases and save lives. You will need to complete actions like quarantining sick villages, interrogating sick people, and developing lab results. If you’ve ever dreamed of working for the CDC, this is the app for you.

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Sporos Offers Simple But Challenging Gameplay in a Pretty Package – iPad Game Review

sporosSporos is a simple puzzle game that’s surprisingly challenging, with crisp, neon graphics and a decidedly biological atmosphere. The goal in the game is to infect all of the cells on the board, causing them to light up in phosphorescent colors.

To play, you will drag seeds known as sporos onto the board, one at a time, arranging them in a way to activate all of the spaces on the level. The seeds need to grow through every row and column, which requires both logical thinking and experimentation.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Galaga 30th Collection

Galaga 30th 6

It’s time again, to take a trip back to yesteryear and reminisce about getting dropped off at the arcade downtown and meeting up with your friends for a burger and soda and a long night of dropping quarters in slots. On Flashback Friday, we highlight a game that is either straight out of a previous decade, or at least pays homage to the greats with a legitimately good recreation of a classic arcade game.

Last week, we went on an epic dungeon crawl with Sword of Fargoal. That is the longest-lasting game on my iPad. It has always been with me and always will. This week, we get back into the arcade with a little Galaga family reunion.

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