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New Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender Amplifies Home Wireless Coverage and Supports Airplay

netgearNetgear, known for its range of computer networking equipment, introduced an exciting new product at CES 2013 today, the Universal Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender.

The Range Extender plugs into a wall socket or the included docking station and amplifies an existing Wi-Fi network, providing a much improved wireless signal throughout the home for all connected devices like tablets, laptops, game consoles, smart TVs, and more.

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Whip Your Restaurant Into Shape in Cook, Serve, Delicious! – iPad Game Review

cookserveTime management and simulation games are part of an ultra popular iPad genre, but most of those titles, like those in the Diner Dash series, give players little challenge.

That isn’t the case with Cook, Serve, Delicious, a serious restaurant simulation game that incorporates innovative touch gestures for cooking and preparing food.

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Crayola’s iPad Light Marker Lets You Create Artwork Out of Thin Air


Griffin has paired with Crayola to come up with an innovative new stylus designed for children. The Crayola Light Marker is a thick, easy to hold stylus that glows, perfect for budding young artists who want to practice their craft on the iPad.

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Belkin Looks to Turn Your iPad into a Handheld Home Theater


Belkin is planning on debuting a brand new portable, full-range speaker dock system for the iPad at CES 2013, called the Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater.

The system is designed to enhance movies, music, and games that are played on the iPad, creating an immersive audio experience.

Belkin’s new portable home theater adds high-efficiency, front-facing speakers to the iPad to project cinema-quality sound, and integrated air channels allow for the optimal airflow for improved bass frequencies.

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Man a Virtual Spaceship with Your Friends in Spaceteam – iPad Game Review

spaceteamSpaceteam is an innovative multiplayer game that combines button pushing and shouting in an incredibly entertaining way. In this cooperative game that’s designed to be played with friends or family, players will shout random phrases at each other in order to coordinate the safe operation of a virtual ship.

This is a free game, but each player will need to have an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod touch in order to play. You will also need to be in the same room, as Spaceteam is meant to be played face to face. The game syncs the devices together using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and then displays a matching set of ship controls on each device.

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Never Lose Important Items Again with the iOS Compatible StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers

sticknfindDo you often misplace important items like your keys, your phone, and your iPad? That won’t be a problem anymore thanks to an innovative new idea on Indiegogo, the StickNFind.

StickNFind is a product that consists of a small, quarter-sized Bluetooth-enabled sticker that can adhere to a wide range of items. You can stick it to items that are often lost around the house, including purses, keys, wallets, remote controls, tablets, and more.

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Attention Fruit Ninja Fans: Check Out This Swag!

fruitninjaIf you just can’t get enough of the ultra fun fruit slicing and dicing game Fruit Ninja, then you will want to take a look at Impecca’s new line of Fruit Ninja accessories for the iPad and the iPhone.

These accessories, like speakers, headphones, and iDevice covers, are all adorned with your favorite Fruit Ninja cast and crew, along with plenty of sliced up fruit!

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Help a Little Planet Find its Way Home in Paper Galaxy – iPad Game Review

papergalaxyPaper Galaxy, from Liquid Entertainment, is a puzzle game featuring a moon named Luna, who has simultaneously lost her way from earth and caught a cold. Players will use the little moon’s sneezes to rocket from planet to planet, in search of Luna’s lost home.

When I first opened Paper Galaxy, I was reminded of another paper-centric game, Paper Monsters, which featured a 3-D design that had been constructed out of paper, cardboard, and some bits and bobbles. Paper Galaxy has a similar design, with everything made from cute paper cutouts.

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Cool Hack Puts an iPad Mini into Your Ford Dashboard

ipadminimountOne iDevice-loving handy man installed his iPad mini into the dashboard of his Ford Truck, and the end product is so well done that the truck looks like it came fresh from the factory with the miniature tablet installed.

Of course, installing the mini was no simple task, requiring quite a bit of planning and foresight. Mark, the mind behind the install, had to remove the original stereo controls and then cut and add putty to make a the mini fit inside. Cutting into the dashboard of a truck is no small task.

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‘jOBS’ Film Starring Ashton Kutcher to Debut in April 2013

jobsThe much anticipated independent Steve Jobs film from director Joshua Michael Stern has been given a release date of April 2013 by Open Road Films and Five Star Feature Films, the studios producing the movie.

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