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m.phase DAW Remote Finds Perfect Balance of Simplicity and Power


I am a big fan of developers that find new ways of doing things in the face of tradition. A new app called m.phase is a perfect example of throwing caution to the wind by changing the fundamental way that you can interact with your music production software.

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Escaping the Shredder in High Flying Bird Thriller

Aero Birdies

At first I couldn’t imagine worse timing for a new physics based bird game, given that it comes in the shadow of the flappy revolution, but once I gave Aero Birdies a try I knew there was something genius in releasing it now. In many ways this game is the antithesis of the flappy bird games because it is polished, has friendly physics, and I can score more than 11 points.

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LEGO Legends of CHIMA now available on iPad


My kids love CHIMA and they love their iPad, which is why LEGO Legends of CHIMA Online is a match made in heaven for my little gaming addicts. It is also the newest reason I wish Apple would put more children management tools into iOS which could set gaming time limits and I could probably use that feature for my Digg problem.

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Oyster teams up with Disney and releases a kids’ Ebook subscription service

184 Oyster

Oyster has made it clear that they want to be the ‘Netflix’ of subscription ebook services and they have taken another step in that direction by partnering with Disney to add 100 titles in a new dedicated children’s section. While you might assume that children’s books from Disney would be picture books or heavily illustrated, in this case you would be wrong because they are almost all chapter books.

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New ‘Play Nice’ Brings Fresh Approach to IAP


Have you ever avoided downloading an app because of in-app purchases? Every time I see a ‘free’ app in the App Store I make sure to check if any content requires an IAP and I often skip apps that look pricey in the long run. It seems that developers are pushing the concept of IAPs by making it easy to spend a lot of money to keep gameplay alive.

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LEGO Star Wars Game Brings the Force to Arcade Shooters

Star Wars

It’s no secret that my kids and I love playing Lego games on my iPad and so I was excited to see a brand new Lego arcade shooter game featuring Star Wars Microfighters. This is a great gaming experience that has just the right mix of casual fun and strategic game elements. There’s a big storm in Denver today and so I’ve played quite a few of the 18 levels and I plan on finishing it up over the weekend.

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Dark Sky Weather App Gets Beautiful iOS 7 Facelift


I am a weather app junkie. Perhaps it is because I live in Colorado and the weather is unpredictable and can change in an instant. There have been days when it was snowing in the morning, sunny by lunch, and raining as I went to sleep. I have tried to use a lot of different apps  but they either are beautiful and too simple or full of useful data and too cluttered. All of the apps I have found over the years can move over for my hands down new favorite called Dark Sky.

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New ‘Gadget’ Synth Studio from Korg Elevates iPad Music Production

Gadget App

Earlier this week I found myself thinking that the more time that passes, the less likely it seems that we’ll be impressed or amazed by new iOS apps. Yesterday I had to eat those words because of a musical app released by Korg, which has blown my mind and made me rethink my approach to creating music on the iPad.

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Todoist Next is the New Update to the ‘World’s Best Task Manager’

Todoist Next1

It is easy to review apps and services which seemingly duplicate built-in iOS features because we have something very clear to compare. In the case of Todoist Next we also have a wide range of apps available on a wide range of platforms. Does Todoist Next deliver on its promise to ‘forever change digital productivity’? We won’t know that for some time, but what we do know is that this is a very capable task manager.

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Latest VLC App Update Adds Cloud Support for Google Drive and Dropbox


In a welcome update to VLC we finally have a new iOS 7 interface, added multi-touch gestures, streaming capabilities from Dropbox, and Google Drive integration. In addition to a number of high profile feature updates, there are also quite a few under the hood tweaks which improve audio playback and other media handling.

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