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Apple Makes iPhone More Secure, Police Claim it is now the Tool of Choice for Criminals

iOS 8

To add to the poor publicity Apple has been dealing with for the past week, Chicago Police’s chief of detectives is speculating that Apple’s new extra-secure mobile operating system, iOS 8, is like a magnet for pedophiles. First people are accusing Apple of collaborating with the NSA to give away user information. Now people are complaining because iOS 8 is too secure. This company can’t seem to get a break.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Speedball 2 Evolution

Speedball 2 3

In the late 1980s, cyberpunk was all the rage. Movies like RoboCop, The Running Man, and Total Recall graced the big screen. Around that same time, a sports-based video game called Speedball made its way onto gaming consoles. The game takes parts of ice hockey and handball and mixes it with hand-to-hand combat against opposing teams.

Speedball 2 Evolution is an iOS version of the popular sequel, which originally launched in 1990. Players can dive into a full career campaign season or spend a few minutes on a quick match.

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Create Your Own Galaxy on the iPad with Intersteller

 Intersteller 5

Christopher Nolan’s next blockbuster hit, “Intersteller,” is set to hit the big screen on Nov. 7. To get fans excited about the sci-fi adventure, Paramount has just released a simulation game that lets players create and customize an entire galaxy.

Intersteller (the game) is a multi mode adventure that lets players create any type of solar system with dozens of different options. Plus, you can head out into the greater galaxies to explore the known and unknown universe. Collect research data from other players’ solar systems, stay on course to avoid black holes, and upgrade your ship to reach further into space.

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Apple to Replace Bent iPhone 6 Plus Phones that Pass ‘Visual Manual Inspection’ Test

Photo Courtesy of Hanzoh Via MacRumors

Photo Courtesy of Hanzoh Via MacRumors

Earlier this week, word began to spread that some iPhone 6 Plus owners were experiencing issues with the durability of their device. We’re not talking about crushing it with a sledgehammer, dropping it from six feet up, or even putting it through a blender. Apparently, some iPhone 6 Plus have noticed that their devices have bent from such sedentary activities as sitting.

Apple has suffered a number of setbacks since Sept. 9, when the company’s live stream of the media event where the iPhone 6 was unveiled performed poorly. On the day that preorders were supposed to be available, Apple’s own online store was down for the first 20 minutes. Then, yesterday’s update to iOS 8.0.1 disabled iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cellular service.

So, it is no surprise that Apple is making good on replacement for bent iPhone 6 Plus devices, even though it is 100 percent user fault. They are treading water in a pot that is verging on boiling over. Good PR is the company’s best medicine right now. Read More »

Apple May Bring Back the ‘X’ Model Processor Chip for the iPad Pro


We are only a few weeks away from finding out whether Apple will hold a second media event to unveil the next generation of iPad. Leading up to what will most likely happen on Oct. 21, we are going to hear a lot of rumors about what to expect. Although not expected until early 2015, Apple may unveil a 12.9-inch so-called iPad Pro. To support the claims that Apple is making a larger sized tablet, TechNews is reporting that it will feature a beefed up version of the new iPhone 6’s A8 processor chip.

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Apple Releases Instructions to Uninstall iOS 8.0.1 After Major Bug, Fix is in the Works

261 Touch ID

Yesterday, Apple released an update to iOS 8 intended to squash some bugs, including HealthKit apps, third-party keyboard issues, and missing photos from the iPhoto app. Within minutes of the download going live, Twitter was buzzing with news that the update disabled cellular networks and broke Touch ID on a variety of devices.

Apple pulled the update shortly thereafter. However, hundreds of people had already finished the update and were now holding a useless device in their hands. Last night, Apple posted a support document, explaining how to downgrade back to iOS 8 and promising a new update within the next few days.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: From the Makers of Gestrument Comes ScaleGen

ScaleGen 1

Musical app maker Jesper Nordin is redefining what you can do with sound, one app at a time. His first app, Gestrument, allows users to create complex melodies simply by dragging their finger across the screen. Now, the same app developer has created a scale editor that allows you to customize scales with incredible detail and you don’t even need to know how to play an instrument to use it.

ScaleGen is a scale generator that gives the user nearly endless possibilities in turning scales into new and unique sounds. It includes traditional Western scales, as well as Asian and Indian scaling notation. Plus, there are new scales that experimental artists can use to turn the audio world upside-down.

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Apple Pulls iOS 8.0.1 Due to Devices Losing Cellular Service and Touch ID

iOS 8.0.1

This morning, Apple released an update to iOS 8 that is expected to fix a number of bugs that were found within the past week. However, within minutes, it became apparent that the download included some serious issues.

First noticed by a number of Apple users on Twitter, iOS 8.0.1 appears to cause some to lose their cellular service. Where you might normally see the 3G or 4G icon, you would instead see “No Service.”

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Apple Watch May Be Ready Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

Apple Watch

The tech world was pretty sure Apple would unveil its new wearable technology on Sept. 9 during the company’s media event. What was actually more of a surprise was finding out that the Apple Watch would not be ready until some indeterminate date in “early 2015.” No holiday sales?

According to The Information, even Apple employees and partners were under the impression the Watch would be on store shelves ahead of the Christmas rush. Apparently, “complications with the project” forced Apple to push back the launch date, leaving it’s official release date open-ended.

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President Obama Caught Eying New iPhone 6 During UN Visit

Barack Obama

Earlier this week, U.S. President Barack Obama met with world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly. In the midst with the hubbub surrounding the Country’s actions against the Islamic State, Obama was seen checking out Bahrain’s ambassador’s new iPhone 6.

According to the New York Times, during the UN meet-up, Obama spotted the iPhone 6 in the hands of the ambassador and asked whether his phone was “the new 6,” to which the representative confirmed that it was.

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