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Smite Hordes of Heathen Peons in Fury of the Gods – iPad Game Review

furyofthegodsI don’t know what it is about playing master of the universe, but games where players take on the role of an overlord are always exceptionally popular. Remember Black and White? Countless people loved serving up natural disasters and ordering their creatures to devour pious peasants (myself included).

Pocket God, the iOS game that puts you in control of the fate of an endless stream of Island Villagers, was also exceptionally well received. Based on the success of games like those, Fury of the Gods already has a dedicated fan base out there, as a game that casts players in the role of a vengeful god. Read More »

Free Trapped Animals and Slay Enemies In Endless Runner Mini Ninja – iPad Game Review

minininjasMini Ninjas is a super fun dojo-themed endless runner that’s fast-paced, challenging, and addictive. One of my favorite endless running games is FANTASYxRUNNERs, and Mini Ninjas highly reminds me of that app. Not only are you running and jumping to avoid obstacles, you’re also attacking to slaughter your enemies.

This game sucked me in right from the beginning thanks to the impressive 3D graphics and the authentic dojo environment. The main ninja character is adorably cute, as are the other characters that can be unlocked.

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Deal Alert: Refurbished iPad Mini and Fourth Generation iPads Now Available from Apple

refurbApple’s iPad mini and fourth generation iPad were released five months ago in October, and today the two tablets finally began showing up at a discounted price in the refurbished section of Apple’s online store.

Apple often offers products that have been returned for repairs at a significant price cut, after the products have been both fixed and refinished. The mini and the fourth generation iPad can be purchased for a six to 10 percent discount.

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Google Updates YouTube Capture App, Adds Support for iPad and iPad Mini

googlecaptureGoogle’s YouTube Capture app was originally launched for the iPhone in December of last year, and now it’s available for both the iPad and the iPad mini too. The app is designed to allow users to record videos from their devices and then upload them instantly to YouTube.

In addition to recording capabilities, the app also offers quick and simple video editing. Stabilization is built in, so your videos will be less prone to shaking, which improves the quality.

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CBS Introduces Streaming of Full Episodes with New iPad and iPhone App

cbsWhile many networks like NBC have long had dedicated apps that allow iPhone and iPad users to watch full length television shows on their devices, CBS has always lagged behind, much to the disappointment of fans.

At long last, CBS has launched a new app that is designed to offer full length episodes of primetime CBS shows, such as NCIS, The Good Wife, CSI, How I Met Your Mother, and The Late Show With David Letterman, among others.

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Ambify for Philips Hue System Sets Your Lighting to Music

ambifyI have had a Philips Hue since December, and it is without a doubt one of the best Apple accessories that I own. If you’re not familiar with it, Hue is a Wi-Fi-based lighting system that can be controlled with your iPhone or iPad, adjusting your lights to any color of the rainbow.

The included Philips app, while decent, barely scratches the surface of what the Hue is capable of, so it has been great  to see a few fantastic apps that use the Hue trickle out. Ambify, which was released this week, is one of those impressive Hue apps that show what the Hue bulbs are capable of doing.

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Wacky App Wednesday: Play with Virtual Animals in Christoph Neimann’s Petting Zoo

pettingzooWelcome to another edition of Wacky App Wednesday, where I share some of the craziest, wackiest, and most awesome apps in the App Store. Last week I shared silly 20 questions app Akinator the Genie, and this week I have another zany app for you guys, Christoph Niemann’s Petting Zoo.

Petting Zoo, which is an interactive picture book, is actually a wacky app that I’ve picked out for our littlest readers. That’s right, it’s a cute and quirky app designed for kids (but don’t worry – mom and dad will have fun with this one too).

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Australian Carrier Qantas Rolling Out Apple iPads for In-Flight Entertainment

qantas-airlines-to-offer-ipad-for-in-flight-entertainment_1Australian air carrier Qantas announced today that it plans to use Apple’s iPads as in-flight entertainment options, giving passengers on flights access to more than 200 hours of selected movies, music, and television.

Qantas began trialling the iPad as an in-flight entertainment device back in the fall of 2011, using the tablet on a single Boeing 767–300. Every passenger that flew on the plane was given an iPad 2 that offered Qantas’ Q Streaming system, serving up all kinds of content.

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Collect Monsters and Battle with Your Friends in Monster Life – iPad Game Review

gameloftIf you’re in the market for a super cute app, look no further than Monster Life. This adorable freemium app stars blocky 3D monsters that look a lot like paper cutouts. The colors are bright and the gameplay is simplistic, which makes it perfect for kids and adults alike.

This is a game that’s a lot like a cross between Nintendo’s Pokemon series and Farmville. You will collect monsters and use them to do battle with other monsters., while also maintaining a small village. Monster Life isn’t quite as in-depth as Pokemon and there are far fewer monsters to collect, but the battles are engaging and the environment can’t be beat.

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PadGadget Photobooth: Explore Amazing Panoramas with Panoperfect

panoperfectWelcome back to another week of PadGadget Photobooth, my weekly column that features an array of useful photography apps and accessories. Last week, I highlighted fun photo editing app Percolator, and this week, I thought I would share panorama exploration app Panoperfect.

Panoperfect was originally released for the iPhone in November, but the developers added an iPad version in late February. Panoperfect is a notable photo app because it is essentially the Instagram of panoramic photos, allowing users to find cool panoramic photos from around the world.

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