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SEGA Bring Sonic Jump Fever to iPad as Free to Play Game

Sonic Jump Fever 05

SEGA is on a roll right now. The company has been blasting the App Store with huge price drops on many of its Sonic titles over the past few months. The popular monster-collecting gambling game Dragon Coins hit iOS in May. A few months ago, SEGA launched Super Monkey Ball Bounce in Canada (still not available in the U.S.). Today, Sonic will make an appearance in another jumping game with Sonic Jump Fever, available in the App Store now.

Sonic Jump Fever is a lot like the original platform jumper, Sonic Jump. However, in this game, players compete in score-attack gameplay and compete against friends for top ranking.

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Apple Supposedly Breaks Ties With Samsung for A-Series Chip Making


More than a year ago, rumors began to swirl that Apple was setting up a strategy that would eventually end a tumultuous relationship with Samsung whom, at the time, was battling the company around the world for patent infringement lawsuits. A few months ago, India Times reported that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) was already working on Apple’s new A8 chip, which would be used in this fall’s iOS lineup.

Today, the Wall Street Journal claims that TSMC has begun shipping its first batch of microprocessors to Apple, unseating Samsung as the major supplier for chip sets.

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Fairune is Epic RPG Fun on your iPad

Fairune 1

Fantasy style role-playing games (RPG) date all the way back to early existence of video games, arcade and console. As time went on, and so did technology, RPGs grew into something even more advanced. The gameplay went from text based to map exploration. RPGs have since turned into such massive entities as World of Warcraft. All along the way, as technology made games more advanced, developers continued to try to recapture their own childhood love of the genre.

Fairune is a recreation of my youth (maybe not exactly childhood) that fits perfectly with what I consider to be an epic RPG. Players use an on-screen D-pad to traverse the forested landscape, which is filled with dangerous creatures, sweet loot, and hidden underground rooms for exploring.

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Sunrise Calendar Now Available Across All Apple Devices With Mac App Launch


Back in February of 2013, the Sunrise Calendar app launched on the iPhone. It was hugely successful for it’s attractive flat design ahead of Apple’s iOS 7 remodel. A year later, in January of this year, the app was finally optimized for the iPad. Last week the app launched on OS X, so now you can have all of your calendars and events synced across all of your Apple Devices with the same look and experience everywhere.

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Summer Vacation at Disneyland With the iPad


This year, I invested in an annual pass to Disneyland and have had a lot more experience with park visits than I ever have before. I’ll be visiting the park in just a few days. Since I’ve got Disney on the brain, I thought I’d fill you in on some of the ways the iPad (and iPhone) can help make your visit smooth.

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Tabitop Turns Your iPad Into a Virtual Windows PC


If you’ve been wondering what that whole Windows RT experience is like, but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in a second tablet, there is a way for you to get a virtual version of Windows on your iPad. You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee, but you won’t have to purchase a whole tablet to enjoy Windows on a mobile device.

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Kensington’s New ‘Trapper Keeper’ Case Brings High School Style to the iPad

Trapper Keeper iPad Case 2

I was a Trapper Keeper user when I was a kid. If I remember correctly, mine was rainbow themed and was designed by Lisa Frank. When I got into high school, I had one of those splashed paint designed ones. I thought I was so Mod.  There were many other designs in my locker throughout my school years. However, one thing remained the same across 13 years of learning. I always had a Trapper Keeper.

Kensington has just announced a new line of Mead inspired universal cases for 10 and 8-inch tablets. You may not be able to choose from the long list of licensed designs, but the fold-over front flap will certainly remind you of first period History.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Subscribe to iTunes Match

iTunes Match 2

Last week, we told you how to remove duplicate tracks in iTunes Match. In the process of writing the guide, it came to my attention that we never actually explained to our users just how to subscribe to iTunes Match in the first place. By now, most of our readers would have already joined the service or decided not to. However, Apple is always gaining new users to iOS, and hopefully we are always gaining new readers to PadGadget.

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As Apple Acquires Beats Music, Data Shows Digital Downloads Down, Streaming Music Up

Nielsen Music Report

Nielsen SoundScan and Nielsen BDS recently published a report regarding music consumption for the first six months of 2014. While sales of digital music have dropped since Dec. 2013, activities related to music streaming services have increased. SoundScan measures point-of-sale purchases of recorded music while BDS tracks radio airplay and music streams.

According to the report, for the first six months of 2014, sales of digital albums are down 11.6 percent compared to the same time period a year ago. Overall on-demand streaming has increased by 42 percent. Specifically, on-demand audio is up 50.1 percent and on-demand video is up 35.2 percent.

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New Purported Images of iPad Air 2 Shows Touch ID, No Rotation Lock Switch

iPad Air 2-2

As we get closer to the hopeful fall launch of the next generation of iPad Air, we are hearing new rumors as to what Apple has in store for us. Although not official, it is practically fact that the iPad Air will feature Touch ID. Last week, we saw a comparison video of the first and second-generation iPad Air side by side. In it, we saw that the new model sports the iPad Air. We also saw that there was no lock screen/mute switch.

At the time, we assumed that this prototype may have been shipped before the button was added. However, new images from a different media organization show the same configuration, sans the lock screen/mute switch.

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