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DIY Home Automation Apps and Accessories for your iPad

Apple’s iPad can wear many hats. It’s a game machine, a music player, an ebook reader, a notebook, and an entertainment device. It’s so advanced that you can even use it to control your entire home. That’s right, the iPad integrates with several different home automation systems, allowing you to control elements like lighting, temperature, alarm systems, and more.

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to get your hands dirty with a serious DIY project, check out a few of these systems and apps that will turn your house into a home straight from the future.

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Scosche Announces New Lightning-Compatible Charging Accessories

Apple’s new Lightning chargers have been around since the iPhone 5 debuted in September, but accessory manufacturers have been slow to come out with Lightning-equipped chargers and cables.

Scosche, known for creating a wide range of iPhone and iPad compatible products, has just announced several new Lightning accessories for both the home and the car that will soon be on the market.

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You Won’t Want to Miss Social War Simulation World at Arms: Wage War for Your Nation – iPad Game Review

In World at Arms, the United States of America is under attack from an evil alliance of highly trained forces. You play as the leader of the free world, and you must stand and do battle, fighting off enemy forces.

You will build military bases, train an army, and battle against or ally with other players across the world in order to achieve the ultimate goal – the final destruction of your enemies.

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Fight Zombies and Skeletons on the Railway in Storm the Train – iPad Game Review

Moving trains, guns, zombies, and awesome undead bosses, can you ask for anything more in a game? I vote no, and that’s why Storm the Train is one entertaining app.

In this side-scrolling platform game, you will play as one of three agents who have been sent to fight an endless stream of zombies, robots, and ninjas.

Each of the characters is equipped with weapons to destroy enemies. You will change direction and run forward with the arrows on the screen, and jump by touching the up arrow.

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Charge Two iDevices at Once with the Kanex DoubleUp Wall Charger – iPad Gear Review

These days, many of us own both an iPad and an iPhone, or we share a household with someone else who owns an iDevice. That means there are often cords coming out of every available outlet, and plug sockets become a valuable commodity.

If you want to end the plug wars in your home or just simplify your charging solution, the Kanex DoubleUp dual charger for the iPad and the iPhone is the perfect option. The DoubleUp plugs into an existing wall socket but provides quick charging power to two USB power adapters.

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Get Crafty With One of These Must Have Building Games

This week on PadGadget we’re focusing on all things crafty, and iOS games are no exception. When we think of crafting, hobbies like knitting, sewing, and crocheting may come to mind, but there are many ways to craft things.

You can express your creativity and your design skills digitally, using an array of world building games that allow you to create or manipulate whatever your heart desires. Want to get crafty this week? No need to grab the knitting needles – just pick up one of these ultra fun games.

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Nokia Takes Advantage of Apple’s Maps Debacle with New iOS Mapping Service

Apple’s Maps application is the most criticized feature of iOS 6 and the lack of accurate directions and public transportation information has led other companies to scramble to release products that improve upon the experience.

Nokia is one of the companies hoping to capitalize on the Apple Maps disaster. Today the former cell phone giant announced “HERE,” its new cloud-based mapping and location service.

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Apple Stores Still the Most Profitable Retail Business

This weekend I visited the newly opened Palo Alto Apple Store, which boasts a gorgeous glass design and more square footage than the previous Apple Store a few blocks away.

The store was, as always, just teeming with people. It was packed from the doorway to the Genius Bar in the back with folks checking out iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. It’s the same scene that I’ve witnessed in every Apple Store that I’ve ever been to.

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Explore A Creepy Castle In Monster Crew – iPad Game Review

Monster Crew, from BonusXP, is a fun endless platformer that uses one-touch combat. Your goal is to play as Frankie the monster, smashing everything in site to get points that will be used for bonus cards that will upgrade your character.

I think the first thing you’ll notice about this great little platformer is its graphics. Monster Crew has some impressive graphics, and both the characters and the backgrounds look really great.

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Check Out Full Metal Jacket Diary This Veteran’s Day

Full Metal Jacket Diary is a media-enhanced journal created from notes and photos that actor Matthew Modine kept while playing the role of Private Joker on the set of Full Metal Jacket as it was filmed.

Modine was encouraged by director Stanley Kubrick to keep a record of his experience, taking photos and keeping a journal. In 2005, Modine published a book, and from the book, came the Full Metal Jacket Diary app, which has been re-imagined as an interactive, audiovisual experience.

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