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Top Tip: How to keep your iPad Safe from Phishing Scams

Phishing Email 3It turns out the email was legit, but it reminded me of how difficult it can be at times to tell when you’ve received a phishing email. So, I’ve got a few suggestions for how to identify fake email addresses and web links within an email that you receive.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Tablet Case Designed by Hypernoodle


We’ve got about three weeks to finish all of our home decoration crafts and our handmade gifts before Christmas comes knocking on our doors. If you have big plans, but lack the ideas to get started, we found a great sewing project so you can make a beautiful sleeve for someone’s iPad.

A particularly interesting note about this project is that the original pattern came from Etsy seller Hypernoodle. Not only is this project handmade, but it comes from the DIY crafting community, as well. So, if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can add this project to your weekend project list.

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MamaRoo Lets You Control Baby’s Comfort from your iPad or iPhone

MamaRoo 3

As much as every mom loves to rock their baby to comfort them, it isn’t always easy to cook dinner, clean house, or take care of monthly bills while bouncing little Johnny to sleep. That’s why baby seats are a nice distraction for busy parents. There are so many baby seats out there that manufacturers have even mastered the electric seat. They swing on their own, vibrate to make toys giggle, and play calming music.

The MamaRoo is one such baby seat, only it sways instead of swinging. Oh, and you can control it from your iPad or iPhone, so you don’t even have to stop washing dishes in order to coo your tiny human back to sleep.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to add a Credit Card to Safari Keychain using the iPad Camera

How To Scan Credit Card iOS 8

When I first started storing my credit card information in Safari Keychain, it was such a daunting task to fill out all of the information for each and every card. Numbers, expiration dates, names. It goes on forever. Plus, if you make a mistake when typing in a card number you’ve got to start all over again.

With iOS 8, Apple made it possible for you to add new card numbers to Safari Keychain just by scanning your physical credit card. We’ve got a tutorial that explains the steps to adding credit cards with your iPad’s camera on iOS 8 today.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen5

The Toca Boca team is back with another fun and educational app for kids. This time, it’s all about food. The original Toca Kitchen was so fun that the creators decided that there needed to be more, more, more.

Toca Kitchen 2 stars your favorite townsfolk in another yummy adventure. Players can play pretend chef and cook all manner of delectable treats for their Toca friends. Never thought to mix fish with jelly? Well, now is your chance to see if anyone would like it.

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App Store Shows Signs of Holiday Discounts, Big Name Apps and Games Hugely Discounted

Halfbrick Studio Holiday Sale

It’s time. The start of the major app and game discount season has begun. Every year, developers drastically drop the price of their most popular titles in order to get on the top downloads list. Apple closes up shop for the holidays and, if an app or game works its way to the top of the Top Paid apps list right beforehand, those titles stay on top until Apple comes back from holiday break.

It’s a clever marketing campaign that we, as consumers, get to take advantage of. So, if there are any games you’ve wanted all year long, but held off because they were too expensive, check out what we’ve found so far and see if the price is right today.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest III 5

Square Enix is making our holiday dreams come true with the release of all three Dragon Quest titles. First, the original launched in September. Then, October saw the release of the sequel. This month, we get to add the third and final installment of the Erdrick’s Legend storyline.

Dragon Quest III: Seeds of Salvation, which first launched in 1988, finishes with the story of the Hero of our adventure. This time, you must save the world from the dangerous Demon Lord Baramos with your party of brave heroes.

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Apple Spotlights the True Story Behind ‘The Song’

Voice O Graph

Earlier this week, Apple released its heartstrings-pulling holiday commercial that put music in the spotlight. In the commercial, a young woman comes across an old audio recording that her grandmother put on vinyl in the early 1950s. The young woman digitizes the recording and creates a new duet track in GarageBand. She then gives the new song to her grandmother as a gift via an iPad mini. It is a tearjerker.

Today, Apple added a footnote to that commercial in the form of a two-and-a-half minute behind-the-scenes documentary. In a few short minutes, we learn more about the Voice-O-Graph, the young woman who discovers the recording, and the singer that performed “Love is Hear to Stay” for Apple’s commercial, “The Song.”

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FitStar Yoga Launches on iPad, iPhone Ahead of New Year’s Resolution Season

FitStar Yoga_iPad_nobanner_1

This is a true story. During the summer, I woke up with sore muscles and a stiff back (I blamed the “bang-over”). I thought about trying out yoga and wondered if there were any apps for that. Literally that same day, FitStar announced it was developing a yoga-based fitness app. So, I used that as an excuse to not start practicing yoga. I decided to wait for the FitStar app to come out.

Well, today, my excuses have run out. FitStar just officially launched its yoga app on iOS. The app stars international yoga expert Tara Stiles. You can now stretch your self into shape right on your iPad with customized video routines for trainees of all experience levels.

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Oceanhorn Creator Giving Away iPad Air 2 in Fan Art Contest

Oceanhorn Fan Art Contest

Oceanhorn just received a major update with improved graphics and support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. To celebrate the incredible ultra graphics update and a one-year anniversary, the company behind the Zelda-like adventure game has launched a fan art contest. Between now and Jan. 10, submit your Oceanhorn fan art for a chance to win an iPad Air 2.

The major graphics update to version 2.5 includes “refined graphics with four times the polygon count for pristine XXL picture quality, ambient occlusion, improved lighting effects, and 60fps performance.

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