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Spice Up Your iPad Photos with PhotoToaster

I first reviewed PhotoToaster in July of last year, shortly after the app was released. I found it to be a solid photo app for the price, though I thought it was a bit simplistic and lacking a few features.

Even though I thought PhotoToaster could use improvement, it’s been a permanent fixture on both my iPhone and my iPad for the last year, and since it was released, the app has had several updates. It started at version one, but now it’s at version 3.1.1, with plenty of new content to show for it.

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AT&T Data Sharing to Launch on August 23

Back in May, AT&T CEO of Mobile Business, Ralph de la Vega, revealed in an interview that AT&T was planning to launch a family shared data plan.

The company officially introduced the AT&T Mobile Share plans in July, with the entry level 1 GB per month costing a hefty $40 plus $45 per smart phone, with the upper tier of the plans priced at $200 for 20 GB and $30 per smart phone.

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Take on the Role of an Adorable Harp Seal in Fluffy Diver – iPad Game Review

Fluffy Diver is a sweet endless diving game starring a fluffy and irresistably adorable harp seal. The game has a dreamlike setting with pastels, rainbows, and ever-changing environment.

There are actually quite a few of these diving games in the App Store, and this one is similar to Lil Flippers. You’ll control the seal by diving and jumping out of the water, which is by tapping and holding on the screen.

You will need to dive continually to eat shells, which restore your ever diminishing life force. You have a total of three seals, and if you do not eat enough shells to replenish yourself, the game will end.

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Dead Trigger is Now Free to Play – iPad Game Review

When Madfinger Games released the Android version of its hit zombie shooter Dead Trigger in the Google Play Store, it said that so many people were pirating its $0.99 game that it made more since to release the game as a free app with in-app purchases instead.

Today, the app was updated, making it free in the iOS App Store as well. While piracy is not as rampant on Apple’s devices, many people do download apps for free after jailbreaking their devices. The switch to freemium, though disappointing, will almost certainly result in more revenue for Madfinger Games, thanks to in-app purchases, which are much more difficult to illegally acquire.

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Test Your Balancing Skills with Bucketz – iPad App Review

Bucketz is a fun puzzle game that’s all about balance. In this game, you’ll join a gang of nine unlikely heroes as they quest to restore balance in the world by gathering items, fighting off minions, and defeating bosses.

The game is set up with buckets on ledges. Items fly across the screen, and it’s your job to snag them from the air and drop them into one of the buckets. There’s a catch though – you must keep the buckets balanced at all times or they might just tilt and fall, ending the level.

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Essential iPad Apps and Accessories for Musicians

If you’re a musician, whether amateur or professional, your iPad can be an ultra handy tool for creating, listening to, and sharing music. Even if you’re not a musician and simply love music, your iPad can be an incredibly useful musical companion.

This week on PadGadget we focused on bringing you all things related to music, including apps and accessories. Check out our list of must have essentials for musicians for an overview of what we covered this week plus a few surprises.

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The Sky is Falling in Chicken Raid HD – iPad Game Review

In Chicken Raid, you won’t be going after the dastardly pigs. Instead, it’s the birds that are your target. In this game, you’ll be using an environment of elaborate structures constructed from rocks and planks to smash chickens and their eggs.

Visually, this looks a lot like the original Angry Birds, because it uses the same basic layouts, but the game mechanics, luckily, are different. Instead of hurling projectiles, you’ll be breaking items to clear levels.

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Must Have iPad Accessories for Musicians

If you’re a musician, either professional or aspiring, the iPad can be a helpful tool. Not only are there a slew of helpful musical apps available in the App Store, but there are also several great accessories on the market.

We hunted down some of the best iPad accessories for musicians, so make sure to take a look at our list. You might just find something you can’t live without!

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Kids Will Love the Bright Colors and Fun Gameplay in Blockolicious – iPad Game Review

Blockolicious is a match-three game with bright, colorful graphics, cute characters, and fun, simple gameplay.

The goal in this game is to match up three or more of the same colored fruit blocks, while creating power ups through gameplay. Matching up three blocks creates a juice block.

If you can manage to create multiple juice blocks, and remove them from the board, you will get a fruit bomb, which can be used to remove all blocks of the same color. The trick is that juice blocks only last for a short amount of time, so you’ve got to move quick in this game.

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Android Makes Little Progress in Taking Market Share from iPad

Ever since the iPad was released in 2010, it has absolutely dominated the tablet market. No other tablet has ever been able to come close to matching its sales, though we are seeing some potential competition with the release of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

Pingdom recently took an in-depth look at tablet market share values, to give an accurate assessment of the current standings in the ongoing “tablet war.” The result? Apple is still the tablet king.

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