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How to Create Quick and Easy Holiday Cards Using Your iPad

The first step to creating a great personalized holiday card is the perfect photo. You can use your iPad or your iPad mini to get a good picture, but make sure to download an app like Camera+ for iPad first, which will allow you to take a timed photo.

You can any kind of stand or tripod to stabilize your iPad, even a case if you have one that can be used to prop up the iPad, like Apple’s Smart Cover. Choose an outfit with simple colors, wait for the best lighting (daylight makes for a gorgeous photo, as does dusk, which is known as the magic hour), and wrangle the rest of the family into line.

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Cox Communications Expands iOS App Channel Offerings

CoxThis afternoon Cox Communications expanded its Cox TV Connect app, adding 56 additional national cable channels along with support for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Newly added television channels include Bio, Encore, Fox Business Network, Galavision, G4, Hallmark Movie Channel, Oxygen, Sprout, and the Tennis Channel, bringing the app’s total number of channels over 90.

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Microsoft Support Site Leaks References to Office for iOS

There’s been a lot of hubbub about whether or not Microsoft is actually planning on releasing an iOS version of its Office productivity suite. The Daily insisted we would see Office for the iPad in early 2012, but the software never materialized, and since then, all we’ve heard is rumor after rumor.

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Create Fun Photos with these Holiday Themed Photo Apps

There are plenty of fantastic photo editing apps in the App Store, like Snapseed, PhotoToaster, and FX Photo Studio, but did you know that there are also quite a few goofy, silly photo apps in the App Store?

We’ve tracked down some of the best holiday themed photo apps to decorate your pictures with trees, lights, reindeers, and more. Check out the list and this holiday season, delight your friends, family, and children with funny holiday photos.

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Another TSA Agent Arrested for iPad Theft

Sean Henry, a TSA baggage screener at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York was arrested this week, after being found in possession of two stolen iPads that were planted as part of an sting operation conducted by the Port Authority Police Department and the TSA.

Henry was caught with the two planted iPads, in addition to several other stolen items, including a MacBook Pro, two sets of Beats by Dre headphones, an iPad mini, an iPod, and an iPhone. Later, a search of his home turned up a stolen black Apple Macbook.

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U.S. Patent Office Tentatively Invalidates Key Apple Patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office finished reviewing Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 7,479,949, and found it invalid. The patent, which is known as the “Steve Jobs” patent because of Jobs’ role in its development, covers the functionality of multi-touch screens in the iPad, the iPhone, and the iPod touch.

This broad sweeping patent, which is for “a touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics,”covers 20 different claims, and it is a key patent in Apple’s claims against Samsung.

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PadGadget Essentials: This Week’s Must Have Holiday Apps and Tips

This week on PadGadget, we covered a range of topics that will help you with your holiday shopping and planning, from apps that keep track of all of your holiday presents to apps that will help you find the best deals out there.

We’re a week into December, so it’s time to start shopping, baking, and prepping for the holidays. Before you start, make sure to take a look at this week’s essentials for must have apps that will make the holidays less stressful and a lot more fun.

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iPad mini Now Ships in One Week in U.S. Apple Store

When the iPad mini preorders began in October, the white version of the tablet sold out in mere hours while the black version sold out within days. After the preorders sold out, shipping times slipped to two weeks, making it difficult to secure one of Apple’s diminutive tablets after its release date.

Today shipping times of all models of iPad minis have improved to just one week, meaning there’s still plenty of time left to get an iPad mini before Christmas.

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Christmas Shop from Your Couch with Catalog Spree – iPad App Review

We gave Catalog Spree a cursory look early last year, but this app is so conveniently easy to use that we had to revisit it. So just what is Catalog Spree? Well, it’s an app that aggregates catalogs from an array of different companies.

When Catalog Spree first debuted, it only featured 12 different catalogs, but now the app is home to hundreds of catalogs including those from major retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom. That’s an impressive evolution for the app, which is now a one stop shop for everything you might need!

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Picnic in the Park is a Cute and Colorful Board Game for Kids – iPad Game Review

Picnic in the Park is a bright and colorful kids board game that takes children on a fun-filled adventure through a park with lots of cute creatures. Kids will go on a quest to gather up food and drinks for their picnic baskets, and the first one to get to the picnic grounds with a full basket will win the game.

To start a game, you need to access the settings menu first, adding in the number of human players and the number of computer players. Kids can play this on their own against the iPad, but it’s best with other human friends.

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