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Funny Video Shows iPad Robot Stand Escaping from Conference Room Prison

Double iPad Robot Stand Escape

Practically everyone has wished secretly that they could escape from a boring meeting sitting in a stuffy conference room and roam free, even if it is just for a while. One determined remote iPad stand decided that enough was enough. Led by an even more determined remote user, the “little robot that could,” managed to escape his confines and ran around the rest of the building like a tiger fresh out of his cage.

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No CarPlay Support in your Car? No Problem, AppYourCar Can Fix That

AppYourCar 1

The average person is not likely to get a brand new car very often. Many of us are stuck with the same jalopy for decades, only to scrape together enough money to buy a used car instead of investing in something new. If your transportation situation sounds something like this, then chances are, you won’t be making use of AirPlay until years from now, when today’s new cars are sitting on a street corner with a sign in the window that reads, “For Sale.”

If you wish you could have hands-free control of your mobile device, but know that you won’t be buying a CarPlay vehicle anytime soon, the AppYourCar Bluetooth controller may be the solution.

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Rumor of the Day: Apple Turns to Samsung’s U.S. Plant to Make A9 Chip


Even though the next generation of processor chip is nearly a year from being needed, the design process probably began years ago. Each new generation of chip gets faster, smaller, and more efficient. The as-yet-unfinished A9 chip is next in line for Apple’s mobile devices. According to a new rumor, Samsung is charged with making it, and the company’s Austin, TX plant will be the manufacturing location.

The Electronic Times (ET) Online recently reported that Samsung has already begun production of the A9 chip, which is rumored to be built using 14 nanometer technology. Unnamed sources told ET Online that production supposedly began on Dec. 11 in Samsung’s Austin, TX plant.

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Felt Cards Updated With Storyframes Just in Time for the Holidays

Felt Cards

Felt Cards is a great app for sending a personalized greeting to friends and family when you just don’t have time to run to the store to buy one. Using handwriting tools, the app lets you scribe a note to someone so that the card looks like it was actually written with an ink pen instead of sent digitally. Then, the startup company prints out your card, complete with handwritten note, and mails it, with a real stamp, to the recipient, the old-fashioned way.

Last week, the company updated the Felt Card app with holiday themed photo cards that can be personalized with your own images. Then, you can scrawl your message on the back or front in your own handwriting. If you purchase credit packs, you will receive 30 percent off until Dec. 16.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider II 4

Only a year after Lara Croft won our hearts as the most awesome female action hero ever to appear in a video game, her second adventure, which ended up being even more successful than the original. In a short 12 months, gaming technology became so much more advanced that Lara had better moves, bigger landscapes, and much more action than ever before.

Last week, Square Enix launched a port of Tomb Raider II on iOS. For just a few dollars, you can continue the quest for riches and glory with everyone’s favorite braided bombshell.

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China Finally Getting LTE-Enabled iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3

iPad Air 2 iPad mini 3

The U.S. may have already had its fill of the new iPad line, which launched in late October, but China has not yet been able to get its hands on the cellular models. Considering the country is the fastest-growing bunch of tech consumers, it is good news for Apple that cellular supported iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 devices will be available starting this week.

The tablets will support TD-LTE and FDD-LTE standards, as well as TD-SCDMA, DC-HSDPA, HSPA+, and others, making it possible to travel to more countries around the world and still be able to connect to the Network.

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Will there be an Apple Watch for Valentine’s Day? Mass Production to Begin in January

12 Apple Watch Comm

This past September, Apple gave us a glimpse into the future with a detailed demonstration of what the newest trend in fashion will be. With a vague launch date of “early 2015” we’ve all been pacing the floor, hoping for some news of its official release. With nothing but rumors to go on, we’ve heard it might squeak by just in time for Valentine’s Day. We’ve also heard that we shouldn’t hold our breath for the lover’s holiday, but to expect it in the springtime instead.

With the possibility of manufacturing partners solving yield issues with components, the new rumor is that Apple will begin mass production of the watch in January. My heart’s desire may be waiting for me on Valentine’s Day after all.

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Ultimate Ears Launches New Limited Edition BOOM from ‘GIF-iti’ Artist INSA


INSA is a graffiti artist turned fine artist and designer from the U.K. that recently made waves in both the art and tech community for the way he merges the two with his “GIF-iti” style. INSA’s GIFs are made by painting an entire mural, over and over again, with slightly different positioning. Each version gets a snapshot that is then put together to form a moving picture of sorts. The resulting GIF-iti is then displayed for fans to see.

This week, Ultimate Ears, the music offshoot of Logitech, announced another limited edition version of the BOOM Bluetooth speaker. This version is outfitted with an INSA skin. The special edition is available today from Ultimate Ears for $199.99.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: 10-Minute DIY Felt iPad Sleeve


As the days tick by, we get closer and closer to Christmas. If you are anything like me, you’ve still got half a list of people to shop or make something for. If you just found out that your cousin is getting an iPad for Christmas and you want to make him something special for it, but don’t have a lot of time, we found the perfect project for you.

This iPad sleeve is so simple to make that you could have it done in 10 minutes. The finished product looks smart and will please any new iPad owner. If you happen to be a crafter, you may already have everything you need in your house.

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Get Ready for Your Holiday Party With iTunes Radio Christmas Stations

 iTunes Radio Holiday1

Around this time of the year, I start thinking about listening to holiday tunes. I don’t work at a retail store or in an office building that pipes Christmas music through the halls the first of November. So, I actually enjoy the classic sounds of “Jingle Bells,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” This morning, I decided to start the music listening tradition. It is only three weeks from the big day. I opened my Music app and was pleased to see that Apple was thinking the same thing.

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