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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Another Kitchen Tablet Holder

DIY iPad Kitchen Stand 3Welcome to another weekly spotlight of cool do-it-yourself iPad projects. Nothing makes a crafter feel better than successfully creating a project that others love. We love projects that have to do with accessories for the iPad. That’s why each week we track down amazing and fun DIY iPad projects. Last week, we introduced you to Karen Kavette and her fun DIY collage cover for the iPad.

In celebration of Epicurious’s completely redesigned cookbook app, this week, we found a very easy project to display your iPad in a kitchen setting that uses items found around the house. What better place for a cutting board iPad case then your kitchen?

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Apple Temporarily Gets Rid of ‘Intrusive’ Court-Appointed Antitrust Monitor

Michael BromwichLast July, the Department of Justice (DoJ) won an antitrust lawsuit against Apple for conspiring to price fix digital books. One of the provisions approved by Federal Court Judge Denise Cote was that Apple would have an external monitor appointed, whose job it would be to make sure Apple was working toward remedying its issue and wasn’t trying any more price-fixing tricks.

By December, Apple was pushing for a stay of the investigation by the monitor, claiming that the appointed watchdog, Michael Bromwich, was being too pushy by starting the investigation preemptively.

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Popular Recipe Site Epicurious Re-Launches All New iPad App

Epicurious 1One of my favorite things to use my iPad for is a cookbook. I regularly try new dinner recipes, cookie batches, and even specialty drink attempts. I’m one of those types that have more flour on my iPad than I do in my mixing bowl. A favorite app used to be Epicurious. However, I stopped using the food-discovery service about a year ago. No reason. I just started using Evernote Food to save recipes from my favorite food blogs, so most of my cookbook apps went on the “shelf.”

Epicurious has just been completely redesigned, renamed, and reimagined. So, I immediately redownloaded it and can’t wait to try a new recipe I’ve just found.

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‘Beats Music’ Brings the Human Touch to its New Streaming Music Service

Beats Music

We told you last week that Beats Electronics was set to launch their music streaming service on Jan. 21. The company made good on their promise and Beats Music is now available in the App Store. The only problem is that it is not optimized for the iPad. You can still listen to streaming music from curated playlists on your iPad, but you’ll have to 2X the screen and get a pixelated view of album artwork.

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Apple Makes Samsung Patent Settlement Contingent on ‘Anti-Cloning’ Provision

anticloningOne of the reasons Apple took Samsung to court more than two years ago was because the latter had made their smartphones and tablets resemble the iPhone and iPad so much that it was hard not to take note of the similarities. While no one would mistake a Galaxy Tab for an iPad, it was clear that Apple didn’t like how Samsung was making a huge profit by taking design ideas from its supply partner, and now major competitor.

According to Foss Patents, in order to have an amicable settlement in the U.S. patent lawsuit trial, Apple will require Samsung to agree to an anti-cloning provision that would allow the former to sue the latter if their products resemble iPhones or iPads to closely.

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Survey Shows iPad Air off to a Strong Start with Consumers

iPad Fourth Quarter Sales Estimates CIRPApple will release official sales numbers for the iPad at next week’s quarterly earnings call. Many analysts have predicted the possible number of iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, and iPad 2 models. However, when Apple tells the world how well it did in the last fiscal quarter, the individual models won’t be separated out. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) recently surveyed consumers on their Apple purchases to get an idea of what Apple’s numbers probably are. It looks like the iPad Air is the most popular tablet in the company’s line.

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iGear Unlimited Launches Keyboard Cover That Flips Around to Display Your iPad for Movie Watching

Flip Turn Case 2Keyboard cases are a dime a dozen these days. Well, not really. If they were that inexpensive, we’d all have one. My point is that there are plenty of options out there for your iPad keyboard needs. Accessory maker iGear Unlimited has just announced a keyboard cover that lets you flip it around to display your iPad at just the right angle for watching movies.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Get Siri to Check and Read Your Messages

Siri Checks Mail 3Are you a new iPad owner? Do you feel like you are in the dark when it comes to all of the features your new tablet has to offer? You’re not alone. There are lots of things your iPad can do that didn’t come in your start-up guide. Oh, wait. That’s right. You didn’t get a startup guide. That’s because Apple wants you to have fun finding out about all the cool stuff your iPad does by trying everything out. Unfortunately, some things are harder to figure out than others. That’s why, every week, we offer up some tips and hints to help you learn all about your iPad’s features. Last week, we told you how to customize “Do Not Disturb” so you can sleep through the night without getting sent notifications about new Facebook updates.

This week, we thought we’d let you know about some of Siri’s new features. Since iOS 7 Siri can now check your email and text messages, read them to you, and respond to them on your behalf. Hands-free communication is the future.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Storehouse

Storehouse 1Welcome to another edition of our weekly Editor’s Choice column. Each week, Apple picks a couple of apps for their unique qualities and spotlights them for the Editor’s Choice. Every week, we highlight one of the apps that Apple has given the award to. Last week, Joe Danger Infinity was given the special spot in the App Store for its fun and exciting arcade style game mechanics.

This week, Apple spotlighted a photography app that turns your pictures into stories that everyone can read and experience fully. Add text, videos, and photos to create an exposition that will be loved by others in the community.

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Adobe Almost Ready to Release ‘Lightroom’ Photo Suite for iPad

Lightroom iOSLast May, we learned that Adobe was working on a version of their photo editing software Lightroom for the iPad. At the time, the company’s group product manager for Lightroom, Tom Hogarty, had demonstrated a prototype of the program on the web-based show “The Grid.”

Today, 9to5Mac discovered that Adobe is almost ready to launch Lightroom for the iPad when it was referenced on the company’s website earlier this week.

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