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‘Opera Coast’ Surfs Web in App-Like Experience on iPad and iPhone


Version 3.0 of the acclaimed Opera Coast browser app is now available in the App Store and there are a number of design enhancements, including working natively on the iPhone, which makes this an interesting app for surfing the web. The developers of Opera Coast recognize that browsers are in a shrinking class, because other apps are becoming the primary method for connecting to our favorite content and friends online.

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Apple iOS Patent Aims to Block Teens from Texting while Driving


I saw far too many people driving while using their phones on the way to drop my kids at school this morning. Sometimes I wonder why there aren’t stricter laws about distracted driving, especially in school zones where there are small children crossing streets. In an Apple patent discovered this week it seems that Apple has figured out a way to create a text free zone in the driver’s seat, through communication with the car and by using data available to the phone to determine motion and location.

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Apple’s Maps App May Have Helped Discover the Loch Ness Monster


Apple Maps likely received a huge spike in visitors this past weekend after news that satellites had captured a photo of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. While your inner skeptic might want to call this a hoax or a glitch in technology, the mounting evidence for a large water creature living in Scotland is becoming hard to deny.

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Angela Ahrendts Reportedly Stalling Her Start with Apple in Attempt to Land More Money


New Apple Retail executive Angela Ahrendts is able to officially take up her post in Cupertino having completed the six month transition period required by her contract but may postpone the move until early summer to receive substantial bonuses. How much are money are we talking about? £8 million!! ($13.4 million) Apple seems to be doing okay with its retail business, in spite of being without a permanent head since 2012, yet it will be interesting to see what changes will trickle down after Ahrendts takes over.

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Microsoft Drops Price of Office 365 Subscription by 30% with New ‘Personal’ Plan for iPads and Computers

Office Logo

A new subscription option called Office 365 Personal has been announced by Microsoft for its Office 365 service and while it is cheaper, it may not have the features you need. The biggest difference is that you can only use the apps on one computer and tablet, which is reduced from the 5 of the full service. Those who are going to benefit from this are those of you who only need it for yourself on a single device.

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Newly Leaked iPhone 6 Photos Show Front Panel of Rumored “Big Screen” iPhone

iPhone 6

The rumor mill is ramping up for the iPhone 6 and it looks like it’s going to be all about size this time around. A photo has emerged that claims to show the new iPhone 6 case and if it is accurate then it seems instead of a new iPhone, Apple might actually just be releasing a smaller iPad Mini with phone capabilities.

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Apple TV Rumored to Get Motion Detection

Apple TV

The Apple TV is one of my favorite products and it’s likely the most used Apple product at my house. It has proven itself as a popular media streamer and Apple has consistently added new features over the past few years. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the Apple TV is on the verge of receiving its biggest update since its initial release.

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Microsoft Office for iPad Team Shows True Colors – Calls Clippy Lame

Office for iPad

‘Ask me anythings’ (AMAs) are all the rage right now and mostly because they are often interesting and entertaining. Thanks to we are getting to know people that otherwise might have remained a mystery and today a fascinating exchange took place with the Office for iPad development team. Here’s what we learned about them.

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Adobe Lightroom Comes to iPad

Lightroom 2

Adobe has released a mobile version of its flagship photo enhancing and organizing software Lightroom 5. Comparable to Apple’s Aperture, Lightroom is the perfect companion to Photoshop for the digital photographer. Adobe Lightroom Mobile is free to download, but requires one of two subscription options to access its features.

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Shopify Tweaks Product to Gain Market Share on Square


An indication that mobile devices are continuing to change the shape of point-of-sale transactions is the increased interplay between multiple providers. Shopify has announced a revised price model in order to more closely match with Square, which is a good sign of healthy competition.

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