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iOS 8 App Extension Feature Will Make 1Password More Robust on iPad and iPhone

1Password App Extension

Last month, Apple demonstrated key new features in the upcoming iOS 8 software update. One feature, app extensions, allows third-party apps the ability to share content between each other. Yesterday, AgileBits announced that it has created a documentation code that will allow other apps to access 1Password quickly and easily, so you won’t have to open the security service to access its content.

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SEGA Releases Crazy Taxi: City Rush for iPad and iPhone

Crazy Taxi City Rush 5

When your favorite childhood memories are brought back to life years later, it can be an anxious experience. As games, toys, and movies are reinvented for the modern age, the things that made them fun for us as kids can be forgotten in the redesign. I’ve had plenty of disappointing moments in my lifetime as my favorite games get dragged through the mud and turned into something completely different than the things I loved.

When SEGA announced that it was reinventing Crazy Taxi for a new generation, I was immediately wary of what was to come. When I found out that the game’s original creator, Kenji Kanno, was on board for this version’s design, my fears were lessened, although not completely dismissed.

After Crazy Taxi: City Rush launched today in the App Store, I went into the gameplay with scrutiny. It is different. Very different. However, my memories have not been dragged through the mud as I feared. It is actually a pretty good game.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: iKlip Stage Now Live in the App Store

iklip stage 5

A few weeks ago, IK Multimedia launched a new, universal version of their microphone-compatible iPad mount, the iKlip Xpand. Prior to launch, the company hinted at a new stage app to help musicians keep track of sheet music, lyrics, and more. Today, that on-stage assistant is available in the App Store. Use it in conjunction with the iRing or iRig BlueBoard for hands-free page turning.

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FreedomPop Now Offers iPad Owners Free Talk, Text and Data in the US


I have never owned a cellular enabled iPad. When I think about the way I use my tablet, I know that there won’t be many times when I’ll need access to the Internet and won’t be able to connect to free Wi-Fi. It is not financially smart for me to invest more monthly charges on a device that I won’t need to use a data plan for very often. If I could somehow get free data, I’d purchase an iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular just so I can have the option if I need it.

FredomPop has just made that possible. FreedomPop is a service that offers free limited Internet service for smartphone devices. Today, the company added a select few tablets to its line of products that can take advantage of free data, calls, and text messages.

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Russian Natural Gas Giant Gazprom Gives CEO $3 Million Custom-Made iPad-Like Tablet


Corporations offer all manner of incentives to get well known executives to join their ranks. We’ve heard of access to private jets, car services, incredible vacation and retirement packages. However, have you ever heard of a CEO getting a $3 million iPad? For that matter, what in the world would cost $3 million on an iPad? Is it gold-plated or something?

In fact, it is not. This expensive gift doesn’t have any bling on the outside. The cost is in the software. According to Bloomberg, the tablet is being custom-built to help Russian natural gas corporation Gazprom’s CEO, Alexey Miller, manage the company better while away from the desk.

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Apple Wants to Save you Money with Back-to-School Tax Free Promotion on iPads, iPhones and Mac

Apple Tax Holiday

Nine states in the U.S. hold a “tax holiday” just before the start of the school year to help residents save a few dollars on back-to-school supplies. This year, Apple is reminding everyone that their state’s tax holiday is just around the corner. If you are getting your back-to-school electronics, you can save on your purchase of a new iPad, plus get a $50 Apple Retail Store gift card for even better savings. Read More »

Microsoft OneNote Gets Major Update – Adds File Attachments and Note Organization Features


The Back-to-School season is getting underway and to help you get ready for the most productive school year ever, Microsoft has updated its OneNote iOS and OS X apps with easier access to notebooks, the ability to insert PDF files, and better sharing features.

Version 2.3 now allows users to access work or school notebooks on OneDrive for Business. You can now open, sync, and create personal or shared notebooks on OneDrive for Business and easily access those files by directly signing into OneNote on iOS or OS X.

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: iPad Speaker Buddy

DIY Speaker Buddy 4

I’ve been listening to NPR One for many hours through my iPad Air (yes, I know the app isn’t optimized for the iPad, but that doesn’t change the sound quality). Basically, I’ve been listening to the app from the moment I found out it existed until right now while writing this article. One thing I noticed is that talk radio is much harder to hear clearly than music without some kind of extra help on the iPad. I just connect it to my UE Boom and I’m ready to go. However, not everyone has a fancy Bluetooth speaker on hand. Sometimes, you have to work with what you’ve got.

Today’s Do-it-yourself project spotlight comes from EnergyHandyman and we found it on one of the best places on the Internet for DIY projects of all kinds, Instructables.

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Plants vs. Zombies: Dark Ages Part 2 Now Available on iPad

Plants Vs. Zombies Dark Ages

PopCap is on a roll with adding more and more updates to the sequel to its popular castle defense game. Drop your seeds and grow poison-spewing plants that knock the medieval zombie king right off his thrown in the Plants vs. Zombies 2’s latest content update, just released this week.

Dark Ages Part 2 features 10 new medieval themed levels, filled with a variety of mushroom militia and knighted undead. In addition to the new plants added in Dark Ages Part 1, there are two new plants, Peanut and Magnet Shroom.

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NPR One App Personalizes your Public Radio Listening Experience


A few months ago, Apple added an NPR channel to iTunes Radio, which includes rebroadcasts of popular segments and shows like “All Things Considered.” Prior to that, you could find your local station by listening to NPR News from the iPad app, or you could stream shows from the official website. Now, in addition to the NPR News app, NPR News and Culture on iTunes Radio, and the official website, you can now get a personalized experience with a new curated app.

NPR One is a streaming media app that combines NPR’s national segments with local news reporting to bring you a personalized on-demand experience.

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