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Conan O’Brien and TeamCoco Share Views About Kindle Fire

Familiar with that old adage, you get what you pay for? That seems to be the case ever since Amazon launched the Kindle Fire. Some consumers seem to be happy with their Fires, however, plenty of tech reviews have been more negative than positive.

Amazon has now released a promised software update, which will supposedly fix all of the launch issues in one release. That did not prevent Conan O’Brien and TeamCoco from having some fun with the recent events.

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Walmart Online Sale – $50 iTunes Gift Card for Only $40

Still looking for a way to surprise that significant someone, family or friends during the Holidays? An Apple gift can always make the day for that special someone.

We wanted to let you know that Walmart is running a great sale on iTunes gift cards. This is a great way to provide a one-stop entertainment that comes with an iTunes Store code redeemable for music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, games, and more. You better hurry! The offer is available now for a limited time!

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Want to Display Pictures and Watch Videos? – Enter the miFrame iPad 2 Accessory Giveaway

UPDATE: Our lucky winners are @hotwls13 and @nwben. Enjoy!

Looking for alternatives to digital photo frames for sharing pictures and slideshows with friends and family? Look no further.

The miFrame for iPad is an elegant docking solution that doubles as a picture frame for displaying photos and videos, plus it allows you to charge your iPad at the same time, in both landscape and portrait mode. This is your chance to enter our giveaway contest!

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Qantas Trialing iPad for In-Flight Entertainment, Android Lands Boeing Contract

The love affair for tablets by airline companies and aircraft manufacturers continues to produce new stories around the world.

Apple has done extremely well with the iPad across different airlines – as a replacement to paper flight manuals and navigational charts, and also as a way to improve customer service. Now Qantas has announced its testing of Apple’s tablet as an option to its in-flight entertainment system. Android has also scored a win after Boeing selected the operating system for the next-gen 787 Dreamliner touch screens.

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A Sprint-Specific iPad Ready to Launch Before the Holidays?

The last few days have been full of reports detailing how Sprint and Apple are planning to launch the iPhone next month.

However, what many in the industry seem to overlook is the possibility of a 4G iPad in Sprint’s network making the iPad crowded market even more formidable.

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TNT for iPad Application Available Now

Following NBC’s footsteps, Turner Broadcasting System just released the TNT iPad app, which gives you complete access to full-length television shows and movies aired by the network. The new app provides you with a lineup of TNT Dramas that you can access wherever and whenever you want.

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Photography Series Promo Code Giveaway – Phoster for iPad

If you’re looking for a creative way to create electronic invitations, posters, and cards, Phoster is a must have app for your iPad.

Phoster is a powerful app, that in just five minutes, allows you to create great looking party invitations and flyers using your own photos and Phoster’s included layouts and effects. With this app, your friends and family are sure to be impressed with your digital creations. Everyone will be asking if you used Photoshop or some other fancy image editing program to create your poster.

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Apple Getting Retail Staff Ready for iOS 5, iCloud and iPhone 5

Fall is already here, and according to earlier Apple rumors, that means iOS 5 and iCloud are almost here. Or, are they?

There is already movement over at Apple’s retail stores, where it seems that training has already begun for iOS 5 and the highly awaited iCloud service.

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Doodle Jump Finally Joins the iPad

The insanely addictive and successful iPhone game, Doodle Jump, has finally made it to the iPad. Even though this game has been spotted on stage accompanying Lady Gaga concerts, it took a while before it made it to the larger screen.

After selling 10 million copies of the iPhone game, Lima Sky has finally released the iPad specific version with redone graphics. This perennial favorite amongst iOS gamers is now ready for you to download!

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Elgato Announces EyeTV Mobile Accessory for iPad 2

Attention European iPad owners! Ready to watch live TV on your iPad 2? Elgato has just announced its new EyeTV Mobile accessory for the iPad 2.

If you want your iPad 2 to become a mobile television, then why not a DVR? The EyeTV Mobile accessory claims you can receive live TV broadcasts and also record TV shows directly to your iPad 2.

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