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August Smart Lock Soon to be Available directly from Apple Store

August Smart Lock 2

When I go out of town, I have to ask a friend to stop by my house to take care of my cat. I know I’m not the only one passing keys around to whomever can help out. I’ve handed out house keys to so many people that I can’t even remember who has them anymore.

August Smart Lock is a HomeKit compatible deadbolt that electronically locks and unlocks your front door so that you can send a virtual key to anyone at any time. You don’t have to he home to let your out-of-town guest in. You don’t have to drop off your spare key to your friend before leaving town. You don’t have to worry about hiding a key under the mat, risking theft by a criminally minded opportunist.

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Apple Watch Faces Adoption Hurdles with Europeans

Europeans Smartwatch Survey

The security of Apple Pay is regularly questioned. The public is still reeling from the stolen celebrity iCloud-stored nude photos fiasco. Even as government officials are calling Apple’s mobile operating system “too secure,” it is an uphill battle for the tech giant to convince the world that their data is safe. Today, market research firm GfK released a report showing that the Apple Watch may not be a big hit in Europe mainly due to the fact that consumers aren’t interested in using a mobile device to pay for goods and services.

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New iPads Drive Revenue Growth for Component Manufactures

Casetek Holdings

You might say that the Apple ecosystem contributes to a worldwide improvement in the economy (although Finland’s prime minister would say different) since there are so many ways in which companies around the globe see the financial benefits of working with the iPad maker. Today, DigiTimes is reporting September revenue growth directly relating to orders from Apple for components for the next generation of iPad.

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Skype Launches Video Messaging App Qik

Skype Qik 5

I regularly Skype with my uncle, my nephew, and my friend that lives in Japan. It is fairly easy to ring up my nephew at any time. My uncle has a weekly calling schedule. My friend in Japan, however, is usually asleep when I’m ready to talk, so video calling can be a bit of a problem. Skype just launched a new video messaging app so you can send a clip to your friend without having to be in touch with them in real time.

The idea behind the creation of Skype Qik is that not everyone wants to, or is able to participate in a video call in real time. Sometimes, you just want to send a clip of friends that got together for dinner saying “hi” to a sick buddy, or get video of a celebrity that you know your mom would be screaming at if she saw in real life.

With Skype Qik, you can capture and share a moment with a group of friends and family without having to be there at that moment.

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New Info Suggests Next-Gen iPad mini Will Be Ready For Thursday’s Media Event

iPad Air and iPad mini

Apple’s next media event is only a few days away. Traditionally, the October gathering involves all-things iPad. Many rumors have bubbled to the surface involving the second-generation iPad Air, including claims that the tablet will feature 2GB of RAM. However, most of the buzz surrounding the iPad mini with Retina display involves its refresh being postponed until sometime in 2015.

A new report from Mac Otakara claims that the next-generation iPad mini will indeed be ready for launch this Thursday, Oct. 16.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Create App-Specific Passwords for Two-Step Authentication

my apple id logo

Last week, Apple sent out an email reminder to everyone using two-step authentication that third-party apps that use iCloud data require app-specific passwords. If you have recently received notification in certain apps, like Outlook, Mozilla, or BusyCal, that your iCloud account isn’t authorized, the problem may be that you will need to set up an app-specific password in order to log in.

We’ve got a quick tutorial to explain how to generate an app-specific password for these third-party apps that require it.

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GT Advanced Technology Wants Out of ‘Oppressive’ Agreement with Apple

GT Advanced sapphire

As information surrounding the recent bankruptcy filing of Apple’s sapphire glass supplier, GT Advanced Technology (GTAT), continue to unravel, things get more and more unusual. Recent court filings supplied by MacRumors show that the company is requesting to make null and void all existing agreements it has with Apple relating to sapphire production operations.

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iOS 8’s Autocomplete Writes Lyrics for Song-A-Day Musician Jonathan Mann

Jonathan Man

One of the first things I did after downloading iOS 8 was repeatedly tap the predictive word suggestions offered by my keyboard. It was pretty funny. Most of my sentences started with “I love you,” but would quickly deteriorate into a confusingly hilarious bit of text.

Musician Jonathan Mann appears to have had the same idea. Only he actually turned the autocomplete nonsense into a pop song that is kind of catchy. The four-minute video shows a finger tapping away at the predictive word suggestions over and over. Mann sings the resulting run-on sentences in a Beck-like pop tune.

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Finnish Prime Minister Blames iPad and iPhone for Ruining Economy

The world should be patting itself on the back for reducing paper waste. Since the advent of the iPad and other tablets, people just don’t use paper for nearly as much as they used to. This may be good for the trees, but it is not particularly good for Finland, as papermaking is one of the company’s largest industries.

Standard & Poor recently downgraded Finland’s sovereign debt from AAA to AA+, which prompted the country’s prime minister, Alexander Stubb, to blame Apple for the downgrade.

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Supposed iPad Air 2 Components Appear as Apple Event Nears


Over the weekend, new images surfaced of what claims to be components for the next generation of iPad Air, due to be unveiled this Thursday. The images show evidence of a logic board with the A8X chip, Home button flex cable with Touch ID compatibility, front panel, and volume control flex cable.

The front panel in this series of leaked images does not appear to be significantly different than the iPad Air, but it does include cutouts for Touch ID, which supports the many rumors that Apple’s tablet line-up will include the feature.

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