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Kodak Launches First iPad App for Odering Prints with Same-Day Pickup

Kodak Moments HD 2It’s funny how the world works. It was less than a decade ago that digital photography picked up speed to become the prominent way of taking pictures. Now, film cameras are all but extinct. Trends come and go like the seasons and physical copies of digital photos are now the new hotness. Kodak Alaris has just launched their first iPad app to include the ability to order photo books, high-quality prints, and custom enlargements for same-day pick up at a local Kodak retailer.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Street Flapper Pays Homage to Both Street Fighter and Flappy Bird

Street Flapper 3

When is the line drawn in the sand to show that a trend has gone over the top? Cat memes went over the line when poor helpless felines were being “breaded.” I don’t even know what “twerking” is and don’t want to find out. What about the Flappy Bird phenomenon? Since its demise, the strangely popular casual game has spawned hundreds of knockoff titles from Flappy Duck to Bouncy Pig. About 98 percent of them show no creativity or innovation and are simply a waste of space in the App Store.

However, some app makers have used the popularity of Flappy Bird to create something interesting, even if it is merely a clone of the original.

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IFTTT Now Available on iPad

IFTTTIFTTT is a really cool app that lets you create “recipes” that create certain triggers when specific actions take place. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” Users can create formulas or browse premade ones to help keep them connected to other apps and events. Today, the company updated the app with some very useful channels. Plus, IFTTT is no supported on the iPad.

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Greenpeace Applauds Apple’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

Dai SuganoGreenpeace recently released a report on tech companies and their role in creating a “Green Internet.” Companies across the globe are turning to renewable energy. Apple was spotlighted in the company’s report for being the “most innovative and aggressive in pursuing its commitment to be 100% renewable powered.”

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Apple’s iPad Turns Four Today, Things Have Changed A Lot Since 2010

Happy BirthdayEvery year on this date, we wish the iPad a Happy Birthday. Sure, it is silly to send birthday greetings to an inanimate object. The iPad doesn’t even eat cake. Wishing Happy Birthday to Apple’s best invention is more of a way to reflect on the things we love about the tablet and how it has changed our lives than anything else.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Tabular Mobile Lets You Write Music for Guitar on Your iPad

Tabular 1There are a lot of sheet music apps out there that let you write music for piano, woodwinds, and keyboards. Guitar tab writing apps are much fewer and farther between. You can use basic sheet music apps, but it would be nice if there were an app dedicated to creating song structure for guitar, bass, banjo, and other fingerpicking instruments.

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It’s Here, Amazon’s Apple TV Competition Just Announced, Gaming Included

Amazon Fire TV 1We’ve been hearing rumors for a few months now that Amazon had plans to add its own set-top box into the market. Speculations ranged from it being a Chromecast-like stick to including a game controller. The company recently increased the cost of Amazon Prime, which includes instant streaming of T.V. shows and movies, further fueling the spread of rumors that the company would be launching a set-top box. Today, Amazon officially announced the launch of Android-powered Fire TV, which is available as of now from the online retail giant’s website.

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Dish Subscribers Now Have Full Access to ESPN, Disney and ABC Through iPad, iPhone and Apple TV

watchdisneychannelThe Walt Disney Company and DISH Network Corporation announced today that they’ve worked out their differences to the tune of a long-term, wide-range distribution deal that would allow subscribers to the cable company access to Disney’s sports, news, and entertainment content on T.V., PC, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes.

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Popular Calendar App ‘Fantastical 2’ Now Available on iPad, and It Is Beautiful

Fantastical 2 for iPad 2Fantastical is one of the most popular calendar apps around. Until today, the detailed organizer, event creator, and daily task manager was only available on the iPhone and Mac. Flexibits just released Fantastical 2 for iPad, so you can now keep track of your schedule with a full 9.7-inches of screen space.

Fantastical 2 for iPad is a comprehensive calendar app that lets the user add events, list reminders, and view the week or month’s schedule with a beautiful interface. The iPad-only version is much more than a stretched-out version of the iPhone app. Flexibits has made sure to use the additional screen space to add more features and make the view more convenient.

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Kapi-Bara-San Stars in Adorable Match-Three Game for iPad and iPhone

Kapibarasan 1The capybara is probably the most adorable rodent to have ever existed (sorry Guinea Pig). It looks like a mix between a squirrel and a rabbit, but it is about the size of a pig. Kapibarasan is probably the most adorable character ever to be created in Japan (Sorry Hello Kitty). Today, Namco Bandai launched a new app that might be the most adorable match-three game to every appear in the App Store.

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