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Shoot Up Hordes of Undead in Action-Packed Game Zombiewood – iPad Game Review

Happy Halloween! It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit, and if you need a great game to play while you hand out candy to trick or treaters tonight, take a look at Zombiewood, which is a brand new horror-themed game from Gameloft.

In Zombiewood, zombies have invaded Los Angeles, and the once fabulous and famous streets filled with celebrities have now been overrun with hordes of undead. Your goal? To wreak havoc on the zombie population.

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Google Takes Aim at Siri with New iOS Search App

Yesterday Google announced its impressive new line of Nexus tablets, and today the Mountain View-based company has dealt another blow to Apple with newly improved voice search capabilities in its Google Search app.

According to Google’s blog, the new iOS search app provides Google’s most advanced voice search yet. Not only can you search with voice command, you can also ask the app questions, which it will answer with Google search results.

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Issues Force Apple to Delay new iTunes Refresh

At its iPhone 5 event in September, Apple announced a new version of iTunes. iTunes 11, which features an intuitive redesign along with new features. The software was originally supposed to come out shortly after the announcement, in October.

Yesterday, Apple announced that it was planning to delay the debut of its newest version of the iTunes software until November. Here’s what Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr had to say about the decision:

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PadGadget Weekly Apps Series: Games for Halloween

For today’s Weekly App Series we’ve found great apps to add to your iPad collection. We have included six great games for Halloween in this week’s bundle. Our editorial team goes through the data, picks the best and most interesting apps and then brings them to you on a regular basis.

We used our PadGadget Apps Tracker to find these great apps and we’ll continue to look for the best apps on a weekly basis. Be sure to check them out because these games might just be what you’re looking for.

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The Ultimate iPad Media Room Flies at 35,000 Feet

Before he died, Steve Jobs was working on designing an enormous yacht, which was finally finished this weekend in Aalsmeer, Holland. The sleek white yacht, which now belongs to his family, is more than 70 meters in length and features seven 27-inch iMacs to handle the ship’s navigation and controls.

It’s fitting, then, that Dassault chose today to unveil its new Falcon 2000LXS, an aircraft that Steve Jobs would have approved of.

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Apple Expected to Sell Over 100 Million iPads Next Year

When Tim Cook took the stage at Apple’s iPad mini event, he announced that to date, Apple has sold over a hundred million iPads. That’s over the course of two years, as the first iPad debuted in March of 2010.

In 2012 and into 2013 Apple may sell 100 million more iPads, bringing its total sold to more than 200 million devices as sales of the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad ramp up.

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iOS Boss Leaves Apple

In a surprise press release today, Apple announced that two of its key employees are leaving the company. Both Scott Forstall, the Vice President of iOS Software, and John Browett, the head of retail, will no longer be employed by Apple.

As a part of this major restructuring, Apple employees Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue, and Craig Federighi will be taking on additional responsibilities with Ive heading up the Human Interface team across the company.

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Phillips to Sell iPad and iPhone Controlled LED Lights via Apple Retail Stores

Phillips has just come out with a new LED lighting system that is designed to be controlled with iOS devices. The smart bulbs, called the Phillips hue, are able to emulate nearly any color in existence, providing an entirely customizable lighting experience.

The Phillips hue will come in a starter pack of three bulbs that are able to screw into your existing lamps. There’s a bridge that plugs into your Wi-Fi router, and with the hue app on your iDevice, you can change the bulbs into any color you desire.

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Google Takes the Wraps off Latest Nexus Tablets – How do they Stack up Against the iPad?

Today Google announced three brand new Nexus devices in three sizes, all running the newest version of Android, 4.2, also known as Jelly Bean.

The three devices come in small, medium, and large, which translates to the Nexus 4, a smartphone, the nexus 7, Google’s already released 7-inch tablet, and the Nexus 10, a new 10-inch tablet.

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Must Have Emergency Apps to Download on your iPad Before Hurricane Sandy Hits

Hurricane Sandy is due to hit land on late Monday or early Tuesday, and some areas are already experiencing severe weather conditions due to wind and rain. If you’re in the hurricane’s path, make sure you and your iPad are prepared with this list of must have emergency apps.

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