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iOS 6 Maps Will Support Yelp Check-Ins

The new Maps application that’s coming in iOS 6 will integrate with Yelp, allowing people to check into the service automatically from within the Maps app.

Users will be able to check in to Yelp without leaving the current map and without needing to log into the dedicated Yelp app, according to screenshots of Yelp check-ins from the SDK that was given to developers earlier this month.

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Miami Dolphin’s Players Face $10k Fine for Using Twitter and Other Apps on iPad

Following in the footsteps of other NFL teams, players for the Miami Dolphins will each be receiving an iPad to use as a digital playbook. The new iPads will save paper and make traveling easier, but players won’t be able to install personal apps.

Any usage of the iPad that is unsuitable to the team will result in a hefty $10,000 fine, and those uses include YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and anything else that might involve subject matter that is explicit in nature.

While many players don’t spend a lot of time on social networking, Miami Dolphins new addition Chad Ochocinco maintains a Twitter account with 3.5 million followers.

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Engineer Creates Amazing Interactive iPad-Controlled LED Wall in His Home

Greg Friedland wasn’t happy with his plain white walls, and regular photographs or paintings just weren’t going to do the job.

Instead, this artsy engineer decorated a wall in his house with a giant four-foot-by-eight-foot LED powered display called the Aurora LED, which is controlled with his iPad.

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iOS 6 Launch Getting Close: Second Beta Released to Devs

The iOS 6 beta was first released to developers after Apple’s keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11. Today, a 332MB update to the beta was pushed over-the-air, and developers with the operating system are now able to install iOS 6 beta 2.

iOS 6’s new build is referred to as “10A5338d,” and includes an all new gear animation in the update window. Check out the video after the break to see it in action.

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LinkedIn Gets Video Calling Powered by Hookflash

Hookflash, recently released into Apple’s App Store, is designed to allow LinkedIn users to connect with their business contacts in new ways, through high definition video calls and messaging.

Users can connect with any contact with just the tap of a single button, which initiates a call or a message between iPads with Hookflash, anywhere in the world.

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Google Working on New Maps App for iOS

Apple may have dropped Google Maps in its own Maps application, but that doesn’t mean Google is giving up on iOS.

According to Jeff Huber, Senior Vice President of Commerce and Local at Google, the Mountain View-based company may be hard at work on a Google Maps application for the iPhone and the iPad.

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Secure Payments on the iPad? No Problem with the iPad Credit Card Dock

The Square card reader is a great option for small businesses, and now you can transform your iPad into a dedicated and secure point of sale terminal with the newMacgadgets iPad Credit Card Dock.

This handy iPad device has been designed to work exclusively with the Square credit card plug-in, and it is guaranteed to keep your iPad safe with 1/4 clear acrylic base.

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Google Cuts Mapping API Prices After Being Dropped by Apple and other Developers

During Apple’s keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, the Cupertino-based company announced that it would no longer be using Google Maps as part of its Maps Application when iOS 6 is released later this year.

Apple’s decision to drop Google Maps came after Google decided to raise the prices on its Maps API last fall, a move that was unpopular with many developers. Both Foursquare and Wikipedia stopped using the APIs after the change as well.

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App Store Launches in 32 Additional Countries

During Apple’s keynote address at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference on June 11, Tim Cook told the audience that the App Store would be coming to 32 additional countries this month, which happened today.

There are now 155 countries with access to the App Store, though Apple’s support page does not yet list them all.

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Keeping Your iPad Charged for a Year Costs Less Than a Cup of Coffee

According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), it costs just $1.36 per year for consumers to charge their iPads every other day, which is shockingly inexpensive.

When charging, each model of the iPad uses less than 12 kWh over the course of an entire year. A 42” plasma TV, on the other hand, consumes 358 kWh during a year. Who knew Apple’s devices were so green?

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