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Apple Watch’s AMOLED Screen to be Pricier than Competing Screens

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is still months away but information is continuing to trickle out about its capabilities and technical components which point towards continued innovation and high quality design. The display design uses a plastic AMOLED design that is lighter, thinner, higher quality, but cost several times more than the standard glass LED displays.

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Apple Breaks Standard Software Development Cycle by Working on Multiple iOS Releases Simultaneously

21 iOS Updates

In the past Apple would begin field testing new iOS versions only after finishing previous versions, which makes sense considering the sequential nature of those versions. The problem is that iOS has rarely been as polished as it should be when compared to hardware releases and so Apple is either shortening its development cycle to have new iOS versions be ready sooner or breaking away from the iOS and iPhone release pairing to make them both independent. Apple also has to worry about how iOS is at the center of so many new products and services, which means that updates have to be tied to their releases as well.

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Apple Watch Rumored to Hit the Runway at Paris Fashion Week

22 Paris

We may get to see more Apple Watches in the wild during a special event in Paris at its annual Fashion Week. The Tuesday event is being co-hosted by Apple and fashion store Colette, and the invitation features a series of bubbles which look suspiciously like the Apple Watch home screen and suggests that Apple will be showcasing the watch.

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Foxconn Working to Reduce Reliance on Apple iPhone Business


Foxconn has been associated with Apple for a long time and many consider it to be an ‘Apple’ company. The reality is that Foxconn Electronics survives because of the work it does for Apple but they are expanding their business in an attempt to diversify and reduce their reliance on Apple.

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NBA’s L.A. Clippers to Ditch iPads After Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys the Team

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer poses for a portrait in Culver City, Los Angeles

I’m not surprised that Steve Ballmer is going to be using Microsoft products with the L.A. Clippers and frankly I don’t think it will make any difference with how well the team performs, but I can’t find a single way that the switch will help the Clippers win a championship. I respect Ballmer for being a brand loyalist and I think he will be good for a franchise in need of a responsible leader but I hope he doesn’t expect all of the players and coaches to give up their iPhones.

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Early Benchmarks Showcase iPhone 6 Improvements

19 Benchmark has released some early results from its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus testing as a precursor to a full report coming soon. The iPhones did very well and even though they didn’t win most of the categories, it is safe to say they dominated the results. Additionally has rated the iPhone 6 Plus screen “The Best Performing LCD that we have ever tested” which is high praise considering Apple hasn’t been in the forefront of screen innovation for a number of years.

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Apple iPhone Smashing and Bashing

18 Smash

We all love to see just how durable our iPhones are and videos are already popping up of them being dropped and smashed, both accidentally and on purpose. These videos are pretty sad, but also slightly entertaining and certainly a relief that they didn’t happen to me.

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AppleWave Joke has Expensive Consequences

17 Wave ad

Wouldn’t it be great if you could charge your iPhone in a matter of seconds using something we all have in our homes? An amazing new feature of iOS 8 called AppleWave has flown under the radar this week but it is now getting the attention it deserves. Supposedly you can put your iOS 8 updated iPhone in your microwave to perform a quick charge that lasts all day long. Too good to be true? Yes and it is important that you NEVER microwave your phone.

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Griffin and Crayola Release Kid Friendly Stylus and Coloring App


I am always looking for ways to get my kids to use the family iPad in fun and educational ways and while they have the fun part down, there are still many untapped uses they haven’t discovered yet. My 7 year old daughter is the only one that likes drawing on the iPad and up until now Paper has been her app of choice, but I finally think there is a stylus / app combination from Crayola that will become very popular at my house.

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Tim Cook’s Open Letter on Customer Privacy

16 Security

A lot has been discussed about Apple and privacy this month and Apple CEO Tim Cook wants you to know that they are taking your privacy very seriously. In a letter posted on Tim explains that personal data is never collected or used for marketing and that they don’t treat us as their product, which is clearly a reference to companies such as Google, Amazon, and even Facebook.

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