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The Gamers’ Guide to iPad Games Fishes Out the Best Titles for Gamers

Gamers Guide to iPad Games 4

Since the development of mobile devices, and more specifically, the iPhone, gaming culture has changed significantly. People that used to call themselves “gamers” were a very small and passionate community that dedicated much of their waking hours playing video games.

With the popularity of mobile games, so came the popularity of casual games. In turn, many, many more people associated themselves with the gamer community.

When the iPad first launched, it was also considered to be little more than a mobile device dedicated to casual games. However, since the launch of the iPad Air and its 64-bit architecture, tablet games have really begun to push the boundaries of what is possible on mobile devices and gamer games are becoming popular again.

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iOS 8 Now On Half of All Apple Mobile Devices

iOS 8 Adoption Sept - Oct

After Oct. 20, when Apple updated its mobile operating system to 8.1, iOS saw a spike in adoption. Thanks to such things as Continuity, iCloud Drive, iPhoto Library, and Apple Pay, users were ready to update. According to Apple’s developer webpage, since Oct. 5, has increased by five percent and passed the halfway mark to 52 percent. While still not as quickly adopted as iOS 7, Apple’s newest operating system is gaining steam.

Early adoption reports of iOS 8 showed that software download was at a crawl. Shortly after the launch, 46 percent of devices were running iOS 8, but that number only grew by one percent in the next three weeks.

Around the same time last year, when iOS 7 had been available for about a month, Apple reported that 64 percent of iOS devices were running the software. This year’s numbers are proving to be slower than before.

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Logitech Launches Keys-to-Go iPad Portable Keyboard, Updates Cases for iPad Air 2


I love using an external keyboard to type with my iPad. It really enhances my productivity on the touch screen device. Personally, my favorite keyboard case is Logitech’s FabricSkin Keyboard Folio, but some people may not necessarily want to hide their iPad Air inside a case. Or, they may want a keyboard that will work with all different models of iPad.

Today, Logitech announced the Keys-To-Go keyboard, which is a standalone ultra slim keyboard that is as small as the tablet, but doesn’t require you to have a specific model (or even an iPad, for that matter). It is 9.53 inches wide, 5.39 inches high, a quarter-of-an-inch thick, and weighs only 6.35 ounces.

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Best Apps to Help You Celebrate Halloween


As the spookiest holiday of the year inches near, it is time to get your costume together, plan your scary movie list, and fill your belly with candy. To help you get in the mood for carving pumpkins, we’ve got a list of some of our favorite apps and games that feature Halloween themes or scary content.

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Why CVS and Rite Aid Banned Apple Pay in Stores

11 Apple Pay3

Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that both Rite Aid and CVS had disabled their near-field communication payment systems in order to stop customers from using Apple Pay. An internal memo to Rite Aid revealed that the company was already working on a different mobile payment option in collaboration with a group of retailers through the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX).

Today, the New York Times explained the situation a bit further. It turns out that companies like Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, and Target all signed a contract as far back as 2012 stating that they would not accept competing mobile payment products or they would incur heavy fines.

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Apple Pledges iPad for Every Student in 114 Schools Through ConnectEd Initiative

ConnectED Innitiative

In February of this year, U.S. President Barack Obama announced his efforts to bring under-performing schools into the 21st century through a new technology program called ConnectED. At the time, Apple, as well as Microsoft, AT&T, and others pledged to participate in the program with millions of dollars in hardware, software, and services.

Today, Apple added a special page to its website dedicated to the ConnectED initiative, which includes information on how the company plans to help the poorest schools in the nation.

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Turn your iPad Air into a Home Theater with the Amp Case

Amp Speaker Case for iPad Air 1

When it comes to watching movies on an iPad, the audio is sorely lacking. There are hundreds of speaker options available to help enhance your listening experience, but that usually requires bringing along additional accessories when you travel.

The Amp iPad Air case by OIO hopes to help alleviate that problem. It is a Bluetooth dual-speaker system that folds up nicely into a protective case so you can watch movies on your tablet without having to remember to bring the speakers with you.

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FitStar Now Connects Data to Health App, Syncs with iPad

FitStar 1

FitStar Personal Trainer gives iPad owners the opportunity to get daily workout help from the likes of Tony Gonzalez with dozens of customizable programs to help you get fit. The company recently updated their app to be compatible with Apple’s Health app. Now, all of your workouts and calorie counts can be integrated into one, easy-to-read tracking program. Even though the Health app is only available on the iPhone, your activities will be synced to your iPad so you can see your Fitstar data right away.

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New Research Shows iPad Air 2 is Three Times Less Reflective Than Competing Tablets

iPad Air 2 iPad mini 3

When Apple announced the new iPad Air 2 earlier this month, all eyes were on the fact that the tablet now sports 2GB of RAM and the fastest processor chip around. Apple did mention that the tablet’s screen now has an anti-reflective coat, which makes it 50 percent less reflective than the iPad Air. According to DisplayMate, not only is the new tablet even less reflective than that, it is also three times better than any competing tablet on the market in terms of glare.

I can still remember when the iPad first came out. In 2010, Amazon had the leading e-reader on the market. Although the two devices were in separate categories, Amazon kept comparing its e-reader to the iPad. One of the features Amazon touted in its comparison was that users did not experience the reflection glare on the Kindle that iPad owners did, which was true at the time.

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Rite Aid and CVS Disable Apple Pay at In-Store Payment Systems Nationwide

11 Apple Pay2

Last Monday, Apple launched its mobile payment service for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices across the US. Apple Pay might be the first successful service of its kind thanks to its security and convenience. However, some companies don’t want to be on board with Apple’s new near-field-communication payment options.

Over the weekend, both Rite Aide and CVS actually went so far as to disable Apple Pay on their payment systems, even though it was previously usable on their NFC devices.

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