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Apple Set to Release First Quarter 2014 Results

CNN Money Q1 2014 1Apple has just released information regarding their quarterly earnings call to be held today at 2:00 p.m. PT. During this conference call, Apple CEO, Tim Cook and CFO, Peter Oppenheimer are scheduled to report on sales of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch units for the first fiscal quarter of 2014, which just ended and includes the holiday shopping season.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Buy and Use Ringtones From iTunes

How to Ringtones 2As another week sneaks by, 2014 is in full swing and I’ve already broken at least two New Years resolutions. That’s O.K. I will keep working on it. One of my resolutions is to find out more about what my iPad is capable of. I do this for myself, so I can act like an expert to my family. But, I also do it for our readers. If my mom doesn’t know how to do something on her iPad, you can be sure I’ll talk about it in a future post. Last week, we showed you how to get Siri to check and read your email for you. Your productivity will increase significantly when you don’t have to put down your pen to check your messages.

This week, we are going to show you how to download ringtones from iTunes and set them as alerts for iMessages, mail, reminders, and more.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: In Fear I Trust

In Fear I Trust MainIt is time for another posting of our weekly installment of the App Store’s Editor’s Choice. Every Thursday, Apple publishes new lists, the App of The Week, and the Editor’s Choice. Oftentimes, there are multiple apps on the Editor’s Choice list, some for the iPhone and some for the iPad. Last week, one of the iPad app nods went to Storehouse. Have you told your story in photographs yet?

This week, Apple decided to get scary with a room escape game that will have you on the edge of your seat. We told you about the upcoming launch of In Fear I Trust last week. You might find yourself afraid of the dark if you let your guard down playing this game.

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BestBuy Cuts iPads Prices by $50 in Special Two-Day Promotion

Best Buy SaleWhy is Best Buy having a “Doorbuster” sale in the middle of January? I don’t know. However, I do know that the retail giant is offering a $50 discount on Apple’s iPad Air and $30 discount on the first-generation iPad mini. So, who cares why they are having a sale, anyway?

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Apple’s Mac Computer Turns 30 Today, What will the iPad Be Like in 30 Years?

MacintoshToday is a big day for Apple, Inc. As noted on the front page of the company’s website, today marks the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh computer. At the time, it was considered innovative, extraordinary, and no one realized the impact it would have over the next three decades. When Apple launched the iPad almost four years ago, it was considered innovative, extraordinary, and it begs the question of what kind of impact it will have on generations to come.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: 1984 Hockey

1984 Hockey 3Friday night is alright for fighting and its alright for playing video games, too. Well, maybe if you are a twenty-something college student, staying home on a Friday night just to play video games is not alright. But, pretty much everyone else is cool with it. Especially when said video game is retro, classic, or has been ported from decades ago. Every Friday, we delve into our repressed childhood to call up memories of our favorite games. Last week, we rekindled our love of classic Frogger with a newfound love of a redesigned version of the game, as well.

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Apple Makes Slew of Updates to Pages, Keynote, and Numbers

Pages 2Thursdays are known as “new app day” in the Apple community. It is the day when app makers all officially announce the launch of new titles. It is also a big day for app updates. Or, at least it was yesterday for Apple. The iPad maker launched big updates to its productivity line of iOS app. As a reminder, if you recently bought an iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are all free on Apple’s newest devices.

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Gaming Support Possibly Coming to Apple TV

Apple TV AirPlayWhen the second-generation of Apple TV first came out in 2010, it only had a handful of non-Apple channels. You could stream Netflix and YouTube, connect to Flickr, and a couple of others things. It was pretty bare bones upon launch. Over the past three and a half years, Apple has been adding more and more content to its “little hobby.” Before long, Apple TV might just be a replacement for cable boxes.

While a rumored fourth-generation Apple TV has still not seen the light of day, today, iLounge is reporting that the set-top box will be getting an updated that will allow Bluetooth controller support and its own App Store.

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Use the Force to Charge Your iPad

Darth Vader Charger 1Being that I am a rabid Star Wars fan, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spread the word about this geek-worthy USB charger. Sure, you could use a boring old wireless battery pack to charge your iPad when away from a traditional wall plug, but why would you when you can use Darth Vader’s lightsaber to do it?

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Beats Music Halts New Member Registration Due to Bugs Upon Launch

Beats Music 2Two days ago, Beats Music launched in the App Store. While it is not optimized for the iPad yet, it works just fine and the graphics quality is good enough for listening to music (see my screenshots in this post for reference). I have been able to successfully play hours of music from my iPad for the past two days. However, it was not without its issues.

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