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The Walking Dead: Season Two’s Third Episode ‘In Harm’s Way’ Coming Next Week

TWD 2 Ep. 3 1

The popular hit The Walking Dead: The Game from Telltale Games has been on track, providing new episodes in the second season on a regular basis. The first episode, “All That Remains,” launched in mid December of last year. Episode two, “A House Divided,” made it to iOS in early March. Now, only two months later and we are about to find out what happens to little Clementine in the next installment of the zombie apocalypse series. Telltale Games has just announced that episode three, titled “In Harm’s Way,” will be available for download on iOS this Thursday, May 15.

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NamcoBandai Launches Battle Card Version of SoulCalibur Franchise

Soulcalibur 1

At the turn of the century, Namco launched a combat game that rocked the console gaming world. SoulCalibur brought the eight-way run to the fight. The game was a huge hit and has been ported numerous times to multiple platforms, including iOS. This week, NamcoBandai launched a new and completely different version of the game that will upset fans of the original, but might bring new gamers into the fold.

My emotions are split on the card battle game Soulcalibur Unbreakable Soul. On the one hand, this is not even remotely close to fitting in with the man-to-man fighting franchise that has existed for nearly 15 years. On the other hand, I love card battle games, so of course I’m drawn to the mechanics.

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Flurry Publishes Tablet Report Four Years in the Making

213 iPadUniversal

Flurry Analytics began studying the iPad right out of the gate. The company quickly began analyzing activities performed by tablet users and by the end of the first year had determined that they would become a powerhouse of media consumption. Four years later, tablets have also turned the PC world upside-down and even begun leaking into the living room with replacement streaming, or at least second-screen companion apps.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Brogue

Brogue 2

Roguelike games are hitting big in the App Store right now, and more the better in my opinion. I love hacking my way through dungeon after dungeon, picking up loot and searching for hidden passageways. That moment when you are just about to die and loose all of your stuff, but manage to kill the monster and swill a healing potion just in the nick of time is the most exciting moment in a game.

Brogue is a roguelike game that really takes things back to yesteryear. It was developed using ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), which basically means the characters, monsters, and rooms are represented by letters and symbols. While the rest of the game-making world has moved onto the most advanced graphics possible, this little ditty takes its cues directly from the original game that spawned the genre, “Rogue.”

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SEGA Brings Popular Coin-Dozer ‘Game Dragon’ Coins to iPad and iPhone

Dragon Coins 1

When I was a kid, I loved playing those quarter pushing games in arcades. There would sit, this huge pile of quarters with at least 40 of them resting precariously on the edge of the platform. I just knew I could get all of them to fall if my quarter would land just right before being pushed toward the pile, which it never did. The fun of coin dozer games can be relived in digital form with SEGA’s hit game Coin Dragon. For the first time ever, the game is now available on the iPad and iPhone.

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Belkin Unveils Super Slim ‘QODE Thin Type’ Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

Belkin QODE for iPad Air 3

I was wondering when Belkin was going to update their super thin keyboard accessory for the iPad Air. It looks like the company took their time updating the cover because they put a lot of extra work making it thinner and lighter than ever before.

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Adobe Voice Lets You Tell Your Stories Your Own Way

Adobe Voice 3

Today, Adobe launched a new presentation style app that makes it incredibly easy to make beautiful slide shows, complete with premade themes, which you can add your own voice to. Just in time for Mother’s Day, you can now create beautiful stories to share with others and you don’t need to take a course to learn how to use it.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: iRig Mic HD Now Available for Preorder

iRigMicHD 2

Oh, boy. My nephew is going to be excited when he hears about this. IK Multimedia recently announced that their next-generation iRig Mic, the HD version, is now available for preorder from the company’s website. Now, the little tyke will be able to create peanut butter feedback masterpieces with 24-bit quality. Nice

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Apple Surpasses Wal-Mart, Staples to Become The Second Biggest Online Retailer

WSJ Online Retail Store Sales

Everyone knows that Amazon is leaps and bounds beyond any other company in the world for online sales. The Internet megastore doesn’t exist in the real world, yet is more convenient for most types of shopping than the store down the street. If you take Amazon out of the picture, Apple is the top seller of products and services online.

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Education Update: Apple Extends iPad Warranty to Educational Institutions


Over the past few years, and most especially within the last 12 months, Apple has been campaigning to educators around the world to implement an iPad program in their schools. According to the company’s second quarter earnings report, the iPad has more than 95 percent of the education market. AppleInsider has just learned that Apple has added even more means to improve its relationship with educators. Schools and other financial institutions are now offered three years of AppleCare+ for the same price that the rest of us pay for only two.

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