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Photoshop Mix for iPad Update Adds Requested Features Including Dropbox, Undo and Image Swapping

Photoshop Mix

This past June, Adobe launched a new line of creative software and accessories for the iPad to meet the needs of its consumer base. The Sketch, Line, and Photoshop Mix apps launched for free and give users a new way to draw, paint, and edit content on the iPad. Combined with Creative Cloud, users can save their projects safely in Adobe’s cloud-based storage and access them any time from any compatible device.

This week, Adobe updated its Photoshop Mix app with a bunch of new features that users were asking for from day one.

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Samsung’s Latest Commercial Pokes Fun at iPad’s Size

Samsung Tab S Commercial

I’m always disappointed when I see a commercial from a tech company putting down Apple products in an attempt to make their own seem better. In my opinion, if your product is good, it doesn’t need to be compared to anyone else’s. It will rise to the top on its own.

Samsung’s newest Apple bashing is just another ridiculous attempt to make its tablet seem better without going into any detail about what makes the Tab S special.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Retro ‘Tower Boxing’ Pays Homage to Rampage

Tower Boxing 1

One of my favorite arcade titles is Rampage from Midway Games. I played it regularly as a kid. Sweaty palms, bruised thumbs, and a belly full of soda pop got me through many an hour of mindless building bashing. Nothing can beat it.

Tower Boxing pays homage to the punching monster game of my youth with a similar Rampage-esque adventure. Players destroy buildings by punching them out, level by level, while trying to avoid being crushed by outcropping platforms.

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FlightDeck Turns Almost Any Vehicle Into A Smart Car

FlightDeck 1

Earlier this year, Apple officially announced CarPlay, which is an accessory that will be added to new cars that allows drivers to have access to a variety of iOS features, like phone calls, maps, and music. It is pretty awesome. However, not everyone is in the market for a brand new car. I’d love to be able to make a phone call in my 2001 Saab, but that can’t happen because Apple wasn’t even making iPhones that long ago.

Or can it?

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Groupon Offers $15 iTunes Code for $10

Groupon 2

Are you super excited about the new BioShock game that just launched on iOS, but don’t want to drop $15 on one game? Well, as if the fates were looking down on you, Groupon has a deal right now so you can purchase a $15 iTunes code for only $10.

Starting Thursday, Aug. 28 and ending Monday, Sept. 1, you can purchase one (and only one) code that can be redeemed in the iTunes, iBooks, or App Store for use on games, music, movies, books, and more. You can use it for content on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, and even Apple TV (Why not invest in some of those albums from artists performing at the iTunes Festival?).

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Apple Officially Announces Sept. 9 Media Event

Sept. 9 Media Event

Well, it is finally official. Word is coming down from a variety of tech news sites that Apple has sent invitations for a media event on Sept. 9. The elegant, white invitation, which looks more like a wedding announcement than a media event, simply reads, “9.9.2014 Wish we could say more.” The event will take place at Cupertino’s Flint Center at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Of course, Apple wouldn’t reveal what they will unveil at the media event. However, the tech news world has been pretty good about leaking all manner of possibilities this time around.

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BioShock for iPad Hits the App Store Today

Rescued Little Sisters

It looks like a lot of people will be taking a “personal” day from work today. 2K Games just launched BioShock on iOS today. As promised earlier this month, the award-winning first-person shooter has been ported for mobile devices. That is, mobile devices that can handle the work. The game is only available on the fourth-generation iPad, iPad Air, and second-generation iPad mini, as well as the iPhone 5 or newer.

BioShock plunges players deep into the underwater utopia of Rapture, where a failed experiment in creating the perfect existence has produced deranged residents dead-set on survival at any cost.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Gumdrops 32-Step Sequencer

Gumdrops 1

When I think about drum apps, what comes to mind is a virtual drum kit with toms, stare, kick, and cymbals. Users tap out a rhythm using multiple fingers, hoping to create a flowing beat. But, that’s not how drumming works. You need arms and legs and the ability to keep one beat going while changing up another.

Gumdrops is a beat sequencer that doesn’t pretend to be a real drum kit. Instead, it uses the same idea that goes into physical drumming to allow non-musicians to create beats that are more natural and realistic, or as the name says, “Beats so sweet, you’re bound to get ill.”

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Block and Report Spam in Messages on the iPad and iPhone

How To Block Spammers 4

Have you received any spam messages on your iPad recently? There have been reports of a handful of spam attacks on iOS users’ devices. Wired published an article earlier this month claiming that Apple’s Messages app is “being taken over by spammers.” It turns out it isn’t the apocalypse that Wired made it out to be. However, Messages spam is real. I have not personally experienced the issue as of yet, but I do have friends who have noted the issue to me recently.

While there isn’t much we can do on the user end to stop spammers from bombarding our Messages app, we can at least let Apple know it is happening and block the sender from ever being able to bug us (from that particular ID) ever again.

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Apple Apps to Get a Bit More Annoying with new iAd Formats


Apple’s iAd service is a way for independent app developers to make a bit of money while giving away their product to iOS users for free. We don’t particularly like it, but we tolerate it so we can play fun games without having to spend money. The small banner at the top or bottom of the menu screen is fairly unobtrusive, so we don’t complain… much.

Back in March, Ad Age reported that Apple was planning on upgrading its iAd service. This week, Apple announced the upgrade, which  allow companies to buy full-screen advertisement banners, as well as pre-roll videos. So much for unobtrusiveness.

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