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Apple Pay’s Biggest Competitor and Retailer Backed Payment System CurrentC Hacked

35 CurrentC

If Apple Pay users were told their financial information was going to be stored on iCloud servers I’m pretty sure that Apple Pay would be dead in the water after the recent iCloud security breach. If the day comes when there is a break of trust with Apple Pay, then people will likely stop using it and that is a reputation which would be hard to rebuild. CurrentC is building a smart phone commerce system which bypasses credit cards and uses the cloud to store personal information, and they have announced that a hacker accessed customer email addresses.

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Latest Teardown Reveals Apple Able to Keep Manufacturing Costs Steady for iPad Air 2

34 ipadair2_exploded

Research firm IHS shared its component cost analysis of the newly released iPad Air 2 with Re/code and it clearly shows that Apple has maintained a very similar profit margin to the original Air in spite of updating multiple components. The net change in cost to build the base model is $1 from $274 to $275, which means on hardware alone Apple is earning $224 per device and after all of the other associated costs is probably still earning a substantial profit.

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Yahoo! Publishes Top Ten Tablet Searches – iPad Dominates

33 Yahoo_Logo

I don’t know how many people still use Yahoo! as their primary search engine but in an article recently published by Marc Saltzman of Yahoo! Shopping, we learn that iPads are highest on their list of tablet searches above everyone else. Which of the three available iPads top the list? The iPad Mini is the number one tablet searched for by visitors to

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Amazon Adds Apple Pay to its Rewards Visa Credit Card

Apple Pay

Apple Pay continues to expand to additional service providers and online retailers with Amazon joining the group less than a week after Apple Pay went live. While the overall success of Apple Pay is still unclear, the addition of Amazon signals that the biggest players in the online marketplace are satisfied with it and willing to let customers take advantage of the secure new service.

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Tim Cook Says Recent iPad Sales Drop is Simply a ‘Speed Bump’

iPad mini 3

The iPad is an amazing product! New models are more powerful and have additional bells and whistles, but even the original iPad is still so revolutionary that people continue to use it for surfing the web, checking email, and reading books. My new iPad Air 2 is arriving on Friday and yet most of my tech friends are surprised I upgraded at all. Tim Cook calls the decline in iPad sales only a ‘Speed Bump’ but I call it the result of Apple making a product that is too good and they haven’t created an intense need to constantly buy the latest model.

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Cable Cutter Rejoice – CBS is the Latest to offer Web Streaming Subscriptions

32 CBS

In the midst of the big news from Apple this week there was a smaller announcement which made me even more happy! CBS has long resisted joining popular services such as Netflix and Hulu+, which means you are at the mercy of their website to view some of the most popular content on television after the fact, at least of if you have gotten rid of your cable subscription like I have. Now CBS is foraging forward with an online service which provides access to live content and archives of older and classic content.

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The iPad Air 2 is Here and You Should Definitely Buy It

31 Air2a

Apple announced the new iPad Air 2 yesterday and it is another large jump forward for tablet technology. It has all of the obvious improvements such as being thinner, more powerful, and having a better camera, none of which by themselves justify trading in your current iPad Air. The features which make this new product worth the investment, however, include specialty features such as Apple Touch and the new anti-glare screen coating.

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New iPad Camera Matches the iPhone which Means More People Will Continue Holding the Biggest “Camera” Ever

30 iPad Air Camera

Apple has announced the new iPad Air 2 and it comes with most of the expected bells and whistles. One of least surprising updates is a new camera, which essentially matches the same quality we have come to expect with the iPhone. The only downside? Get used to even more people holding up their iPads at sporting events, kids’ concerts, and just about everywhere you can imagine.

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Google Play Shows Incredible Growth in Downloads but Still Lags in Revenue

29 revenue

The latest report from App Annie is showing that Google Play users are downloading 60% more apps than iOS users are from the App Store. The bad news for Google is that those high download volumes aren’t necessarily turning into the same level of profit since iOS apps produce 60% more revenue than what the Play store is generating.

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Popular Graphic Design Website ‘Canva’ Comes to the iPad

28 Canva-iPad-V1b

I remember the first time I visited because their site is creative and they have clearly mastered the online experience. Now we get to see if they can master the mobile experience with a Canva app for iPad releasing today. What is Canva? It is a simple to use design program that enables you to create great looking graphics without design experience and without breaking the bank.

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