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Looks Like Apple had a Holly Jolly Christmas – Analyst Estimates 80+ Million iPads and iPhones Sold Last Quarter

iPad Christmas ShoppingAnalyst T. Michael Walkley wrote a note to investors today that included information on estimated sales of Apple’s iOS devices over the past holiday season. Walkley’s company, Canaccord Genuity, uses proprietary survey information to collect data regarding sales. The report suggests that sales of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air showed high growth during the Christmas shopping season.

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Discover New Elements and Give Them a Name in Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider

Atomic Fusion 4If you thought Quantum Physics was boring and complicated, think again. With the recent launch of a new science-friendly arcade game, not only can you learn about the Periodic Table, but you can also smash together atoms to make new elements. That doesn’t sound too geeky. Does it?

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iPad Users Are A Bunch of Comic Book Nerds, comiXology Highest Grossing Non-Game App in 2013


The comic book industry is thriving in the digital world. That’s great news for distributors, but not so great news for comic book storeowners. While die-hard collectors will still show up at 10:00 a.m. every Wednesday morning for their weekly saver stash, it is getting harder to bring new readers into the fold. That is, it is getting harder to convince potential comic book collectors to leave the comfort of their living room to venture out to their local brick and mortar shop to buy physical copies of their favorite titles.

That’s because digital comics have found a home in the App Store. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the most popular digital comic distribution app, comiXology’s Comics app, was the top-grossing non-gaming iPad app for the third year in a row.

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WinZip Adds AirDrop and Dropbox File Sharing Support in Latest iPad App Update

WinZip 1WinZip, the default compression and decompression file software for Mac computers just updated its mobile app with a complete redesign for iOS 7. Plus, the program now supports Dropbox and AirDrop integration so sharing massive files across iPad devices is easier than ever.

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ClamCase Pro Now Available for iPad mini

ClamCase Pro for iPad mini 1ClamCase was one of the first companies to offer a keyboard case for the iPad. When it first launched, the case was fairly heavy and added too much bulk to an otherwise mobile device. I still loved my Star Wars-inspired ClamCase and toted it around, proudly showing it off to everyone. Even after lighter, thinner keyboard cases hit the market, I still used my ClamCase from time to time. It looked so good with that stark white and black trimmed design.

This year, the company completely redesigned the ClamCase to be much thinner and lighter than its predecessor, making your iPad look a lot like a MacBook Air. Today, the company announced the first ever ClamCase for iPad mini. Now, you can have the protection and functionality that the larger tablet gets, but for the 7.9-inch screen instead.

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Never Use a Key to Lock Your Bike Up Again With this Cool iOS Accessory

TEOI forget to bring my bike key with me at least one out of every 10 times I ride. I can leave my house through the garage door and don’t need to bring my set of keys with me, so I sometimes forget that my bike lock key is attached to the same key ring as my house and car key. What I almost never forget to bring with me is my iPhone. How does that help, you may ask?

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OMG, Mobile Use Grows 115 Percent Fueled by Messaging Apps

App Use Growth 2013-resized-600.jpgFlurry Analytics has just launched a new report on mobile device activity for 2013. Overall app usage grew by more than 100 percent last year with all categories showing an increase. However, what really pushed the numbers into the red in 2013 was messaging and social apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SnapChat. It looks like mobile device users really want to keep in touch.

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iTunes Radio Competition Increases, Beats Music to Launch Jan. 21

Beats MusicAbout a year ago, Beats Electronics CEO Jimmy Iovine announced that the company was working on a subscription music service. A few months later Iovine sat down with Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss the service, dubbed “Project Daisy.” According to Iovine, while Apple was interested in Iovine’s idea, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was unimpressed with the terms. He didn’t want to pay the amount of the licensing fees that record companies were asking.

As we all know, Apple finally came to some kind of agreement with major record companies because iTunes Radio launched last fall, when iOS 7 hit the streets. Iovine’s baby is following in the footsteps of iTunes Radio, but the music producer is not afraid of the competition, claiming that his service will offer something different than everyone else.

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Apple Channels ‘Dead Poets Society’ in its Latest iPad Commercial

iPad VerseApple is back in the media again. The last time the tech giant released a commercial it was the “Life on iPad” campaign. The advertisement showed the iPad in various situations, being used to help in surgery, wind turbine adjustments, sports, and more. The campaign asks the viewer, “Where do you take your iPad?”

This new advertisement has a similar theme. The iPad is shown in a variety of situations. However, instead of showing what the tablet can do for doctors, engineers, and athletes, we see what it can do for painters, writers, and musicians. This time, the viewer is asked, “What will your verse be?”

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Activate and Customize ‘Do Not Disturb’

Do Not Disturb 1Welcome to another edition of our weekly how-to guide. We know that the iPad can be a little intimidating for new iOS users. Most everything you need is easy to find, but you may not always know what you need. That’s why, each week we offer tips, tricks, and advice for getting your iPad to work the way you want it to. Last week, we showed you how to transfer content from a previous iPad to your brand new model.

This week, we are going to help you figure out how to silence those pesky, but important, notifications so that you can sleep through the night. It used to be that, if you wanted peace and quiet for a good night’s rest, you’d have to turn off your iPad, or at least silence it, every night and turn it back on every morning. About a year ago, Apple decided to make it easier for us to continue to receive notifications, but not let them keep us awake all night.

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