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Mage Gauntlet is a Fantastic Old School Action RPG – iPad Game Review

magegauntletMage Gauntlet is an action RPG that has strong similarities to an old school Nintendo game, meaning it’s 16-bit, fantastically fun, and totally engrossing. It’s actually one of those oldie but goodie games, having originally come out in 2011.

In Mage Gauntlet, you will take on the role of Lexi, a would-be hero on a quest to prove herself. Lexi is equipped with a set of spells and sent to off adventure in a gauntlet, hence the name. As Lexi, the idea is to progress through the game, slaying an array of ever-more-difficult monsters and bosses.

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Apple ‘Spaceship’ Campus Behind Schedule and Over Budget

spaceshipcampusApple began designing and working on a second Apple campus in Cupertino back in 2011. The campus, which was said to be over 2.8 million square feet, features an out of this world design that have led many to refer to it as the “Spaceship.” According to a report from Bloomberg Businessweek, that radical new building that Apple will construct is currently $2 billion over budget and quite a bit behind schedule.

Five people involved with the building say that the $5 billion campus will now cost more than the new World Trade Center complex being built in New York City. It will house more than 12,000 Apple employees on 176 acres of land.

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Apple Follows Up Recent Apology with Ban of Chinese Book App for ‘Illegal Content’

jingdianshuchengEarlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an official apology to the people of China after China’s state-run media launched an aggressive attack against the Cupertino-based company for its warranty policies in the country.

The Chinese media targeted Apple for replacing iPhone parts under warranty with used pieces, a policy that has now been reversed. China is an important emerging market for Apple, so it is unsurprising that the company would go to great lengths to protect its relationship with Chinese officials. Apple, in fact, seems so intent on earning the good favor of the Chinese government that it today banned an app that includes content that is considered illegal in the country.

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Samsung Plans to Open 1,400 Apple-Style ‘Experience Shops’ Inside Best Buys

samsungstoreSamsung has been accused of copying everything from Apple’s smartphones to its tablets, and now Samsung wants to encroach on Apple’s retail style as well. Best Buy and Samsung have partnered up and plan to open 1,400 Samsung “Experience Shops” within Best Buy Stores throughout the United States.

Since Samsung does not operate standalone retail stores like Apple and Microsoft, the Samsung Experience in Best Buy is designed to give customers a way to interact with Samsung products in one accessible location. Like the Apple Store, Samsung’s mini stores will feature “Samsung Experience Consultants” to help consumers purchase items.

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Deal Alert: Best Buy Slashes iPad Costs, Walmart Offers iPad mini for $299

walmartminiYesterday we posted that Best Buy was offering the third generation at rock bottom clearance prices. That deal is still going on and you can snag a third generation 16GB Wi-Fi iPad for just $315 or a 32GB iPad for $385. That’s a major deal since the lowest price you can get for a 16GB mini from Apple is $379, in the refurbished section of its online store.

You can only snag one of Best Buy’s discounted iPads in-store, and some stores don’t have many in stock, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to purchase a shiny new Apple iPad at an amazing price.

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Patent Troll Company Lodsys Sues Disney for In-App Purchase Infringement

Where's My Water?Back in 2011, patent holding company Lodsys began suing iOS developers that used in-app purchases, claiming patent infringement. Though Apple stepped in to defend devs, Lodsys pursued settlement fees, receiving payouts from more than 150 companies.

After an October update stating that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office had upheld its claim to the in-app purchase patent, Lodsys went relatively quiet, until yesterday, when it filed a lawsuit against Disney and several other high profile developers.

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New iOS 7 Release Reportedly Delayed – But it Might be Worth the Wait

silver-apple-logoA Branch discussion took place last night between some of the most respectable and reliable Apple news sources and insiders. One fascinating tidbit of the chat came courtesy of John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who reported that Apple’s next mobile operating system, iOS 7, is behind schedule.

According to Gruber, iOS 7 is so far behind that Apple has pulled engineers working on the Mac’s next OS update to work on iOS instead (a statement that rings true as OS 10.9 is uncharacteristically late). The reason for the delay is unclear, but iOS 7 is expected to feature a major design overhaul, which could partially explain why development on the OS is lagging.

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Wacky App Wednesday: Leap Over Farm Animals As Buttermilk the Bouncing Baby Goat

buttermilkWelcome to another edition of Wacky App Wednesday, where I share some of the craziest, wackiest, and most awesome apps in the App Store. Last week I shared zany stress relieving app Smash Dude, designed for those of you who want to smash your problems away. This week I have a silly little game to share, that I thought was quite a bit of fun – Buttermilk- The Bouncing Baby Goat.

This is an app that’s actually based on a YouTube video that garnered quite a bit of attention! In the video, Buttermilk, the adorable little baby goat who is the star of the app, leaps around hopping right on her friend’s heads. It’s adorable, so make sure to check out the video after the break!

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PadGadget Photobooth: Need Inspiration? Check Out the Photography Assignment Generator for iPad

photogeneratorWelcome back to another week of PadGadget Photobooth, my weekly column that features an array of useful photography apps and accessories. Last week, I highlighted an app that I’ve come to find quite useful for adding text to photos, Path On, which allows you to create text that follows a freely drawn path. It’s an exceptionally neat concept, so you should check it out if you haven’t!

This week I’m sharing another app that I’m quite excited about because it is designed to give you project ideas. I don’t know about you, but while I love to take photos, I’m not always inspired and it can be tough to figure out a fun project to work on at times. Not to mention, I’m sure folks get tired of viewing pictures of my cats and the backyard squirrels! That’s why I was eager to check out the Photography Assignment Generator.

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Apple Sued for Trademark Infringement by Hearing Aid Company

earpodsApple’s lawyers sure do manage to keep busy! Earlier this week, Apple was sued by a Chinese film studio for selling pirated movies without permission, and today, a hearing aid company has sued Apple for trademark infringement over the snazzy new headphones that it released alongside the iPhone 5 in September, which it happened to name EarPods.

According to Randolph Divisions, a company that produces a digital hearing aid called the “HearPod,” the name EarPod is just to similar to its own name. As a result, the company has filed a trademark lawsuit against Apple in the Hawaii District Court in Honolulu. At least those lawyers get to travel to some fantastic locations, right?

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