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Apple Updates its Website with New ‘Why You’ll Love an iPad’ Campaign

ipadAfter the Samsung Galaxy S4 launched two weeks ago, Apple debuted a new iPhone page on its website that read: “There’s iPhone. And then there’s everything else,” designed to list all of the reasons why people love the company’s iPhones. Today Apple followed that up with a page touting all of the selling points of its tablets.

The new page, entitled “Why You’ll Love an iPad,” opens with the following statement: “iPad and iPad mini. They’re two of no other kind.” The page that follows is full of the highlights of Apple’s best selling tablets.

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Use King Oddball’s Tongue to Destroy the World – iPad Game Review

kingoddballKing Oddball is a fairly basic physics based puzzle game. If you’ve played a game like Angry Birds, you will be able to jump right in, because it’s essentially the same concept: use a projectile to destroy targets.

The King is a giant rock with a crazy long tongue, which you can use to hurl smaller rocks and boulders at a range of targets. The game incorporates simple one-touch controls, so you need to combine proper timing with a tap on the screen in order to squash enemies like tanks and helicopters.

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Apple Accused of Patent Infringement in China Over Siri

iPhone 4S - SiriAccording to the Shanghai Daily, Apple lawyers will be heading to court once again, after being sued by a Chinese company that claims the Cupertino-based company copied parts of Siri’s speech recognition software.

Shanghai-based company Zhi zhen Network Technology Co. says that Apple has infringed on a patent it owns related to voice recognition technology. Zhi Zhen claims that it patented its “Xiaoi Robot” software in 2004, while Apple began development on Siri in 2007.

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Flipboard Version 2.0 Launches with User-Created Magazines, People Tagging, and Search

FlipBoardAppFlipboard has launched a major update to its magazine-style news app, adding a whole slew of new features to make it stand out from competing apps like Zite. As of today, you can use Flipboard to create and curate your own magazines that other people can read.

Simply tap on the “Plus” button of an article, post, or video, and the available content can be added to a new or existing magazine. Personalized magazines are located in the “My Flipboard” section of the app and you can make them public, so you can create a personalized magazine with specially curated content that can be shared with friends and family.

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Apple Patents Eyes-Free Multitouch Gestures to Save Battery Life

eyesfreeThe United States Patent and Trademark Office today granted Apple a new patent (No. 8,407,623) that covers a system designed to allow multitouch on a mobile device screen even when the display is not showing any images. This is a patent that could potentially save battery on Apple’s devices by allowing users to perform simple eyes-free gestures to get a response.

In the patent description, Apple details commands that could be carried out without viewing the screen. For example, swiping a finger in a circular motion could change music volume or switch tracks, while a tap on an unactivated display could bring up the homescreen.

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Wacky App Wednesday: Smash Your Problems Away with Smash Dude

smashdudeWelcome to another edition of Wacky App Wednesday, where I share some of the craziest, wackiest, and most awesome apps in the App Store. Last week I shared the super silly interactive music app Cat Piano, and this week, I have a little something for those of you who are stressed out and looking for a bit of good old fashioned smashing fun.

Smash Dude is designed as a mindless stress relieving activity, where you beat up a sackman with a wide variety of weapons, from lightning bolts and fire to nail guns and paintball guns. It’s not all violent though – you can also give Smash Dude tickles and kisses.

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Apple Planning to Triple its Reseller Presence in India, Adding 200 Stores by 2015

indiaistoreAccording to The Economic Times, Apple is planning to triple the number of reseller stores that it has in India, reaching 200 by 2015. Apple is not able to open its own retail stores within the country due to restrictions that state that single-brand stores must source at least 30 percent of their products within the country.

The news comes from three of Apple’s current franchisees, who have said that Apple asked them to scale up operations in the country in order to facilitate rapid growth. Apple has said that it plans to grow “aggressively” in India.

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Help Raise a Baby Vampire in Le Vamp – iPad Game Review

levampEndless runners seem to be a genre that I never tire of, especially when they manage to incorporate fun new gameplay elements. Le Vamp is one such endless runner, starring an adorable baby vampire that needs your help to grow up.

In Le Vamp, the little vampire will run forward endlessly. It’s your job to feed him tasty, tasty blood pigs while avoiding dangerous foes like the evil meat monster Le Wurst, the Pumpkin Pile, and sunbeams.

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Kingpin Lanes Offers Up a Virtual Bowling Alley – iPad Game Review

kingpinlanesKingpin Lanes is a bowling simulation game that’s designed for hard core bowling fans. Because it uses the Unreal 3D engine, Kingpin Lanes has impressive graphics, resembling a real bowling alley, from the lanes down to the included Pro Shop.

In this bowling game, you will use simple, easy touch gestures to bowl. A swipe on the screen allows you to orient the ball, while arrows let you decide where to stand. After choosing a position and an angle, a forward swipe will launch the ball down the lane. The idea, of course, is to score as high as possible with strikes and spares.

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Another Kid Wracks Up Huge iPad Bills, Gets Reported for Fraud

cameroncrossanA 13-year-old in the U.K. is in hot water today after using his iPad to wrack up a bill of more than £3,700 pounds, which amounts to over five thousand dollars. Doug Crossan, a policeman in the U.K., claims that he was “horrified” when his credit card company informed him that his son Cameron had spent thousands of dollars in Apple’s App Store.

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