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What’s This Control Center Thing All About? Here are Some Tips and Tricks

Control Center 1Now that iOS 7 has been downloaded a record number of time in its short existence, iPad owners who thought they knew everything about their device are feeling around in the dark. Control Center is one of Apple’s brand new features available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It makes it possible for you to access some of your most important features, even from the lock screen.

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Trouserheart Will Make You Laugh You Pants Off – iPad Game Review

Trouserheart 2Trouserheart is a hack-and-slash game with a charming feel to it. Players control the lionhearted king as he journeys across the lands, searching for his stolen pants. Help him find his trousers and take back his honor. Just watch out for thieves. They will steal the crown right off of your head.

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iTunes Radio 101, How to Use iTunes Radio on Your iPad

iTunes Radio 5So, iTunes Radio is Apple’s biggest added feature in iOS 7, but have you actually used it yet? Although it isn’t much different than streaming music services like Pandora or Spotify, it comes with a few cool features that might make you want to think about adding it to your list of ways to listen to music.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Transport Tycoon

Transport TycoonWelcome back to our weekly installment of our retro game spotlight. Each week, we track down fun games from our childhood and yours to let you know what’s been ported to iOS. Sometimes, we feature new games that remind us of classic ones, but most of the time we talk about games that came out when we were kids. Last week, we told you about the very old-school real time strategy game Warlords Classic. Does anyone still own an Amiga?

This week, we are hitting the road to a long journey that takes us on trains, busses, and all manner of transportation. Get ready to travel back in time with one of the most popular management simulation games of the 1990s.

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Next Generation of Apple Tablets May Get a Camera Upgrade

Apple-iPad-5The camera on the iPad and iPad mini are notoriously bad. Apple has spent a lot of time and energy making the iPhone camera top quality with loads of extra features and technology, but they seem to think that no one uses an iPad to take pictures. Believe me, they do. I see people taking pictures with their iPads all of the time. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple might give the tablet line a better camera in the next refresh.

According to Electronista, Kuo told investors that the iPad and iPad mini may be upgraded to an 8MP camera with the next generation. There is also a chance that the fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad mini will be more on par with the iPhone 5s, since they are capable of larger apertures.

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Sega Launches Cerebral Puzzle Game ‘The Cave’

Cave07Looking for a new puzzle adventure game? Sega has a scratch for your itch. From the creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, Ron Gilbert, comes a new game that will have you lost in the darkest recesses of a sentient cave that takes pleasure in your misfortune. Grab a pick axe and your adventuring companions and head out for the spelunking trip of a lifetime in The Cave.

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Netflix Adds HD Video and AirPlay in Latest iPad App Update

Netflix MainThe most popular streaming media service in the U.S. just recently updated their iOS app. Now, users can enjoy HD quality movies on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Plus, AirPlay streaming is now possible from your iOS device. That is, if they get it working properly.

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Samsung Cheating on Performance Benchmarks? Apparently They are not the Only Ones

AnandTech MainTech blog AnandTech just published a very controversial article about the nature of benchmark testing in mobile devices. According to their well-researched information, practically all original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have technology in place to fake higher performance when a device’s processor benchmarks are being tested.

According to AnandTech, most hardware manufactures, including LG, HTC, Samsung, and more, have CPU optimizations that are triggered when a benchmark is detected. “With the exception of Apple and Motorola, literally every single OEM we’ve worked with ships (or has shipped) at least one device that runs this silly CPU optimization.”

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Apple to Leverage iTunes Radio as a way to Push Album Sales

justin-timberlakeThe epic 30-day iTunes Festival has just come to a close. It went out with a bang as Katy Perry ended the month long music celebration. Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue about the iTunes Festival, the iTunes store, and iTunes Radio. He has high hopes for the streaming music service’s future.

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Apple Says iOS 7 iMessage Bug to be Fixed with Software Update

iMessages Not DeliveredIt is very normal for Apple’s big mobile operating system updates to have a few glitches to work out and iOS 7 is no different. Users have complained of motion sickness caused by the flying animations, security breaches were corrected within a day, and now some are posting comments on Apple forums that iMessage is acting funny.

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