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New iLife App Updates About to Hit Us?

GarageBand iPhoto iOS 7 Icons

When Apple launched iOS 7, the redesign included complete overhauls to the native iPhone and iPad apps, like mobile Safari, Contacts, Calculator, and more. Instead of the iconic skeuomorphic look that Apple was known for, the company has move on to a flatter aesthetic. The iLife and iWork suite of apps were left untouched in the change over. However, AppleInsider recently discovered a redesign of the app icons for iPhoto and GarageBand that might mean big changes are in the works for Apple’s productivity and entertainment apps.

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T-Mobile Starts Hinting About Carrying the New iPad

Apple-iPad-5A lot of people are getting excited about Apple’s upcoming event on Oct. 22. It is widely rumored that Apple will reveal the new models of iPad and iPad mini. Even though the fourth-generation iPad came out a year ago, many of us are still sitting on our third-generation model and feel that this launch is long overdue. One person out in the Twitterverse who is excited about the new iPad may have reasons other than wanting a new tablet. T-Mobile CEO John Legere recently tweeted his anticipation of the new iPad, which could be a hint at things to come.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar

Ultima 3Welcome back to another friendly Flashback Friday. It is that time again. We take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about games gone by. Last week, we told you about Metal Slug X, the run-and-gun game that was originally launch on the Neo Geo home game console. Try saving the universe when you are being attacked by waves of alien invaders.

This week, we talk about a game that is far from being a port of its original, but is still a fun game for fans of role-playing games (RPG). Ultima Forever: The Quest for the Avatar finally launched in the App Store. Now, you can play cross-platform adventuring with friends and family practically anywhere.

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Music Search and Discovery App ‘SoundHound’ gets New iOS 7 Facelift

screen480x480-1The popular music discovery app SoundHound has just been updated with a newly redesigned interface for iOS 7. Additionally, users can now access the new “My Map” feature to visualize your music moments by geographic location.

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Random House Gets into iPad Gaming with ‘Catch the Berry’ Physics Puzzler

CTB iPad_opening pageRandom House is best known for being the largest general interest book publisher in the world. When you think of Random House, you don’t think of games. However, that may change. As of today, the 85-year old company has joined the gaming community with its first-ever iOS physics-based game, Catch the Berry.

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Reliance Games Brings Real Steal World Robot Boxing to iOS

wrb_screenshot_01Do you remember that movie where Hugh Jackson trains an outdated robot to fight against the toughest boxing bots in the world? It was basically a story that combined Rocky and Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots. Well, now you can train and fight your own robot pal in Reliance Games’s Real Steel World Robot Boxing.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Hands-on Review of iRig PRO

iRig PRO 1Welcome back to another installment of our weekly music column. Each week, we scour the Internet, looking for apps and accessories that we think musicians and fans of music will like. Last week, we told you about IK Multimedia’s newest product, the iRig BlueBoard. The four-channel Bluetooth MIDI pedal board is now available for shipping.

It appears that IK Multimedia is on a roll right now. The iOS music accessory company also recently launched the iRig HD, a more-advanced follow-up version of the company’s most popular item, the iRig.

Today, we are going hands-on with IK Multimedia’s newest instrument connector, the iRig PRO. What’s the difference between the iRid HD and the iRig PRO, you ask? For one thing, it has an extra port so you can connect two instruments at the same time.

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Retro Styled iPad Jukebox Dock Lets You Jam to the Oldies

Jukebox Dock iPad 1Sometimes, you want something that is absolutely unnecessary. Maybe you want a tabletop iPad game dock, or even a mini stand-up arcade. Well, if you have ever invested in a novelty iPad holder, or even thought about buying one, then Ion’s Jukebox Dock for iPad, iPhone, and iPod will make your eye twitch.

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Could Slow iPhone 5c Sales Kill the Chances for a low Cost iPad?

Apple-iPad-5Here in the U.S., low cost means more sales. We want the best of the best, but we want it at half the price. However, not everyone around the world feels the same way. In some places, the pricier iPhone is proof of status. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that worldwide sales of the iPhone 5c are lower than expect, causing one to wonder whether Apple made a mistake in spotlighting a low-cost phone, and whether they will trash any ideas to sell a low-cost iPad in the future.

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City Council Unanimously Approves Apple’s New Spaceship Designed Campus

Dai SuganoOnly a few days ago, we got a closer look at a model replica of what Apple intends to bring to Curpertino with its new corporate headquarters, dubbed “Apple Campus 2.” Yesterday, the Cupertino City Council voted on whether or not the spaceship-designed building was a good fit for the small town. According to the Mercury News, Apple Campus 2 was approved unanimously.

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