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Google Beats Apple to the Punch with Android Wear

Android Wear 2

At Google’s I/O Keynote today, the company showed off its new software system Android Wear. The wearable version of the mobile software system can be used on any compatible hardware device and allows users to connect their smartwatch to their phones and tablets. Based on the demonstration given at the keynote address, Apple has some serious competition to deal with.

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Researchers Discover How To Steal Your iPad Passcode from 10 Feet Away

PIN Syping Software from UMass

As much as a Lock screen passcode is important to securing your privacy and personal information, it turns out that the four-digit simple code is not exactly the safest way to ensure no one can access your iOS device’s innards. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Lowell have created PIN-spying software that can accurately determine your passcode, even if the snooper isn’t able to see your screen at all.

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New Video Shows off Supposed Prototype for Next-Gen iPad Air


Earlier this week, we showed you pictures posted by Taiwan-based Apple.Club.TW that were supposed images of the Touch ID sensor on the next generation iPad Air. As more and more purported leaked photos of the new model of Apple tablets come out, we see more and more possibilities of what to expect this fall.

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Google to challenge Apple TV once again?

Android TV Interface Via: The Verge

Android TV Interface Via: The Verge

Apple TV has seen a lot of competition lately, especially with the recent launch of Amazon Fire TV. However, it still holds a high spot of top sellers in the market. Google supposedly has plans to join the list of set-top box competitors later this year as rumors swirl that the software company will unveil at least one Android-based streaming media devices at its I/O developer conference today.

The report, which comes from the Wall Street Journal, claims that Google is working with multiple partners to develop a line of set-top boxes running on Android. The devices are said to support streaming of video, music, and games.

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Popular Point-and-Click Series ‘Blackwell Mystery Adventures’ Headed to iOS July 10

Blackwell 2

The mystery adventures of Rosa Blackwell are making their way to iOS in just a few short weeks. Join Rosa and her spectral sidekick Joe Mallone as they scour the five boroughs of New York helping restless spirits find peace in eternity. The first three games in the series will launch on July 10 with the final two arriving later this year.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Turn LEGO Minifigures into Cord Organizers

DIY Sugru LEGO Minifigure Cord Organizer 3

Oh, man. This project is so simple that I can’t believe no one thought of it before. That is, no one thought about it and then wrote an Instructable project about it. Did you know that the tiny, half-circle hands of a LEGO minifigure is the exact right size to hold onto your electronics cords and cables?

Projectsugru posted a simple how-to guide for mounting your LEGO dude onto something solid so that you can keep your cables organized with style. Read More »

Rumored $350 iWatch Not Very Popular with Watch Wearing Public

piper jaffray iwatch 2

Piper Jaffray has been working on a variety of surveys relating to wearable computers and the rumored iWatch in particular. Last fall, a survey showed that only 12 percent of those surveyed would by an iWatch at $350. A few months later, a group of teens were asked a similar question and 17 percent said they would be interested in buying the product at that price. Maybe it’s because they don’t worry about money as much.

A new survey conducted by Piper Jaffray based on general jewelry and watch wearers showed that, even those who are still wearing watches long after the trend has died are not particularly interested in the $350 iWatch.

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Apple TV Gets New Content Including Live Streaming ABC News


When I woke up this morning and turned on my Apple TV, I noticed that there were a few new channels added to the list. New content includes sporting events from Willow TV, which you’ll need a subscription for, children’s shows from PBS Kids, which you will need to connect to on your computer, AOL On, which features popular original content, and ABC News, which among other things, includes live streaming from the broadcast channel. You don’t need a cable subscription to watch it, either.

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Assassin’s Creed Pirates Gets New Content with Latest Update

Assissins creed pirates 2

It looks like Captain Batilia is back in business. Today, the swashbuckling adventure of Assassin’s Creed Pirates continues with the Freedom update. Along with improved gameplay, daily rewards, and customizable ships, seafaring buccaneers can explore a whole new chapter appendix, catch eight new fish with the Legendary Hook, and get the ball rolling with the brand new Starter Pack.

Version 1.4.0 drops today with new content, improved naval fights, and more. Players will want to come back every day to earn increasingly valuable rewards. Connect with friends on Facebook for a very special reward. You can also unlock an exclusive item by completing the new content mission.

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Chinese Developers Release iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak for iPad and iPhone – Proceed with Caution

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 2.17.21 PM

The past few major jailbreaks that have come out of the community have been from the evad3rs. Today, out of nowhere, as unexpected as can be, Chinese jailbreak developer team PanGu released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1. The jailbreak is still in its infancy stages and many in the community recommend waiting until it is clear that the tools is legitimate. However, we’ve already heard from a few jailbreak fans that it does, indeed work.

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