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Apple’s New Your Verse Story Details Bollywood Choreographer’s iPad Inspiration

Your Verse 1Apple recently added a new chapter to the “Your Verse” story. In January, the company launched the iPad campaign by providing us with a wide-sweeping advertisement showing different ways the iPad has been used in arts and entertainment. The original commercial, layered with Robin William’s recitation of Walt Whitman’s “O Me! O Life!” shows a variety of painters, writers, musicians, and filmmakers all using the iPad to help further their work.

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iOS 7 Adoption Rate Inches Upward as Apple Prepares for Rumored iOS 8 Demo at WWDC

iOS 7 Adoption April 6The popularity of iOS 7 has reached a record high. Today, Apple published the most recent data on adoption of the mobile operating system. Within the past two weeks, iOS 7 has grabbed the loyalty of two percent more iPhone and iPad owners, leaving only two percent using an operating system older than iOS 6 and only 11 percent using iOS 6. This news comes as Apple is preparing for the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which takes place June 2 – 6.

Every year at the conference, Apple demonstrates an early version of the next mobile operating system. This year, it is possible that the iPad maker will be able to boast a 90 percent adoption rate of the current mobile operating system as iOS 8 is waiting in the wings.

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Rumor of the Day: Apple Orders Supply Chain to Manufacture 65 Million iWatch Units

8598514-3390881If I’ve learned anything in my time writing about Apple news, its that rumors are just that, rumors. Last year, the supposed television set was the big buzz. Suppliers were reportedly making giant screens. Apple was purported to be in talks with cable providers for exclusive content. Nothing came of it. This year, the iWatch is the biggest buzz. But, whenever I hear news about the rumored wearable computer from Apple, I think, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

According to unnamed sources in Apple’s supply chain, I’ll see it this summer.

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Amazon Fire TV Versus Apple TV: Hands-On Review

Amazon Fire TV 5Last week, Amazon announced the launch of its newest device. The Fire TV hopes to compete in the living room with the likes of set-top boxes like Roku, Boxee, and most importantly, Apple TV. I am a sucker for new gadgets and had already purchased one before I had even finished writing the news announcement. I spent some time with Fire TV over the weekend and have a few comments on what is good and bad about it, and whether you should get one yourself.

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‘Cargito Air’ iPad Sleeve by ThisisGround Charges iPad on the Go

CargitoOne of the most annoying things about taking the iPad out of the house is the possibility that the battery will run down before we are done using it. Until someone invents a device that will charge an iPad in 30 seconds, an external battery pack is the solution. Accessory maker Thisisground has a great looking iPad sleeve that comes with its own external battery so you can charge your tablet while it rests comfortably in your bag.

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Charging Your iPad in Less Than a Minute is No Science Fiction Tale

StoreDot Super ChargerIt always seems like my iPad runs out of juice at the most inopportune times. I’ll forget to charge it and, when I’m running out the door, I’ll realize I should have plugged it in a half hour ago if I want to have enough battery power to last through the evening. An Israeli tech start-up claims to have the ability to charge mobile devices in 30 seconds. Although still a few years from being ready, it may be possible by 2016 to get your iPad ready for that long trip in under a minute.

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Microsoft Taking on Apple’s CarPlay Via ‘Windows in the Car’

Windows in the CarLast month, Apple introduced CarPlay, a feature that had previously been demonstrated and dubbed “iOS in the Car.” The basic function of CarPlay is to allow drivers the ability to connect their iPhone to their car for a hands-free, easy to access heads-up display on the dashboard. Last week, Microsoft unveiled its own version of CarPlay using a Windows-based operating system that the company hopes will compete directly with iOS.

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Leaked Samsung Memo Reveals ‘Beat Apple’ Was Company’s Top Priority

AvS.Samsung.2012Sometimes, it feels good when the side you are rooting for gets some recognition, not that Apple doesn’t get the lion’s share of attention in the media. But for the past few years, it seems like much of the tech reporting public considers the iPad maker to be on its way out. Discovering that its biggest competitor considers Apple to be an “extremely real” threat puts a little pride in my heart.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Monument Valley

Monument Valley 2There are a lot of good-looking games in the App Store now that the newest iOS devices run on a 64-bit processor. However, “good-looking” usually refers to graphics, which I think is fantastic, but hyper-realistic racing games don’t have to rule the good-looking category. Sometimes, games that are artistic, abstract, and surreal are just as pretty, if not more.

Monument Valley is a game that looks so good it could be your iPad’s Home screen background image. In fact, the game’s developers thought so too and added a feature that lets you take a picture of the screen to save in your photo library.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Tell When You’ve Received a Phishing Email

Phishing Email 3It turns out the email was legit, but it reminded me of how difficult it can be at times to tell when you’ve received a phishing email. So, I’ve got a few suggestions for how to identify fake email addresses and web links within an email that you receive.

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