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Bejeweled Fans Rejoice, PopCap Releases HD Version of Popular Game

Bejeweled has been around on the iPhone for quite some time now, and the game’s followup, Bejeweled Blitz has been on both the iPad and the iPhone since its release, but iPad-owning fans of Bejeweled can now play the classic, premium version of the game with the release of PopCap’s Bejeweled HD.

Bejeweled HD features gorgeous HD graphics designed for the third generation iPad’s Retina display, plus four popular game modes, and Game Center support.

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Arena RPG Spellsword Updated With All New Control Options

Spellsword is an arena-style combat-based platform RPG that’s a whole lot of fun. It’s very similar to the hit game Super Crate Box, where the goal was to demolish hordes of enemies just for the sheer fun of it.

Spellsword is more of a retro-style RPG, with loot and character improvements, but it’s essentially the same game. Each level is a small area with a few obstacles (jumps, spike balls, and more) where you will defeat wave after wave of enemies in non-stop combat.

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How Many Downloads Does it Take to Become a Top Rated App?

Earning a widely coveted spot on Apple’s top apps list or Apple’s featured app list is something that every iOS developer aspires to, as it can mean huge increases in app revenue.

Unfortunately, snagging one of those top spots is a daunting task, simply because it requires a huge number of daily downloads to make it onto the charts.

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iSwifter Brings Facebook Games to iPad

If you haven’t heard of it, iSwifter is a cloud-based platform that allows game publishers to stream games to the iPad, bringing new previously PC-only and flash gaming titles to iOS.

Today, the company announced that it plans to supplement the Facebook experience by providing mobile device owners with an app to play all of those flash-based Facebook games like Farmville and Frontierville.

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Time Warner and Viacom Resolve Lawsuit, Plan on Adding New Channels to iPad App

There’s good news on the horizon for Time Warner Cable customers who regularly use the company’s TWC TV television streaming app – Viacom and Time Warner have settled their differences, so channels like MTV and Comedy Central will be returning to the app.

When Time Warner Cable first released its TV streaming app, some networks, like Viacom, threw a fit because the cable company hadn’t negotiated new licensing rights for the channels. Time Warner Cable maintained that the distribution was within its existing rights, sparking dual lawsuits with Viacom that have now been settled.

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Verizon to Kill Grandfathered 3G Data Plans

VerizonIf you’re a long time Verizon customer that’s been grandfathered into an unlimited data plan, prepare to be outraged. The company is planning to nix its $30 unlimited offering, forcing customers to use one of its tiered data plans.

According to Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo, as Verizon’s 3G unlimited data plan customers switch to 4G LTE, they will have to give up their unlimited plans in favor of the company’s new shared data plan, which will be launched in mid-summer.

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These 10 Countries Love to Browse the Web From Their iPads

Website monitoring service Pingdom recently used its web-browsing data from its StatCounter (based on visitor stats from more than three million sites) to determine the ten most iPad friendly countries in the world, and the results might just surprise you.

According to the data, Singapore is the country that loves the iPad the most, followed by Brunei, Angola, and Nigeria.

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Ouch! Samsung Drops $10 Billion in Value After Apple Selects New Memory Chip Vendor for iPad and iPhone

Samsung and Apple are famous frenemies, battling one another in court after court over copyright violations while still working together to bring consumers their beloved iPads and iPhones.

While it looked like the two might work things out when the CEOs for both companies  agreed to discuss settlement terms, Samsung must be fuming over Apple’s latest move. The Cupertino-based company snubbed Samsung in favor of its chip rival Elpida, placing a huge order with the struggling company.

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Cubis Creatures is an Addictive Match – Three Game You Won’t Want to Miss

There are a lot of match three games in the App Store, so there’s no denying that it’s an over-saturated genre. As an app reviewer, I’ve played quite a few of the match three games in the App Store, so believe me when I say that Cubis Creatures is refreshingly fun.

Cubis Creatures isn’t your average match-three. For one, it’s got a great theme with colorful graphics and adorable monsters, and it’s also done in 3-D, so blocks can be added from the bottom, the side, and sometimes underneath.

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This Could Hurt is an Ultra Challenging Danger Avoidance Platform Game

If you’ve been on the lookout for a platformer that presents a serious challenge, you’re in luck, because This Could Hurt is the game that you’ve been searching for.

I’m not kidding – this is one of the toughest iOS games that I’ve played in awhile, which is going to sound odd when I say that it’s also got some of the simplest gameplay around, because you can play it one-handed with a single finger on the screen.

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