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New iPhone Production to Begin this Quarter – Can the Next iPad be Far Behind?

ipad3According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to begin production on the next generation iPhone (presumably to be called the iPhone 5S) during the second quarter of the year, which means that the next iPhone will likely be launched late this summer.

An iterative update with a size and shape that is similar to the current iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S follows a standard Apple release schedule. The last five iPhones have been released within a four month window from June to October. With the next iPhone in the pipeline for a summer release, the next generation iPad isn’t likely to be far behind.

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Worker Jumps From Roof at Foxconn Shenzhen Factory Due to Reported Job Cuts

foxconnjumperRecent rumors have suggested that Apple is scaling back on iPad and iPhone orders this quarter, most recently lowering its March and April iPad mini shipments by as much as 20 percent.

According to reports on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo, the production drops have led to job cuts at Shenzhen factory Foxconn, encouraging one female employee to jump off of the roof of the factory last Friday, with another three employees threatening to jump as well. Those three employees are said to be worried about their jobs. Read More »

Judge Says it is Illegal to Resell Songs Bought via iTunes

itunesEarlier this month, an Apple patent entitled “Managing Access to Digital Content Items” was discovered, and within, details suggested that Apple was looking at ways to allow users to resell or loan digital content to others.

The patent allowed digital content, like ebooks, music, and movies, to be transferred from one user to another, but as it turns out, that theoretical transfer of content might not be legal after all. Just today, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that users are not able to resell digital songs that they have bought on iTunes.

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Deal Alert: Reeder for iPad Goes Free, Promises to Support New Services in the Future

reeder1Earlier this month Google announced that come July, it would be shutting down its RSS aggregation service Google Reader. The Mountain View-based company said that though Google Reader had a dedicated following, usage had declined, leading to its shut down. Reader’s dedicated users, myself included, were near-devastated with the news, as few good alternatives exist.

Luckily multiple companies have stepped up to fill the gap that Google Reader will leave behind. Zite has released an alternative, and Feedly will operate on a standalone basis. Many apps that used Google Reader as a backbone are in trouble as well, including Reeder for iPad, which has gone free to download today.

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Get Ready for Ads That Talk Back to You, Courtesy of Nuance

nuanceNuance, the company that is partnered with Apple to bring iPhone and iPad customers the ever-lovable voice assistant Siri, is working on an all new endeavor – ads that can hold conversations. If you thought popup ads and ads with sound were annoying, get ready to reach a whole new level of advertising fury.

In a prototype commercial (which you can view below), a fictional deodorant ad is asked “Should I get a tattoo?” The ad responds with a funny quip, and goes on to recommend the use of the particular brand of deodorant being promoted. While the current prototype requires a user to initiate the ad experience, I can envision a future where ads simply call out to you while browsing a web page or checking out a new Facebook status updated.

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Apple’s iRadio Service May Launch This Summer

streamingmusicAccording to The Verge, Apple’s much anticipated and long awaited iRadio service may be launching as soon as this summer. iRadio is a long running Apple rumor, with various hints popping up over the years about the service. Recently, rumors have been coming in fast and furious.

In January, for example, Apple was said to be negotiating with record labels to create an iOS app with a functionality similar to apps like Rdio and Pandora. In February, new “Radio Buy” buttons popped up after the evasi0n jailbreak was released, and earlier this month, Tim Cook met up with Beats Electronics’ CEO Jimmy Iovine to discuss a subscription music service.

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Is Apple Going to Debut an iOS Game Controller in April?

ecea_icade_8_bitty_controller_finalGaming on the iPad and the iPhone has become serious over the last couple of years, as processors and graphics in the systems have ramped up. Touchscreen gaming, however, has never been able to compete with the ease of controller-based gaming, leading several companies to create classic third party controller solutions such as the iCade.

According to Pocket Gamer, Apple is planning to debut its own controller solution, and soon. The site reports that Apple was at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, secretly talking to developers about its new gaming device.

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Denial of Service Attacks Crash iOS Messages App

attacksFollowing the iForgot security bug that allowed people to gain easy access to Apple ID accounts last Friday, Apple products are once again being targeted by malicious individuals.

According to The Next Web, some prominent iOS developers have experienced denial of service or DOS attacks on iMessage, causing the Messages app to completely shut down. The attacks, which TNW speculates are transmitted through the OS X Messages app using an AppleScript, flood the Messages app with text.

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Angry Birds Star Wars HD Receives Major Content Update with 20 New Levels and Steam Gameplay Mechanics

starwarsA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away a group of rebel birds stood up against the evil Pigtroopers, battling with lightsabers on a journey to destroy the Dark Lord of the Pigs. Now there’s an all new battle to fight, courtesy of developer Rovio, who today released Angry Birds Star Wars HD version 1.2.0.

With the update comes a brand new Cloud City episode, which includes 20 additional levels along with fun steam gameplay mechanics for a whole new piggy-fighting experience. Check out the video after the break to get a glimpse at the gameplay.

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In-App Purchases are Here to Stay – Revenue Hits New Record High

inapppurchaserevenueAccording to a new report from Distimo, in-app purchases remain an incredibly successful way of monetizing in the App Store. While in-app purchases in the United States were responsible for just half of iPhone App Store revenue in January 2012, that number has climbed significantly to 76 percent in February of 2013.

That means the majority of app revenue, both from the iPhone and the iPad, is now coming from the purchase of in-app items and currency. This is immediately evident in the App Store with a simple look at the apps that are earning the most money. On the list of Top Grossing iPad Apps, 19 of the top 20 are free apps. Of those 19 apps, 15 of them are freemium games such as Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and Megapolis.

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