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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: iPad Composition Notebook Cover

DIY iPad Composition Notebook Cover 1

School is back in session for most districts. In honor of our readers who are toting around a backpack full of textbooks, pencil cases, and scientific calculators, we have a do-it-yourself (DIY) project for an iPad cover that will fit nicely with the rest of your back-to-school gear.

This project on Lil Blue Boo for a composition notebook iPad cover is actually three years old, but it fits perfectly for the back-to-school theme. The original measurements are for the iPad 2, but you can update it to fit whichever model tablet you have.

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Apple’s Tim Cook Sees Recent Decline in iPad Sales as ‘Just a Speed Bump’

iPad Air

If you hear the way financial analysts talk, the iPad is just about to crash-and-burn and our landfills will be piled with tablets within the decade. Sales of the iPad have declined significantly in the past year. Research firm IDC determined that Apple captured only 26.9 percent of the market share in the third quarter of 2014, a nine percent decline from a year ago.

That does not mean the death toll for the iPad, though. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently told Re/code in an interview that sales slumps are nothing new in the tech world. “I’d call what’s going on recently a speed bump, and I’ve seen that in every category.”

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Apple TV Gets Updated iTunes Festival Channel, Plus Premium ‘Showtime Anytime’ With Limited Free Content

iTunes Festival Apple TV

It appears that Apple has finalized the line-up for this year’s iTunes Festival starting on Sept. 1. Along with the full schedule, the company has updated and relaunched the iTunes Festival channel on Apple TV, complete with information on bands, the Roadhouse, and performance dates.

At the same time, Showtime’s on-demand viewing program finally showed up on hour Apple TV Home screen. Not only can subscribers watch their favorite shows whenever they like without having to mirror it from their iPad, but non-subscribers can get a taste of the action with a handful of free full episodes that don’t require any kind of account sign-in.

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Larger 12.9″ iPad Pro Slated for Early 2015 Release

iPad Pro

The rumors of a 13-inch iPad have almost gone the way of the dinosaur. Recent leaks have turned up a plethora of iPad images showing Apple ID, recessed buttons, and a slightly thinner design. However, none of them have been larger than 10-inches.

Today, however, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on a larger tablet, so-called “iPad Pro,” that will be ready for launch in early 2015.

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Instagram’s New Video App ‘Hyperlapse’ Makes Fluid Motion Time-lapse Mini Movies

Hyperlapse 5

Instagram is known for one thing, Instagram. The social networking photography service is the most popular of its kind and has been since it started. However, The development team behind the app has never seemed interested in expanding its options, until now.

Today, Instagram, Inc. launched a brand new video capturing app, Hyperlapse from Instagram, that takes time-lapse shots and stitches them together so they appear to be more like a smoothly filmed clip in fast-motion.

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Ralph Lauren Smart Tech T-Shirt May Be An Example of What Can Be Connected With iWatch

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech 1

This week, fashion design guru Ralph Lauren began testing its new line of smart apparel at the U.S. Open. A handful of participants were outfitted with the company’s “Polo Tech” sporting shirt, which features sensors woven into the material to read health and fitness data of the wearer.

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Google Completes Productivity Suite with Slides, Updates Docs and Sheets with New Features

Google Apps

Google offers a fairly robust document-editing program that is free to anyone with a Gmail account, which is practically everyone these days. The company has already launched two productivity apps for iOS, Docs, which is like Word or Pages, and Sheets, which is like Excel or Numbers. Today, Google has rounded out its line of productivity apps with the new Slides app, which is similar to PowerPoint or Keynote.

Additionally, Google has updated the other two apps with features that allow you to sync with all Google documents, edit offline, and work on Office files without having to convert them first.

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Atom Run Goes Free as App Store’s Free App of the Week

Atom Run 1

Every week, Apple collaborates with a developer to drop the price of a title to free in exchange for a spotlight on the front page of the App Store. This week, Fingerlab games made the sacrifice so that we could have the joy of controlling Atom Run for free.

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TSMC Reportedly Working on A9 Chip for Future Generation iPad and iPhone Devices


Will they? Won’t they? The question continues. Apple has been rumored to be working with Samsung on the A9 processor chip since at least 2013. Even amidst many rumors and speculations that imply Apple has dumped Samsung for the chip-making business, new information points to a continued relationship between the two. Just last month, we heard that Samsung would be making the A9 chip at a manufacturing plant in the U.S., due out in 2015.

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Tickle Will Teach Your Little Ones How To Code, As Easy as Playing With LEGOs

Tickle 2

When I was growing up, it would have been unheard of to think that children could learn how to code computer games. Only anomalies like D.A.R.Y.L. could be capable of such advanced technological knowledge at an early age. It is hard to believe that, within my short lifetime, we’ve gone from computers that take up entire rooms to ones that fit in your pocket. It is also hard to believe that my six-year-old nephew could be more knowledgeable about coding than me.

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