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Best Buy Now Selling iPad Mini for only $199

Best Buy iPad mini Sale

This morning, DigiTimes reported that Apple made an arrangement with Best Buy and Amazon to cut the price of the iPad mini. Upon further research, it appears that Amazon has dropped the price of the first generation model, as well as the iPad mini with Retina, by $50. Best Buy is offering $100 off of the first-generation iPad mini and the iPad mini with Retinal Display, WiFi + Cellular model.

According to DigitTimes, unnamed sources noted that Apple sold 16.4 million and 13.28 million tablets in the first and second quarter respectively. The sources believe that, in order to maintain tablet shipment status, Apple is encouraging a sale that might improve the numbers in the third quarter.

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Why Apple Rejects Apps: 11 Common Mistakes Developers Make When Submitting

rejected red square  stamp

Any developer has had an app rejected will tell you that the screening process is quite difficult. You never know how long it will take and you never know whether the reviewer will suddenly decide to reject your app. Apple recently published a new page on its Developer website to make things a bit easier with information on 11 of the most common reasons apps get rejected in the review process.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Share One Computer with Multiple Devices


In less than two weeks, Apple is going to (hopefully) unveil a new line of iOS devices, probably the new iPhone, and thousands of people are going to join the iOS ecosystem. If you are reading this, you are probably already an iPad owner and have an iTunes account on your desktop or laptop that you use to sync and backup your device.

If there is a new Apple member in your family, or will be in the coming weeks, that does not have a separate computer, you don’t have to force him or her to use your iTunes account. There is a way to set up separate accounts on one computer. You can even set parental restrictions for your children who have just recently talked you into buying them their first iPhone.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Madden NFL Mobile


The iPad is quickly becoming sporting gamers’ go-to device for all categories of athletic related fun. Whether you want to create the ultimate baseball team, soccer team, or blood bowl extravaganza, you can fulfill all of your fantasy team dreams right on your mobile device.

This week, EA Sports launched Madden NFL Mobile on iOS and it immediately made Apple’s hotlist for Editor’s Choice. Users can choose a franchise, pick players, and put their men to the test on the field in an exciting season of professional football.

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Evernote Unveils Mid-Century Themed Desk Accessories Designed by Eric Pfeiffer32

Evernote Pfeiffer Collection

Evernote is known for organizing our blogs, news articles, recipes, and notes. Everything you do on the Internet can be saved and categorized into a perfect storage system. The company has recently moved that idea out of the virtual world and into the real with a new line of desktop accessories to keep your gadgets and office supplies just as nicely arranged as your RSS feed.

The Pfeiffer Collection by Evernote is a specially made set of desktop accessories from Bay Area designer Eric Pfeiffer. The Slotted Cup, Catch-All Tray, and Tablet Dish will bring a touch of Eames to your workspace.

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Photoshop Mix for iPad Update Adds Requested Features Including Dropbox, Undo and Image Swapping

Photoshop Mix

This past June, Adobe launched a new line of creative software and accessories for the iPad to meet the needs of its consumer base. The Sketch, Line, and Photoshop Mix apps launched for free and give users a new way to draw, paint, and edit content on the iPad. Combined with Creative Cloud, users can save their projects safely in Adobe’s cloud-based storage and access them any time from any compatible device.

This week, Adobe updated its Photoshop Mix app with a bunch of new features that users were asking for from day one.

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Samsung’s Latest Commercial Pokes Fun at iPad’s Size

Samsung Tab S Commercial

I’m always disappointed when I see a commercial from a tech company putting down Apple products in an attempt to make their own seem better. In my opinion, if your product is good, it doesn’t need to be compared to anyone else’s. It will rise to the top on its own.

Samsung’s newest Apple bashing is just another ridiculous attempt to make its tablet seem better without going into any detail about what makes the Tab S special.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Retro ‘Tower Boxing’ Pays Homage to Rampage

Tower Boxing 1

One of my favorite arcade titles is Rampage from Midway Games. I played it regularly as a kid. Sweaty palms, bruised thumbs, and a belly full of soda pop got me through many an hour of mindless building bashing. Nothing can beat it.

Tower Boxing pays homage to the punching monster game of my youth with a similar Rampage-esque adventure. Players destroy buildings by punching them out, level by level, while trying to avoid being crushed by outcropping platforms.

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FlightDeck Turns Almost Any Vehicle Into A Smart Car

FlightDeck 1

Earlier this year, Apple officially announced CarPlay, which is an accessory that will be added to new cars that allows drivers to have access to a variety of iOS features, like phone calls, maps, and music. It is pretty awesome. However, not everyone is in the market for a brand new car. I’d love to be able to make a phone call in my 2001 Saab, but that can’t happen because Apple wasn’t even making iPhones that long ago.

Or can it?

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Groupon Offers $15 iTunes Code for $10

Groupon 2

Are you super excited about the new BioShock game that just launched on iOS, but don’t want to drop $15 on one game? Well, as if the fates were looking down on you, Groupon has a deal right now so you can purchase a $15 iTunes code for only $10.

Starting Thursday, Aug. 28 and ending Monday, Sept. 1, you can purchase one (and only one) code that can be redeemed in the iTunes, iBooks, or App Store for use on games, music, movies, books, and more. You can use it for content on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, and even Apple TV (Why not invest in some of those albums from artists performing at the iTunes Festival?).

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