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Pinterest Finally Releases iPad App

Pinboard social image sharing site Pinterest has had an iPhone app for quite some time, but today the company updated its app to add iPad support. The Pinterest app is now universal, so you can access full site functionality on all of your iDevices.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a site that allows you to save and share photos and captions from nearly any site on the web, allowing you to create image boards for fashion, recipes, home decor, and more.

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ZooGue Releases New Genius Pro iPad Case

Popular iPad accessory manufacturer ZooGue has just announced the release of a newly updated iPad case, improving upon its original case that had adjustable angles, a headrest mount, and access to all ports.

The new case features a refreshed design that enhances the look, feel, and sound of the first version with additional protection and a snazzy redesign.

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Meet a Giant Pickle, A Gnome and a Scary Mouse in the Silly Fun Adventures Of Miko and Cola – iPad App Review

The Silly Fun Adventures of Miko and Cola is a uniquely illustrated children’s story about two cats, named, you guessed it, Miko and Cola. These two cats are opposites; Miko is slow while Cola is impatient, but they both love to have fun.

In this story, Miko and Cola play dress up and watch television, then come across a scary mouse, a giant, house-smashing pickle, a gnome, and other fun creatures as they adventure through the story.

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Kids Can Make Sweet Beats With KBC Kids – iPad Game Review

Gabuduck apps, run by the father of a four-year-old, focuses on music oriented apps for kids. KBC Kids, one of the developer’s apps, is an amazing music creation app that young children will absolutely love.

In this app, kids will choose from two different musical scenes, rollercoaster and popsikini, each of which come equipped with a catchy soundtrack. In this scene, kids can interact with objects to create their own musical tracks.

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PadGadget Weekly App Series — Apps for Fantasy Football

For today’s Weekly App Series we’ve found great apps to add to your iPad collection. We have included five essential apps for fantasy football players in this week’s bundle. Our editorial team goes through the data, picks the best and most interesting apps and then brings them to you on a regular basis.

We used our PadGadget Apps Tracker to find these great apps and we’ll continue to look for the best apps on a weekly basis. Be sure to check them out because these apps might just be what you’re looking for.

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Be a Tailgating Pro with these Top Tailgating Apps for your iPad

Heading to a sporting event or a concert this summer and planning on a tailgating soiree? If so, you might want to check out this handy list of iPad apps, because it includes great choices to help you plan the perfect pre-event tailgate party.

From food and drinks to music and fun, this list of tailgating apps covers everything that you will need. Take a look after the break.

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How Far Can You Throw a Paper Airplane? Find Out With Flight! – iPad Game Review

Flight, from Armor Games, was a popular Flash game before being ported to iOS. While it was fun on the computer, it’s even better on a touch screen, with precise touch and tilt controls, plenty of bonuses, and most importantly, awesome flying action.

The goal in Flight is to throw a paper airplane as far as you can, collecting stars and other bonuses while flying in order to upgrade your plane to get even further.

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Google Search for iOS Upcoming Update Will Bring Siri-Like Capabilities

Google just announced that in a few days, it will be releasing an exciting new version of its Google Search application for the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod Touch. Why is it exciting? Google is promising Siri-like capabilities in the app.

The app will accept voice-based questions and answers. If you ask for the weather, it will tell you, mirroring the Google voice capabilities that were introduced with Android 4.1.

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Health and Fitness – Five Best Apps for Stretching

Outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and surfing might not seem like serious exercise because you’re having fun, but like any workout, it’s important to prepare yourself beforehand or suffer the consequences afterwards.

Stretching is an important part of a workout because not only does it warm up your central nervous system and increase your range of motion, it can also help to prevent pain later. In this list, we’ve rounded up some of the best stretching apps to get you ready for all your summer fun.

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Top 5 Rugged Cases for iPad

Those of you who spend time outdoors and who like to get your hands dirty know that dirt, dust, water, and potential drops don’t mix well with electronic devices.

Camping, sports, gardening, and outdoor jobs are all dangerous for your iPad, but with the right case, you won’t need to leave your beloved tablet behind. We’ve hunted down five ultra durable cases which will keep your iPad 2 or new iPad protected in any situation, so if you’re looking for a safe solution for your tablet, make sure to check out our list after the break.

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