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Apple Announces iTunes Connect Shutdown for Holiday Break


Every year, Apple shuts down the App Store (and iBooks, and Newsstand, and iTunes) to new content in order for staff to have a few days to celebrate the holidays with their families. It isn’t a big deal. Developers are giving warning. However, it means no content will be able to have price changes or updates during that time.

According to an email sent to MacStories founder Federico Viticci [via: TUAW], the last day to submit updates and changes in iTunes Connect, iTunes Producer, and iTunes Connect for iOS is Dec. 22. The site will remain closed until Dec. 29, at which time developers will be able to make changes and updates again.

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Apple Watch Listed as one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2014

Apple Watch Edition

Apple’s new wearable computer isn’t even finished being made yet, but it has already received critical acclaim from popular magazine publisher Time. The company’s annual Best Inventions list recently came out and the Apple Watch was listed as “Watches that redefine Smart.”

According to Time, the Apple watch “reimagines the computer for the wrist” because it combines a touch screen with physical buttons. Additionally, the Apple Watch received such prestigious recognition because of its many interactive abilities, like being able to send and receive messages, give directions, track fitness, and make wireless payments.

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Apple Promotes World AIDS Day with Apps for (RED)

Apps for RED

World Aids Day is Monday, Dec. 1. It was developed as an awareness campaign to remind the world that the disease affects tens of millions of people to this day. Apple collaborates with the (RED) campaign, which was co-founded by U2 front man Bono. This year, Apple is promoting the RED World Aids Day campaign with a new section of apps that include in-app purchases that support the foundation, a free $25 – $100 iTunes Gift Cards with qualifying purchase on Nov. 28, and on Dec. 1, a portion of proceeds of sales will be donated to (RED).

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Zagg Launches Slim Book Keyboard to Make your iPad Air a Mini MacBook – Hands-on Review

Zagg Slim Book

At this point, there are not a lot of new keyboard cases that will impress me. The tech accessory industry has come a long way and there are some pretty impressive cases that work really well to make you feel like a productivity boss. So, when something new comes out, I give it extra scrutiny to see how it stands up against the best of the best that I’ve had personal experience with

Zagg’s new Slim Book for the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini has been under my scrutinizing eye for about a week now and I’ve got a hands-on review of how it held up for you today.

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Telltale Games Bringing Episodic Adventure ‘Game of Thrones’ to iOS

Game of Thrones

The development company that made famous the episodic style role-playing adventures on iOS, Telltale Games, just launched the first in what is sure to be a series of sneak peaks of its upcoming Game of Thrones license. Similar to games like The Walking Dead: The Game and The Wolf Among Us is on track to give George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series the same treatment.

Game of Thrones will unfold in six parts and will follow members of the House Forrester. Based on the HBO drama, players will begin in the middle of The War of the Five Kings, trying to keep House Forrester from falling.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Touch Rummy HD

Touch Rummy HD 3

I can still remember the firs time I played Rummy Tiles. My mom had brought home this box made out of faux leather. Inside were a bunch of white ceramic tiles that sort of reminded me of playing cards, but also looked like Uno cards. I was confused and intrigued. To this day, I’ll sit down to a game of Rummy if anyone has a hankering. It’s just that fun.

The game of Rummy has unknown origins. It is an old Chinese card game that could date back as far as the 18th century and may have been an offshoot of Mah-Jong. There are probably hundreds of variations on the rules, but the one I remember as a kid involved tiles instead of cards.

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Square Register Goes International

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.44.16 AM

We’ve been following Square since it’s infancy as a very small startup in San Francisco with a big dream to change the way retailers deal with credit card companies. Since it started, the company has added software for brick-and-mortar stores, began branding physical stands specially designed for retailers, and even updated their card reader with EMV support.

This week, the little-big fish announced it is swimming into a much larger pool. Square is now available worldwide with support for 130 internationally recognized currencies.

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Sony Drops Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic, Universal Grabs it in Turnaround


Much flotsam has floated to the surface over the past few months regarding the as-yet-unfinished Aaron Sorkin-scripted Steve Jobs biographical movie. In late October, Sorkin himself announced that Christian Bale would play the starring role. A week later, “The Batman” bowed out, claiming that he didn’t think he was right for the part. Two days later, Michael Fassbender was rumored to be considered for the job of Jobs.

Today, Deadline is reporting that Sony has dropped Sorkin’s film altogether. Without any information as to why they are walking away from the project (although, the Hollywood Reporter claims that the shooting schedule is at issue), they put the movie on the table for any other film company to grab, which Universal supposedly did.

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More Scare Tactics From the Government Regarding Apple’s Super Secure iMessages

238 iMessages

So, this is what happens when a company really does protect the privacy of its customers in the US. The government throws everything but the kitchen sink at you to try to get access to your secrets. Ever since Apple CEO Tim Cook explained in an open letter that, with iOS 8, “Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data,” law enforcement has been running around in a tizzy because they have to work harder.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that, in a meeting with Apple and the Department of Justice (DoJ), the latter began throwing out unsupported speculation about what might happen if the iPad maker doesn’t create a key that they can use to unlock the backdoor to our data. According to Wall Street Journal, the DoJ said that Apple’s new encryption technology would eventually lead to a child’s death. “A child would die,” said Deputy Attorney General James Cole with the DoJ, “because police wouldn’t be able to scour a suspect’s phone.”

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App Store Button No Longer Shows ‘Free’ for Titles With In-App Purchase

App Store

In light of last year’s class-action lawsuit, where Apple was investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for its in-app purchase transaction policies, the company has been working toward making it as clear as possible that free does not mean free. One easy way of clarifying that for the average mobile device user is to change the word “free.” While that might seem like the obvious first option, it has taken Apple a year to decide to reword their App Store buttons.

As noticed by MacRumors, Apple recently updated the iOS App Store underwent a subtle change, which shows titles that were formally called “free” as now something you can “GET.” Yes, all caps. The desktop iTunes store still shows these apps as free, but will likely change soon.

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