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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Washi Tape Smart Cover

Washi Tape Smart Cover 3You may recall that I’ve recently become fascinated with Washi tape. This decorative, glamorized masking tape is great for turning solid colors into exiting patterns. Because it can easily be removed, it allows you to go crazy decorating your tech, without worrying about its resell value. We recently spotlighted a simple DIY project involving Washi tape. With just one small strip of the stuff, you can make your tablet stand out from the rest.

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Apple Expands Retail Store Trade-In Program to Include iPad Models

resources_recyclingApple is really trying to make a point today. The company recently launched an Environmental Responsibility campaign that highlights everything Apple is doing to reduce its carbon footprint and “leave the world a better place then we found it.” Today, apply announced that it has expanded its Reuse & Recycling program to include older models of the iPad. You can now take your clunky, slow iPad into any Apple Retail Store and get credit toward a new one.

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iWatch Rumors: Nike Collaborating with Apple, Apple Using False Company to Register Trademark

130211101438-apple-watch-tim-cook-story-topIt is no secret that the tech news world thinks Apple is going to launch the rumored iWatch sometime this year. Everyday, new information surfaces that points to Apple’s involvement in wearable computing. Yesterday, CNN speculated on a possible collaboration between Nike and Apple that spawns from the fact that the former recently reduced its FuelBand team and shelved future updates to the fitness monitor. Today, MacRumors reported on some in-depth research that points to the possibility of Apple using a false company name to secretly secure the iWatch trademark around the world.

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Popular iPhone and iPad Password Manager ’1Passsword’ Gets Major Update

1Password 1Agilebit’s password security app 1Password has been in the news quite a bit lately. With the recent revelation of Heartbleed, the company dropped the price of both the iOS and OS X apps by 50 percent. Today, the company has launched the biggest update since 4.0 and it brings with it some fantastic changes that will make your password updating experience even simpler than before.

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Logitech Announces Three New iPad Cases for a Variety of Lifestyles

Hinge BannerLogitech is known for its top-quality keyboard cases for the iPad. They’ve perfected the true type feel of a full keyboard, while shrinking it down to fit within the parameters of the 9.7-inch framework. Today, the company has announced a new line of cases that focus on viewing angles and durability for those who don’t need a keyboard, but do need flexibility.

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Popular Goat Simulator gets iOS Version, ‘Goat Rampage’

Goat Rampage 5Fans of unusual simulation games probably already play the PC game Goat Simulator via Steam. The popular game stars a running goat whose sole purpose is to headbutt anything and everything in its path. Players knock over residents of the town, drag items around, and get bashed into oblivion when getting hit by a car. About a month ago, an iOS version of the game that is less complex, but almost as fun, snuck into the App Store. Recently, the game skyrocketed in popularity to become number two on the App Store’s Top Paid Apps List. There’s a reason this app makes people ask, “What is even going on in this game?”

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Apple Celebrates Earth Day with ‘Better’ Environmental Responsibility Campaign

Better CampaignApril 22 is Earth Day, a holiday created in 1970 as a way to honor nature and the how humanity can coexist peacefully with our surroundings. By the 1990s, it was a worldwide phenomenon. Songs were sung about it. Today, cities around the world hold events dedicated to preserving the environment. It is such a popular occasion that no one, no matter what your political view is, can ignore its impact. Today, Apple has launched a new campaign that both reminds us of the importance of environmental responsibility and shows off what the company is doing to contribute to the cause.

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More Content Added to Apple TV, A Sign of Things to Come?

9010-458-newatvchannels-1-lAppleInsider is reporting that three new channels have been added to Apple TV’s main menu. A&E, the History Channel, and Lifetime are now a part of the available networks that cable subscribers can access through Apple’s set-top box.

According to AppleInsider, the three new channels appeared on Monday as a silent update and now appear on the user’s home screen. Available content includes such shows as Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and Lifetime original movies.

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Playdek, Inc. Drops the Price of Their Entire Line of Games

Playdek Spring SaleI was checking out some games in the App Store today and happened to notice that Both Fluxx and Summoner Wars were both on sale for free. I know that Playdek, Inc. published both of those games, so I decided to do a little research and discovered that the company has put almost their entire line of games on sale for only $0.99 or free as part of their spring sale.

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Apple’s Second Quarter Analyst Call Scheduled for April 23 – Will iPad Sales Be Soft?

iPad AirToday, Apple announce the official date and time of the company’s second quarter results for 2014. Apple has been reporting record sales, year after year. However, analysts are betting that this quarter, iPad sales will be on the decline. We’ll find out for sure on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.

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