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eBay Unveils Store for Apple Certified Refurbished Products

There’s a new way to get a great deal on a fully functional Apple product, and it’s through eBay. The auction site has just introduced a new center on its website, which is dedicated to selling Apple certified refurbished products including iPads, MacBooks, and iPod touches.

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Dream of Pixels is Like Tetris in Reverse – iPad Game Review

I am a huge puzzle game fan, so much so that it’s one of my favorite game genres. I’ve always loved Tetris and other similar games that have come out in the App Store like Cubis Creatures and Slydris, and this week, a game came out that I just had to share with all of you.

Dream of Pixels is a cleverly designed game that plays like Tetris, only in reverse. Instead of placing blocks, you’re removing them to clear the cloud-filled puzzle board.

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Play as Your Favorite Cartoon Characters in Jumping Finn Turbo – iPad Game Review

Jumping Finn Turbo stars Finn and Jake, the main characters from the popular Cartoon Network television show Adventure Time. If you’re not familiar with the series, Finn is a 14-year-old human boy, and Jake is a dog with magical shapeshifting powers.

In this game, the Ice King has kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, you must help Jake and Finn rescue her. To do that, you will play as Jake, and kick Finn as hard as you can to send him flying through the air over and over again until he can get to the castle.

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Cable Providers Reportedly Conducting Network Impact Analysis for ‘Imminent’ Apple TV Launch

Apple TVNow that both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini have been released, the Apple tech world is running out of things to speculate about. So, guess what? We’re revisiting the Apple iTV once again!

According to a new research note from Jeffries & Co. analyst James Kisner, we’re going to be seeing a new Apple television-based product in the near future. This could potentially be a new set-top box or the connected television that’s been the subject of so many rumors. The article firmly states that it is “an unnanounced product, not the Apple TV product that is currently available.”

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Facebook’s iPad App Gets New Feature in Latest Update

Facebook’s mobile app was updated earlier today, adding a new “Share” button to friend’s posts on your news feed, making it easier than every to add your favorite content to your own feed.

The update has also added new tagging capabilities, so that you can tag your friends in posts, comments, and photos. You will now be able to add smileys, hearts, and emojis to your Facebook feed, and sorting is easier than ever with the new button next to the News Feed in the left sidebar.

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Google Ready to Submit iOS Maps App to App Store

GoogleMapsWhen Apple updated its mobile operating system to iOS 6, it kicked Google Maps to the curb. In previous versions of iOS, Google Maps powered Apple’s Maps app, but increasing rivalry between the two companies prompted Apple to go with an in-house mapping solution.

From the minute it was announced that Apple was ending its mapping relationship with Google, people began speculating about the release of a Google Maps app for iOS. Though we have yet to see that mythical app materialize in the App Store, there’s increasing evidence that it is coming any day now.

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Survey Indicates that many PC Upgraders Plan to Buy Mac, iPad Instead of Windows 8

Windows Users Weigh in on Their Next Purchase

Windows 8 has been hailed as the operating system that might finally give both Apple’s iOS and Apple’s OS X some serious competition, but according to a new survey from Avast, people just aren’t that into Windows 8.

Avast took a poll of more than 135,000 of its user base, the majority of which are users of Windows 7, and asked them some questions about Windows 8.

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Thieves Steal $1.5 Million Worth of iPad Minis from JFK

Back in September, a flight attendant was caught with an iPad that was stolen from an airline passenger. Just a few days later, another airport employee, a security agent, was caught with an illicit iPad, branding airports as a place where iPads simply aren’t safe.

While those were just petty crimes, thieves at JFK managed to pull off a major heist, stealing 3,600 iPad minis at an airport cargo station.

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Need to Repair an Electronic Device? Try iFixit: Repair Manual – iPad App Review

If you need to make a small repair to one of your iDevices or your MacBook, such as replacing a screen or changing a battery, the free iFixit Repair Manual is an app you can download that gives step by step directions on an array of different repairs.

iFixit, if you’re not familiar, is a site that often does teardowns of electronic devices, in addition to providing parts, tools, and instructions on repairs.

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Turns Out the iPad mini isn’t a Cannibal After All

When the iPad mini was announced in October, many of us began wondering how it would affect the sales of the full-sized iPad. The compact, thin-as-paper tablet started selling well right off the bat, with some of the minis selling out in mere minutes.

It seemed like the lower cost mini might overtake a good portion of the Retina iPad’s customer base, but according to a new survey from Cowen and Co., that isn’t going to be a problem after all.

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