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Zynga Convinced Tablets Have Become the Ultimate Gaming Platform

stevenchiangZynga skyrocketed itself into gaming fame with Farmville, which was released on Facebook in 2009. Thanks to the success of that game, Zynga was able to build a thriving mobile gaming ecosystem, churning out hits like Words With Friends and its follow up apps, Gems With Friends, Hanging With Friends, and Matching With Friends.

Last year, Zynga experienced serious troubles, leading to the loss of several executives. As a result, Zynga downsized, shutting down its poorly performing games shifting its focus to mobile gaming, a move that has brought a slight rebound for the company.

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Mojang to Launch Minecraft Realms to Give Kids Access to Easy Online Play

minecraftIn an interview with Polygon, Mojang co-founder and CEO Carl Manneh revealed that the company plans to introduce a new subscription service called Minecraft Realms, which is designed to allow users to create a permanent game world on a dedicated server.

The service is designed to be user friendly, allowing parents and children easier access to Minecraft servers. Currently, setting up a Minecraft server requires some technical ability. Mojang’s new solution will streamline the process by making it a one-click affair, allowing both PC and mobile Minecraft players to set up servers to play with friends and family online.

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Zynga to Release Draw Something 2 This Year

drawsomething2Draw Something, the social drawing game from Omgpop, was an instant hit after it was released last year, garnering 20 million downloads five weeks after launching and 50 million downloads in under two months. The app’s success prompted Zynga to buy Omgpop for a whopping $180 million.

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Humor Site Funny or Die to Debut ‘iSteve’ Movie Starring Justin Long

isteveAfter Steve Jobs passed away in late 2011, two film studios jumped at the chance to make movies about his life. “Jobs,” the biopic from director Joshua Michael Stern that stars Ashton Kutcher, focuses on Steve Jobs’ early life and the founding of Apple, while Aaron Sorkin is working on an adaptation of Walter Issacson’s hit biography.

According to The New York Times, there’s a third movie in the works, coming from Will Ferrell’s humor site Funny or Die. Called iSteve, Funny or Die’s video is a “biopic poking fun at biopics.”

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Save a Helpless Toy Lost in a Vending Machine in Cling – iPad Game Review

clingCling is a maze style puzzle game where the idea is to help a poor lost creature named Edgar who has been lost inside of a toy vending machine. Edgar needs your help to find his way to the transporter so he can escape from each level. Edgar is tentacled, and will hold on and move between pegs on the screen.

To play, you place and hold a finger on the iPad, guiding the creature through the level to the transporter. The goal is to help Edgar find his way to the end of the level as quickly as possible to earn a high star rating.

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Roll to Win in Dungeon Plunder – iPad Game Review

dungeonplunderDungeon Plunder is a cross between a slot machine and an RPG, which may seem like an odd combo, but it’s actually quite clever. All combat is based on random chance, making Dungeon Plunder an uniquely fun game.

This is actually a roguelike, which is a genre of games that includes level randomization, permanent death, and turn-based movement. The RPG sub genre originated with the 80’s game Rogue and has been popular ever since. Dungeon Plunder’s closest iOS counterpart is the King Cashing series, which was updated a couple of weeks ago. Dungeon Plunder is a bit more forgiving than traditional a roguelike, but it’s still plenty tough.

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Apple’s Tim Cook Loses Top Spot as CEO of the Year to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

timcookapprovalratingEvery year Glassdoor, the site that gives an inside look at jobs and companies, releases a report that lists the top 50 highest rated Chief Executive Officers of Fortune 500 companies. The report is based on employee ratings who were asked the following question: “Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?”

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook snagged the number one spot, earning himself an approval rating of 97 percent. In the previous year, Steve Jobs was the highest rated CEO, with a 95 percent. This year, Apple is barely in the top 20, after Tim Cook earned an approval rating of 93 percent, six percentage points behind new top CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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Steve Jobs Biopic Starring Ashton Kutcher Will Not be Released in April

jobsThe much anticipated independent Steve Jobs film from Swing Vote director Joshua Michael Stern debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in mid-January, and was expected to be released to the public on April 19th. That release date has now been delayed for an undetermined amount of time, in order to give distributors more time to promote the film.

“Jobs,” stars Ashton Kutcher (of Two and a Half Men fame) as a young Steve Jobs, following the former Apple CEO’s transformation from a wayward hippie to the entrepreneur that co-founded the one of the world’s most valuable companies.

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Chillingo Plans to Freshen Up ‘Pixel People’ with Upcoming Update

pixelpeoplePixel People is a fun post-apocalyptic city building game that allows players to rebuild humanity by establishing and running a town filled with genetically engineered clones. We originally reviewed Pixel People in February and thought that the clone discovery element of the game was entirely engrossing.

Because Pixel People has enjoyed enormous success, Chillingo plans to introduce a major update to the game later this month, adding a slew of new content.

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Hit iPad Game ‘Doodle Jump HD’ Goes Free Today to Celebrate Birthday

doodlejumpUltra popular game Doodle Jump is turning four years old today and in celebration, the best selling iPad app is available for free for the first time ever. First introduced in March of 2009, Doodle Jump has been played more than 5 billion times.

According to developer Lima Sky, that means Doodle has made enough leaps to bounce an astronaut back and forth between the earth and the sun a total of six times. That’s a crazy amount of jumping! Doodle Jump has also been recognized as the number three Top Paid Apple App of all time, which is an impressive feat.

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