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Apple Picks CEO of Luxury Fashion House Burberry to Head Up Retail and Online Stores

Angela AhrendtsApple is making some more changes to its chain of command. This time, the company’s retail department is getting a new boss. Today, Apple announced that former Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrendts, will join the family under a newly created position as a senior vice president, overseeing the expansion and operation of the company’s online and retail stores.

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New iPad 5 Getting Revamped Smart Cover

Smart CoversTech analysts are always predicting what Apple’s next moves will be. Some are even spot-on at speculating on dates, sizes, and price points for new products. It looks like at least one analyst is now jumping on the accessory rumor bandwagon now. Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian J. White believes that Apple will be redesigning their Smart Covers for the iPad to accommodate the change in size of the next generation of tablet. Well, duh.

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iPad Mini 2 to be Slightly Thicker to Accommodate Bigger Battery

iPad mini Gold 2As days go by and the next iPad event, rumored to be held on Oct. 22, grows nigh, new images and speculations are coming to light. Some can be believed, while other can be dismissed outright. One new rumor that has just been reported on Macotakara involves Apple’s smaller sized tablet. According to the Chinese language tech blog, the next iPad mini will be a little bit bigger.

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Sonos Goes Small with New ‘Play:1′ Wireless Speaker

PLAY1_TabletPopular audio and speaker company Sonos has been hard at work creating sound systems that are both portable and high quality. In December, the company announced a new line of products that uses Wireless iTunes Playback to stream music to any room with a compatible Sonos speaker. Today, Sonos has launched a new speaker that promises to allow you to stream “all the music on earth” with a powerful sound that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

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Apple Offers iTunes Credit for Eligible Users That Purchased iWork, iLife Apps After Sept. 1

itunes_giftcardsYou may recall that, on Sept. 10, alongside the announcement of the new line of iPhones, Apple also announced that new devices would also come with most iWork and iLife apps for free (GarageBand not being one of them). According to the announcement, anyone who purchased an iOS 7 compatible devices after Sept. 1 would be given a prompt when setting up their iPhone or iPad to download five free iWorks and iLife apps. As discovered by 9to5Mac, Apple is now offering refunds in the form of iTunes credit to eligible users who paid for one of the apps after Sept. 1.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Reduce Motion Sickness in iOS 7

iPad 2Soon after Apple launched iOS 7, some users complained of experiencing severe motion sickness, and even getting headaches. Apparently, the awesome parallax feature, as well as much of Apple’s new zoom animation, is causing nausea amongst some sufferers of Visually Induced Motion Sickness.

Currently, there is no solution to the problem. However, we have some suggestions that should help you reduce the effects of sickness you may feel when using your iOS device.

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Savi Solves the Hassle of Docking your Case Clad iPad or iPhone

Sarvi 1

If Steve Jobs had it his way, everyone would be walking around with bare iPhones and iPads. No cases. No covers. Just naked as the day they were put together at Foxconn’s factories. However, most of us invest time and money on the perfect case for our iOS device. Whether it is for protection, or to make our smartphones and tablets uniquely ours, we hide our devices under cover.

You may have found the perfect case for your iOS device, but that also comes with a price. Charging your iPhone or iPad with a third party docking station is all but impossible for certain cases. Sarvi Designs aims to solve that problem with a docking station that can be used with nearly every case. Plus, it is specially designed to allow for one-handed removal.

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Bose Announces New Line of AirPlay Ready Sound Systems


If you are looking for a new speaker system to listen to your favorite iTunes Radio stations, you’ll be pleased to know that Bose now offers a line of speaker systems that are Wi-Fi connected and AirPlay compatible. Listening to digital music will be a whole new experience with Bose’s deep, rich speakers.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Metal Slug X

Metal Slug X 1Welcome back to another installment of our weekly retro game column. Each week, we scour the App Store, in search of games that either came from our childhood, or remind us of our pixelated past. Last week, we told you about the brand new port of Transport Tycoon. How many sleepy towns have you turned into bustling metropolises?

This week, we have a run-and-gun game that originally came out on the Neo-Geo in 1999. I nearly forgot about that obscure cartridge console. Metal Slug X is back with all of the alien invading action you loved, but now it is updated for iOS.

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Harness the Power of Bubble Gum in Warner Bros. Newest Release, AdventChewers

AdventChewers 3This week’s theme appears to be Steampunk. Chillingo just launched its new tower defense game, Steampunk Tower, and Warner Bros. has released its own Steampunk inspired game. AdventChewers is all about the bubble gum, but there is plenty of future-meets-old-timey action going on in this hot air balloon-filled world.

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