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Top Five Health and Fitness iPad Apps for Training

Whether you’re getting ready for a marathon, looking to lose weight, or simply getting in shape, having a trainer at your side can be invaluable.

Unfortunately, hiring a personal trainer is a hefty expense, but if you have an iPad, you can save quite a bit by downloading one of these handy training apps.

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iPad App Review: Improve Your Athlete’s Techniques in Real Time with Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye is an app that’s designed for coaches, providing a great way to improve your team’s skills and technique in any sport, from baseball and soccer to golf and weightlifting.

With this app, you can record slow motion video on the field, capturing your athlete’s performance for immediate analysis and review, which allows you to correct flaws on the spot.

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iPad App Review: Create Stunning Presentations with Templates for PowerPoint Pro

Templates for PowerPoint Pro is an app that is designed for both amateur and experienced PowerPoint users, providing premade templates that can be used for a variety of documents.

Previously, we have looked at both Templates for Numbers Pro and Templates for Pages Pro, which are both gorgeously designed and simple to use, and Templates for PowerPoint Pro, from the same developer, is an equally useful app.

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Learning the Alphabet is a Delight with Goodnight ABC – iPad App Review

Goodnight ABC is an adorable, beautifully designed children’s game that makes learning phonics and the ABCs fun for kids.

This app is filled with some of the best artwork that I’ve seen in any children’s app. It’s colorful, crisp, and amazing on the Retina iPad. The artwork alone makes this app worth purchasing, but the content is impressive as well.

The app opens with a series of alphabet tiles, ranging from A to Z. Kids can tap on any tile, each of which is associated with an animal. For example, Q is a quail and U is an urchin.

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Top Apps and Accessories for Transferring Photos to Your iPad

Whether you’re traveling this summer or just taking photos around home, your iPad can be a handy tool to use alongside your camera.

Amateur or professional, DSLR or point and shoot, these apps and accessories will help you get your photos from your camera to your iPad and then onto the web.

The first step when using your iPad in conjunction with your camera is getting the photos from your camera onto the tablet. There are a few ways of doing this, either wirelessly or with the Camera Connection Kit from Apple.

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Kids Will Love Follow the Rabbit’s Fun Puzzle Gameplay

Follow the Rabbit is an ultra fun casual puzzle game from Armor Games, the makers of other hit iOS titles like Kingdom Rush and Siege Hero.

In the game, players will take on the role of the red rabbit, chasing a white rabbit through a series of doors. As we all know, blindly chasing white rabbits for the sake of curiosity never turns out well.

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Bags to Stow Your iPad and Camera Gear

If your iPad is just one of many electronic gadgets that you tote around, including camera equipment, you’ll want to take a look at this list of all-inclusive iPad bags, which are the perfect solution for carrying all of your gear.

Whether you’re just traveling from home to office or going on a trip or vacation halfway around the world, you need a way to get your stuff from one place to another. All of these bags are equipped to hold your iPad, your camera, a lens or two, and plenty of accessories.

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You Won’t Want to Miss These Book Style Cases from a Vintage Surfboard Maker

XHiBT’s new line of Inspiria cases represent the marriage of traditional book binding and vintage surfboard manufacturing.

These book-style custom cases come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so you’re sure to find the perfect combination to suit any style.

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Google Buys Mail Client Sparrow, Days Before iPad Launch

Sparrow has flown the coop! Sparrow, the popular mail client, was set to launch for the iPad in the near future, but it looks like that may not happen now.

This morning, Google snapped up Sparrow in a surprising move, because Sparrow has always been designed exclusively for Apple products.

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Get An Adrenaline Rush From The Safety of Your Couch with These Extreme Sports Apps

Extreme sports run the gamut from skiing and snowboarding to skateboarding and BMX racing, but they all have one thing in common – a fantastic adrenaline rush.

If you love extreme sports but don’t want to leave the comfort of your couch, check out this list of fun, fast paced games that will have your heart racing and your palms sweating in no time.

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