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European Commission Criticizes Apple for Misleading Free Apps with In-App Purchases

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Have you ever been browsing on the App Store and seen an app that looks really great and you see that it’s free, but later you realize that the app is going to cost you money with in-app purchases? I can’t speak for everyone but I have started to skip downloading some games that are free on the onset in favor of games that cost a couple dollars with no future strings attached. It turns out I am not alone in this and Apple has been publicly criticized by the European Commission for it’s lack of commitment to resolving in-app purchasing issues.

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Wonderblox Combines Classic Toys with iPad Experience

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A new Kickstarter campaign from Stui showcases a simple, lo-tech method of bringing toy blocks into collaboration with the iPad screen and iOS apps. The campaign is over half way through and is still unfunded, but if you have kids that love using your iPad then you should check it out.

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Future iPads and iPhones Could Automatically Detect if They Have Been Stolen

263 Tracking

A new patent application from Apple showcases a system which tracks user patterns and creates notification when users stray from their normal routine. While this might seem like something the NSA would have thought up, Apple developers are more interested in helping protect users in cases such as theft or loss.

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Apple and IBM Partner to Take on the Global Enterprise Market

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IBM has a strong track record over the years of being both resilient and innovative. If you compare how people look at IBM in comparison with Apple, however, you’ll see a much different picture. In a move that has the potential to shake up the business world, IBM and Apple have joined together in a groundbreaking partnership to bring big data in new ways to iOS.

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Looks Like Apple will Need to Come up with Another Name for ‘Touch ID’ Fingerprint Reading Feature

261 Touch ID

The US Patent & Trademark Office finally published a letter originally sent to Apple in May, which explains that the requested trademark on ‘Touch ID’ has been refused because there is the ‘likelihood of confusion’ with Kronos Touch ID. Apple has 6 months from the time of notification to present an alternate solution or change the name.

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Medical Report Finds Some People are Allergic to their iPad

iPad Air

A case report published this month in the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics describes a case in which an 11-year old boy was affected by nickel content in a first generation iPad. Allergic reactions to nickel are not usually life threatening but consumers with Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD) should consider several possible solutions that could help avoid an uncomfortable situation.

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Apple Patent Reveals All Glass iPhones and iPads Could be in our Future

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Apple was awarded a patent this week for a glass fusing process that can be used for both mobile devices and larger monitors and televisions. While we may never see this in a released product, it demonstrates Apple’s interest in alternate designs and it showcases a process which could create very interesting new structures.

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iPads Could Face Downturn as Attention Shifts to Wearable Devices

iWatch Demo

Tablets have proven themselves as serious competitor for laptops and other personal computing solutions, but analysts are expecting a reduction in tablet sales due to the increasing buzz around wearable devices. As more devices are released it is increasingly apparent that the number of gadgets that people are willing to buy and use have a limited number.

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TSA Won’t Let Travelers Bring Uncharged iPad or iPhones as Part of Increased Security Effort


The TSA has announced the implementation of new security measures for passengers of some flights that are entering the United States from abroad. The biggest change is that passengers will be required to demonstrate that electronic devices have the ability to be powered on before the devices are allowed past security.

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Study Finds there is a Magic Monthly App Usage Limit

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A number of incredibly useful statistics have been published by Nielsen which show that the max number of apps used on a monthly basis hasn’t increased significantly over the past few years, but that the average time we spend using our apps is expanding. If you are a developer then this means that breaking into the popular app club is only going to get harder and harder as more apps hit the marketplace.

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