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AT&T Announces FaceTime Over Cellular on Any Tiered Data Plan

AT&T logoFaceTime over cellular was first announced by Apple when iOS 6 was introduced, and from the start, AT&T has had a draconian policy regarding the bandwidth-hogging FaceTime application.

After iOS 6 was officially seeded out to users in September, AT&T limited FaceTime over cellular to its customers on an expensive Mobile Share Plan or with an LTE device on a tiered data plan. Today the company loosened its rules a bit, allowing any customer on a tiered data plan to use FaceTime via cellular, but it is still forbidding its grandfathered unlimited data users from accessing the service.

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iPad Users Prove to be an Advertiser’s Dream

clickthroughratesAccording to new data from mobile ad platform MoPub, Apple’s iPad is proving to be the most popular device for displaying mobile ads, even over Apple’s iPhone. The reason? The iPad has extremely high click through rates, meaning when people see ads on the iPad, they’re more likely to check out the product.

Because of its high click through rates, advertisements on the iPad are also the most expensive, but it’s a worthwhile cost for advertisers.

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Russian Railways Sues Apple for Trademark Infringement

russianrailwaysAfter Apple used the design of the Swiss Railway Clock for the clock application in iOS 6, it was sued by the Railway for trademark infringement. Apple later settled, paying the Swiss Railway a $25 million licensing fee.

Today it was reported that yet another Railway is suing Apple for trademark infringement. The Russian Railways filed a trademark lawsuit against Apple, requesting 2 million roubles or $65,000.

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Satiate Your Inner Daredevil with Joe Danger – iPad Game Review

joedangerJoe Danger is a fantastic new iOS game that combines sidescrolling gameplay with hints of both racing and platforming games, resulting in an app that is incredibly fun and impossible to put down.

This is a game that puts you in control of the crazy daredevil Joe Danger, encountering and overcoming a slew of obstacles while pulling off dangerous, death-defying tricks for gold and glory.

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Analyst Predicts March Release for iPad 5 and Next iPad Mini

ipadandipadminiAccording to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, the next generation iPad and iPad mini may be released as soon as March 2013. White’s report comes in the wake of CES, and notes his observations from the trade show.

“Our checks at CES indicate Apple will release the iPad 5 and the second-generation iPad mini this March,” he wrote. “The iPad 5 is expected to be lighter and thinner than the iPad 4 that was released in October, while the form factor of the iPad mini should be similar to the first generation iPad mini that debuted in October.

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Popular Game ‘Cut the Rope iPad’ Gets Update with 25 New Levels

cuttheropehdlogoZeptoLab has been busy lately, first releasing Pudding Monsters HD and then giving us Om Nom lovers an augmented reality app, Om Nom Candy Flick, to play.

If that still wasn’t enough Om Nom for you, you’re in luck, because today Zeptolab also released an update for the original game that brought cute little Om Nom into our lives, Cut the Rope.

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iPad Potty Keeps Your Toddlers Entertained While They Do Their Business

ipottyCES 2013 saw the debut of some wacky products, including the electronic HAPIfork that measures how long it takes to eat a meal, and the iMusic BodyRhythm that massages you to the beat of your iDevice music, but possibly the most outrageous product was the children’s toilet equipped with an iPad dock.

That’s right, this ‘iPotty’ is your standard brightly colored potty training seat, but it also features a handy dock that can equip the third or fourth generation iPads. That means little Timmy or Suzy can play some Angry Birds while sitting on the potty waiting for that oh so important tinkling to begin.

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Redbox Instant Streaming Service with Verizon Officially Launching Before End of March

RedboxStreamingBack in February of last year, hints and rumors started appearing that Redbox might team up with Verizon to offer a streaming video business that would compete with Netflix’s own streaming video empire.

That rumor finally came to fruition in December, when Redbox and Verizon debuted the new Redbox Instant, a streaming service that opened immediately for beta sign ups.

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The Toddy Smart Wedge: A Simple Stand for Your iPad Mini – iPad Gear Review

toddywedgeI am a longtime fan of Toddy Gear’s products, and I regularly use a set of Toddy Smart Cloths to keep dust, fingerprints, and smudges off of the screen of my iDevices.

Earlier this year, Toddy expanded beyond simple cloths, adding a new Wedge, which is a dual-sided wedge-shaped beanbag that acts as both a stand and a cleaning device.

The Toddy Wedge was originally designed to function with the iPhone, and Apple’s iPad was too heavy to be supported by its small size and weight. That’s not the case with the ultra light iPad mini, however, which works perfectly with the Wedge.

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Race in Zero Gravity on a Futuristic Track in Repulze – iPad Game Review


Repulze is a futuristic top-down racing game from the creators of popular racing games like Reckless Racing and Reckless Getaway. It bears a remarkable resemblance to Wipeout Fusion, a similar game that was developed for the PlayStation 2.

This fast-paced new title puts you in the seat of an experimental hovercraft, driving as a test pilot for the Synthetics, a corporation that provides you with a series of scientific challenges to complete in the game.

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