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Foxconn Continues to Ride Profitability on iPhone and iPad Sales

foxconnFoxconn is widely known as the manufacturing building where much of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices are born. While the parts may come from a variety of suppliers, the final product is assembled at the Taiwan-based mega plant. Today, the Wall Street Journal reported that Hon Hai Precision, the parent company of Foxconn, saw a 13 percent increase in profit in 2013, bolster mainly by record iPhone and iPad sales.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Little Big Adventure

Little Big Adventure 3In 1994, EA Games and Activision launched an exciting fantasy game about a boy, Twinsen, who goes on a journey to find his true destiny as the hero of the inhabitants of Twinsun. The young magician goes on a quest to stop Dr. FunFrock from turning his world into a slave planet. This week, that epic adventure was ported to iOS so the world can again help Twinsen fulfill his destiny as the savior of his planet, only this time, you can take it with you where ever you go.

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Microsoft Announces Office for iPad, Freemium Download, Available Now

Office for iPadToday, Microsoft held a press briefing where they discussed the future of the company under the “Mobile First, Cloud First” campaign. In addition to demonstrating a number of services the company has to offer for end users, developers, and IT professionals, Microsoft officially announced that Office for iPad is available now in the App Store. Even more exciting, the suite of productivity apps is free to download.

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Patent Reveals Apple working on Smart Cover with Keyboard

Smart Cover with Keyboard 3Within months of the launch of the first ever iPad, it became popular knowledge that Apple’s on-screen keyboard, while good for simple typing, was basically useless for people who want to use it for writing documents. Since then, dozens, if not hundreds, of third party accessory makers have come out with a variety of iPad cases featuring a keyboard. Today, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent from Apple, originally submitted in September of 2012, for a Smart Cover that features a keyboard.

The patent, simply titled, “Cover for Electronic Device,” describes a protective covering that covers both front and rear surfaces of both a tablet computer and an associated keyboard.

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Russian Government Drops iPad Usage over Hacking Concerns

Russian Government iPadAgence France-Presse (AFP) [via: Google News] is reporting today that Russian government officials have turned in their iPad tablets in exchange for Samsung devices under fears that Apple’s security protocols do not live up to their standards.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Become a Musical Pro with Better Ears

wiki-ipadOne important talent that a good musician has is “an ear” for music. Some have the talent naturally, others have to learn it as a skill through exercises and training sessions. If you are one of the lucky people that is naturally talented, I’m jealous. If hitting the right key doesn’t come easily to you, check out Better Ears for iPad for a healthy dose of musical training.

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Winter is Coming, Game of Thrones Ascent is Now Available in the App Store

Game of Thrones AscentNow that George R.R. Martin’s hit series “A Song of Fire and Ice” has been turned into one of the most exiting television shows since “The Wire,” I’ve become completely obsessed with everything related to A Game of Thrones. If it has anything to do with any character in Westeros, you can be sure I’m interested. Today, Kongregate and HBO announced that the popular Facebook title “Game of Thrones Ascent” is now available on the iPad.

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Joe Danger Infinity Adds Daily Challenges, iOS 7MFi Controller Compatibility

Joe Danger Infinity 4Joe Danger Infinity was given Apple’s Editor’s Choice award in January. The wacky, action-packed arcade stunt game lets players race along toy chest-themed backdrops using an assortment of collectable characters and cars. This week, the app received a major update that brings daily challenges for a new game every day. Plus, Joe Danger Infinity is compatible with iOS 7 MFi controllers, so playing the game is more exciting than every before.
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Popular Productivity App ‘Clear’ Finally Getting Reminders This Spring

remindersRealmac launched Clear in 2012 and it quickly became a big hit for its simplistic design, colorful look, and easy-to-use interface. By September, the developer had added a Mac version that would allow you to sync with your iOS app. In February, the app was finally updated with iPad optimization. Today, the company announced that the biggest requested feature, Reminders, will finally be added in the next major update, due this April.

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New York Times to Launch ‘NYT Now’ Tiered Subscription Package

NYT iPadThe New York Times lets the general public read articles from its website for free within limitations. You can visit the site 10 times per month before you are faced with a pay wall. After that, visitors are offered the option to pay the subscription price for unlimited access. Today, the famous news organization announced it will begin offering limited access to curated content for only $8 per month.

According to AppleInsider, The New York Times will soon launch the NYT Now app exclusively on the iPhone. The entry-level subscription will cost $8 per month. If you are a current subscriber to the paper, you will be able to access NYT Now for free.

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