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American Airlines About to Jump on the ‘iPad in the Cockpit’ Bandwagon

Several airlines have transitioned to replacing paper manuals and charts in airplane cockpits with iPads after the FAA approved the use of iPads on major airline flights.

American Airlines first began testing iPads in the cockpit last year, deploying the tablets on its B–777 aircraft. Its initial testing went smoothly, and today, the company is ready to put iPads in the hands of the 8,000-plus pilots that it employs.

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PadGadget Weekly App Series – Apps to Buy a Car

For today’s Weekly App Series we’ve found great apps to add to your iPad collection. We have included five essential apps for prospective car buyers in this week’s bundle. Our editorial team goes through the data, picks the best and most interesting apps and then brings them to you on a regular basis.

We used our PadGadget Apps Tracker to find these great apps and we’ll continue to look for the best apps on a weekly basis. Be sure to check them out because these apps might just be what you’re looking for.

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New iDevice Dock Connector – No Bigger than a Micro USB Plug

Apple’s 30-pin dock connector has been standard in iDevices since it first showed up in the classic iPod in 2003, but it’s time for a change. Rumors have been circulating that Apple is working on an all new slimmer design for the dock connector, freeing up much needed space in its iDevices.

According to new photos leaked from French website, Apple’s new, tiny 9-pin dock connector will be almost identical in size to a Micro USB plug.

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Rocket Your Way to Victory in Slingshot Racing – iPad Game Review

Slingshot Racing is a thrilling, action-packed racing game that takes place in a great steampunk environment. The backgrounds and the cars both look impressive on the Retina screen of the third generation iPad.

The game starts with an in-depth tutorial that will introduce you to all of the gameplay elements. Essentially, in this game, your car will continually move forward, but you will navigate twists and turns by tapping on the screen to slingshot around corners.

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PadGadget Essentials – This Week’s Apps and Accessories for Fashion Week

September brings the beginning of the fall season, meaning all new winter wardrobes filled with stylish jackets, warm boots, and flashy scarves. The start of the month also marks the kick off of New York’s famous Fashion Week, and to celebrate, we focused on all things fashion.

Check out our list of essential fashion apps and accessories for the iPad to see the must haves for the fall season, covering everything we posted this week, plus a few surprises, too!

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You Won’t Find Better Styluses than the Architect and the Emote from Arctic – iPad Gear Review

As a stylus aficionado, I want to let everyone in on a little secret. When it comes to styluses, the tip is almost entirely unimportant – you are going to get the same writing results with almost any stylus. What’s important, though, is the way that the stylus feels in your hand, much like a traditional pen.

A comfortable stylus will make for comfortable writing, and the key to a comfortable stylus is one that has the right shape, size, and heft. If you’re in need of the perfect stylus, consider the Architect and the Emote from Arctic.

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Get Tips on Fashion Lighting and Photography with Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes – iPad App Review

    If you’re not familiar with Scott Kelby, he is a photographer and author who has published many books on digital photography, photo enhancement software, and digital photography tips. He also runs an online training course and has several apps, including this one, which gives tips on proper lighting in several professional photography setups.

This is a video lesson app with thirteen different episodes on lighting, covering 20 different photos. The app will open with the first lesson, which you simply tap to play.

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Harman Kardon Reinvents Classic Sound Sticks as iPad Ready Wireless Speakers

Back in 2001, Harman Kardon introduced the SoundSticks, a set of speakers that were designed to partner with early Apple products like the translucent iMac and Clamshell iBook.

The original SoundSticks won several awards and have gone through several updates, but Harman Kardon’s latest refresh has added Bluetooth, making the SoundSticks compatible with devices like the iPhone and the iPad. Read More »

PopCap Adds Retina Support and New Features in Plants vs. Zombies Update

PopCap is planning to release a sequel to Plants vs. Zombies in 2013, but in the meantime, the original version is getting some update love. Your favorite zombie title got a major refresh this morning, adding full Retina support for the third generation iPad and some awesome free levels.

We can finally see those rotting, flesh-dropping zombies and vibrant light-emitting sunflowers in full Retina glory!

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Get the Best Bang for Your Buck with the OontZ and the OontZ Angle Speakers – iPad Gear Review

If you’ve been searching for an iPad speaker that has great sound, a compact size, and an affordable price tag, you may want to take a look at the OontZ and the OontZ Angle from speaker manufacturer Cambridge Soundworks.

You may remember our news announcement on the OontZ Angle, which promised the sound quality of Jawbone’s Jambox with less than half the cost, a prospect that had me intrigued as a longtime fan of the Jambox. I had the opportunity to test all of the above speakers, so read on to see how they compare and my thoughts on the OontZ product line.

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