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iOS Still Number One in Enterprise but Android is Gaining Market Share

 Good Technology Net Activation by Platform

A new report from Good Technology shows tablet use in Enterprise is growing significantly. Apple is still ahead of the game, but as new apps hit the market, making it possible for companies to bring mid-level tablets into the corporate environment, Android is gaining significant numbers across enterprise, making Apple’s work harder than ever.

Among the discoveries made by Good Technology in its Mobility Index Report, one observation is that the enterprise market is showing signs of spending shifts toward mobile applications and software management solutions for them. As quoted by a recent Forrester report, “At the end of the day, we may talk about mobile devices, but in reality it’s all about the apps.”

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Apple Discusses HealthKit with with Medical Professionals, Intends it to be Lynchpin in Mobile Healthcare


As the launch date for iOS 8 grows near, we are finding out more information about what this “HealthKit” thing is all about. Today, Reuters is reporting that Apple has been meeting with health providers at Mount Sinai, the Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins to discuss how to implement the software program across the medical industry.

According to Reuters, Apple hopes to make health data like blood pressure, pulse, and weight available to patients and doctors alike so they can view information in one place. Currently data is gathered separately by thousands of healthcare software programs, but isn’t centrally stored. Apple wants to be the storage facility for this information.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Make Your Audio Recording Clearer with the Mighty Mic Hands-on Review

Mighty Mic 1

I regularly record live video of bands that play in my hometown. I love capturing a song or two so that others will know what a great experience live music is. The problem is that the music I usually participate in is loud, very loud. Nearly every recording I make when I’m not using a special external microphone sounds overblown and distorted. Sometimes it is so loud that the music is unlistenable, which is unfortunate when the point is to give people something to listen to.

The Mighty Mic is an external microphone that makes audio just a little bit clearer and higher quality. Plus, the included windscreen is perfect for capturing memories on a windy day at the beach.

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Apple’s Next-Gen iPad Rumored to Have Anti-Reflection Coating

iPad Air 2

As the new product season begins, rumors have already started that suppliers have production underway on the next version of the iPad. The sixth-generation Apple tablet is supposedly on the line right now. According to unnamed sources speaking with Bloomberg News, the new iPad will feature anti-reflection coating.

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Mad Catz Launches ‘S.T.R.I.K.E.M’ Gaming Keyboard for Tablets

Mad Catz STRIKEM Keyboard 2

Accessory makers have gone to great lengths to make tablet keyboards that turn the iPad into a productivity workhorse, but the gaming industry is lagging when it comes to dedicated devices that help make video game play more convenient. Mad Catz is doing something about that. Not only is the company’s iPad friendly MFi controller nearly ready for release, but now Mad Catz’s S.T.R.I.K.EM, which features some dedicated gaming options, is now available for sale.

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Loop Case Lets You Hang Your iPad Practically Anywhere

Loop for iPad Air 1

No matter what mount or case or stand you have for your iPad, it is never universal enough to use everywhere. If you can strap it to the back of your car seat, you probably can’t display it on a tabletop. If you can mount it to a microphone stand, you probably can’t use it in the kitchen very conveniently. Loop by Mozzic hopes to change all of that. This case is designed to allow you to display your iPad Air in the perfect viewing angle just about anywhere, including under your kitchen cabinet, on the back of an airplane seat, or in the garage.

Loop is a multi-functional iPad Air case with one special feature – the integrated hanging system. A sturdy, retractable steel cable sits at the top of the case so you can pull it out and drape it over any knob, peg, or protrusion that will support it.

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Two More ‘Verses’ Get Added to Apple’s iPad Campaign

Your Verse 1

Apple’s “Your Verse” advertisement campaign is a huge hit. The company keeps churning out new chapters, showing of some of the amazing things the iPad has done for people of all walks of life. This time, Apple launched two Your Verse chapters at once. The first features electropop group Yaoband from China and the second spotlights the founder of Detroit bicycle group Slow Roll.

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Get a Glimpse Inside Apple’s Secretive Internal Training Program


Once a new hire makes it through the rigorous interview process to get a job at Apple, the real training begins. Not only that, but it goes on for as long as an employee wants to take advantage of the company’s in-house “Apple University” training courses.

Apple University was established by former CEO Steve Jobs in 2008 as a way to immerse employees in the culture of the company. Classes focus on the history of Apple. Classes aren’t required, but regularly fill up.

This week, the New York Times was able to get a rare interview with three Apple employees that were willing to talk about Apple University as long as their identity was not revealed. They describe the secretive training courses as a reflection of the image that Apple presents to the world. It is “meticulously planned, with polished presentations and a gleaming veneer that masks a great deal of effort.”

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Mikey Digital and Spark Digital From Blue Microphones Get Lightning Upgrade

Blue Microphones

Back in 2012, Blue Microphones launched a line of digital microphones that connect to your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, later that year, Apple changed its connector port from 30-pin to Lightning, making Blue’s Mikey and Spark Digital microphones incompatible with new generations of iOS devices.

Recently, Blue Microphones upgraded both digital mics for Apple products, so you can plug directly into your iPad 4, iPad Air, or iPad mini without needing a separate adaptor.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Sago Mini Friends

Sago Mini Friends 3

One very important lesson that young children should learn is how to share. Whether your little one is an only child or part of a big family, it isn’t easy to make sense of the concept of giving up something you want in order to let someone else have it. Even as grown-ups, we have a difficult time with that concept.

Sago Mini Friends is a children’s app that features adorable creatures that are also learning about sharing. Go on a play date with your favorite Sago Mini characters and find out just how fun having friends can be when you give a little.

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