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Belkin Launches MFi-Certified iPad Accessories for Education

Belkin Secure Wired iPad KeyboardJust on the heels of Apple’s recent update to iOS, which included major changes for large-scale deployment of iPads through its redesigned mobile device management (MDM) service, Belkin just announced the launch of an MDM solution to help schools securely deploy and support tablets and Chromebooks with ease through its Secure and Charge tablet charging dock. Additionally, the accessory maker has just received MFi certification for its Secure Wired Keyboard for iPad design. So educators can offer a more productive way of using the iPad in school.

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Apple Retires iPad 2, Replaces it with Updated $399 Fourth Gen iPad

iPad with RetinaWhen Apple launched the first ever tablet with Retina display, the company reduced the price of the iPad 2 in order to have a low cost model for those who were not willing or able to pay full price. Three generations of iPads later (not to mention the iPad mini), Apple was still selling the iPad 2 for $399. At this point, the iPad mini with Retina display costs the same price as that outdated second-generation Apple tablet.

Today, Apple has finally decided to put the iPad 2 out to pasture. The company now offers the fourth generation iPad with Retina display for the incredibly low price of $399.

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Surgeon Simulator Hits the App Store, Now Where Did I Put That Drill… Oops

Surgeon Simulator 1In January, Bossa Studios leaked a very vague trailer for a version of their hit game Surgeon Simulator to launch on the iPad. At the time, we thought it was some kind of dentist spinoff. We were sort of right. Last week, Surgeon Simulator Touch launched on the iPad. The original game that spawned a million gameplay videos now includes dental and optical surgery. Don’t forget your scalpel (and coffee mug, and transistor radio, and… beer bottle?).

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Asphalt 8 to be the First Every Mobile Game With Twitch Live Stream Functionality

Asphalt-8-Twitch-streamingGameloft’s hugely popular racing franchise is on the way to becoming the most innovative series of games for mobile devices around. The company announced the upcoming launch of a third major update to Asphalt 8: Airborne that will add a brand new racing area, brand new cars, and the ability to stream your gameplay live over Twitch.

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The Future is Here, iRobot Ready to Ship Ava the mobile iPad Robot

Ava 500 1More than three years ago, tech gadget company iRobot made a remote mobile stand for the iPad that could move around a room, making it possible for users to interact more realistically in teleconference type situations. At the time, the Ava (short for “avatar”) was little more than an idea and a prototype. Today, the company that created the Roomba is ready to ship their next big gadget.

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Apple’s Jony Ive Opens Up about His Relationship With Steve Jobs and the Future of Apple

jony-ive-10-20-09Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design Johnathan Ive recently spoke with Time in a very rare in-depth interview. Last year, the name Jony Ive became synonymous with iOS 7 as the design chief headed the department that stripped iOS of its skeuomorphic theme and replaced it with the flatter, brighter design we see today. The Time interview features insight into Ive’s history with Apple, his passion for innovation, and just how important his role was in turning a dying company into a $665 billion powerhouse.

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Rovio Unveils All New Fantasy RPG Game ‘Angry Birds Epic’ for iPad and iPhone

AB-Epic-quarter-1024The Angry Birds franchise is probably the biggest game title since Mario Brothers. Ask anyone with an iPhone or iPad (or an Android device, for that matter) and they will probably admit to at least having played the game once or twice. Today, the franchise’s creator, Rovio, announced yet another addition to the family of birds and pigs. Only this time, there are no catapults and flinging fowl. This time, the adventure is “Epic.”

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Forward and Delete iMessages in iOS 7

How to Forward iMessages 4Here is a real-life situation that happens to me at least once per month. I’ll get a text message from a booker, asking if my band can play some show. I have to ask my band mates first, before confirming. So, I’ll send a message to the guys. They always ask, who else is playing, what time, what venue, etc. Instead of typing every detail of a SMS from someone, you could copy and past a text bubble. Or, you could forward messages with just a few taps.

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Reuters Reports Microsoft Already Has Full Version of Office for iPad Waiting in the Wings

MS OfficeThe world is getting tired of waiting for Microsoft to make Office widely available on mobile devices. At least, that is what Reuters is saying. The go-to news organization recently reported that young companies are done hoping for Microsoft to make its productivity apps for tablets and smartphones, so they are moving onto something they can use now. Apparently, the Office maker actually has a full version of the productivity suite in-house, but is waiting to launch it publicly.

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Sega Announces New ‘Crazy Taxi: Rush’ Exclusive Mobile Game

Crazy Taxi Rush 2Crazy Taxi is one of those games I played religiously in the late 1990s. I’d come home from work, turn on my Dreamcast and veg out for hours, picking up fares and collecting tips. The iOS version is a direct port of the original game with a few additional iOS treats. Today, Sega announced the upcoming launch of a brand new version of Crazy Taxi by the same guy that created the original game.

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