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Touch ID is Almost Definitely Coming to Next-Gen iPads

Touch ID Code iOS 7.1.1Thanks to a bit of sleuthing from an indie iOS developer, we have even more information to back up the possible existence of Touch ID in future iPad generations. According to Pierre Blazquez who tweeted the above photo, Apple has included coding for the iPad within its Touch ID framework for iOS 7.1.1. Although this is not the first time Apple has referenced the iPad within the code, the fact that it has returned after disappearing points to the possibility that the next generation of iPad will include the security feature.

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Report Finds iPad Still Dominates Web Usage with 77% Market Share

Chitika Brand Tablet UsageChitika Insights recently released their second-quarter tablet usage update. While Samsung is picking up speed in the market share of units sold, it still appears that Apple is the dominant player by a significant amount when it comes to Internet usage. Chitika’s research shows that the iPad still generates more than three-quarters of all U.S. and Canadian tablet-based Web traffic.

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Domino’s iPad App Will Help You Build the Perfect Pizza

dominos pizza 1Domino’s Pizza is really trying to change its public image. Not long ago, the company sent out a survey to ask what people thought of Dominos and found out that a large portion of the population didn’t like the pizza. So, the company made some big changes to their menu. With new resolve, Dominos has improved its reputation in the pizza delivery industry. Today, the company announced an update to their iOS app that will allow customers to build their own pizza and order it for delivery on their iPad without even having to pick up the phone.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Snake ’97

Snake 97 4I don’t think I got my first cell phone till sometime in 2002 or 2003. But, what I do remember is that my phone, along with nearly every one else’s, came with a simple pixel game called Snake. The brightly light green screen and long row of moving blocks will be burned into my memory forever. It helped me wile away many bus stop wait times.

Although the game design behind Snake has been around since the 1970s, the Nokia phone version is the one that was so prevalent. Today, we honor the legacy of the pre-smart phone title that started the whole mobile gaming phenomena.

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Kensington’s New iPad Air Cases Let you Customize your Folio With Pictures

Comercio MeYou’ll never have to worry about walking into a room and seeing someone else with the same iPad Air case as your (mortifying!) with Kensington’s new “Me” Folios. The new iPad Air and iPad covers can now be customized with any picture you want. It’s not permanent, either. So, if you have a photo of you and your sweetie on the back of your Comercio Me and you break up, don’t worry. You can replace that two-timer with a picture of you and your pooch.

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Win a Meeting With Tim Cook For Charity Again, This Time It’s A Whole Lunch

Tim CookAbout a year ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook auctioned off an hour of his time to donate to the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. While the coffee date had an estimated value of $50,000, the winning donation came to $610,000. This time, Cook is auctioning off a whole lunch date with an estimated value of $100,000. Who knows, maybe the winner will surpass the million-dollar mark in exchange for a chance to bend the ear of the most famous tech CEO in the world.

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Soccer Rally 2 Mashes Two Action-Packed Games Together into One

Soccer Rally 2 3If you are a fan of soccer and a fan of Nascar style racing, you don’t have a whole lot of options for enjoying both sports. Sure, you can spend Saturday afternoon watching the international soccer tournament, and then spend all day Sunday watching your favorite driver make the same trip 500 times around the track. But, then your whole weekend would be shot.

IceFlame has figured out a way to join the two sports together so you can free up some time on the weekend for your other favorite sport, bowling.

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New Apple iPads and iPhone Could have Environmental Sensors to Monitor Your Environment

Environmental SensorThe U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently published two patents for Apple, Inc. that refer to environmental sensors that can be embedded into portable electronics like the iPhone, iPad, and even a “wrist-watch” device. The sensors would make it possible for you to read the temperature of the immediate environment around you, not just the weather outside.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Change Your Sound With birdStepper

birdStepper 4Sure, there are dozens of step sequencers in the App Store that let you make awesome loops and beats, but how many of them let you actually alter the sound your loops and beats make?

A newly released app called birdStepper is not so much a step sequencer, but more like a step sequencer effect. It lets you manipulate sound using automated time-synced effects.

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Tim Cook Uses Quarterly Earnings Call to Explain Why iPad Sales Were so Low

iPad Air and iPad miniFor the first time since its launch, the iPad did not meet expectations for Apple’s second quarter of 2014. At today’s earnings result conference call, CEO Tim Cook noted that iPad sales, which reached 16.4 million units in the second quarter, did meet the company’s expectations, even if it fell short by 13 percent of analyst predictions. While the decline may seem like the death toll for Apple tablets based on what tech bloggers are saying, Cook says he is still “bullish” on the iPad, despite concerns for the year-over-year decline in the second quarter.

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