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Opera Announces ‘Ice’ Browser for iOS

operam1Opera Software is working on a new browser for iOS. Called “Ice,” the browser is designed to be used on phones and tablets. Instead of using its standard engine, Presto, Ice will be powered by WebKit, which is is what both Safari and Chrome use.

Ice was first introduced back in December, but the video below demonstrating how it works surfaced just yesterday, from Pocket-lint. The video is from an internal meeting held before Christmas, and outlines the company’s strategy for 2013.

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Surf Through Space In Time Surfer – iPad Game Review

timesurferTime Surfer from Kumobius, the team behind Bean’s Quest, is an endless glider that can easily be described as Tiny Wings with a different skin. You may be controlling a surfer instead of a bird, and the game has added power ups, but the basic gameplay is the same.

As the Time Surfer, you will move forward continuously, leaping and jumping off of hills for speed boosts and to catch air time. In Tiny Wings the idea was to navigate these hills in a way to keep your speed going at all times, and the same is true of Time Surfer.

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iPad Display Supplier Sharp Cuts Production Numbers

iPad 3According to a report from Reuters that was published this morning, Sharp has cut its production of 9.7-inch screens designed for Apple’s full-sized iPad. Apparently, Sharp has stopped shipping panels and is making so few screens at its Kameyama plant in central Japan that it is now at the minimal level to keep the line running.

The slowdown originally began at the end of 2012, soon after the iPad mini was released in October, and can possibly be attributed to both consumer preference for the iPad mini and a seasonal drop in demand for the iPad after the holidays. It is also possible that Apple is using screens from another supplier.

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Hearst Titles Now Available Early on Apple’s Newsstand

hearstYou can now get Hearst magazines on your iPad days before they are available in print or through other digital sources thanks to a new feature that Apple implemented in Newsstand yesterday.

All of Hearst’s publications, including Esquire, Seventeen, Popular Mechanics, Cosmopolitan, and more, can now be downloaded early, both by existing subscribers and users who sign up to receive the magazines for the first time. Hearst has long been an Apple supporter, adopting the subscription model and bringing its magazines to the iPad in May of 2011.

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Developer Launches $100,000 Kickstarter Project to Bring Vendetta to iPad

vendettaonlineVendetta Online is a 3-D space-oriented science fiction MMORPG that’s been around since 2004, featuring realtime flight and combat for an immersive third person shooter experience.

The game, which is available on for Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems, allows players from all of those platforms to play in the same game world, and it may soon expand to iOS as well. The developer behind Vendetta, Guild Software, has launched a new Kickstarter project in order to raise money to bring the game to the iPad. Read More »

Strong iPad Mini Demand Causing Delays for Chinese Customers

applestorechinaWhen the WiFi version of the iPad mini launched in October in the United States, pre-orders for the diminutive tablets sold out within days. It’s still difficult to walk into an Apple Store and purchase one of the popular 16GB minis.

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Rolling Stone Finally Joins the iPad

rollingstonePopular music magazine Rolling Stone is available on the iPad as of today, bringing breaking music news, album and movie reviews, and rock star profiles to your tablet.

The app, in addition to including content found in the print version of the magazine, will feature interactive media support that includes exclusive photos and instant streaming music samples. Articles will also contain links to purchase songs directly from iTunes.

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STM Bags Debuts New Cases for the iPad Mini

stmbagsSTM Bags is an Australian manufacturer known for its high quality iPad cases and bags. Today the company announced a new lineup of iPad mini cases, offering a range of different designs for Apple’s smallest tablet.

The new STM iPad mini collection consists of three different slim fitting cases – the Skinny, the Grip, and the Marquee, along with a sleeve, the Jacket D7.

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Innovative Project Lets Users Drive Miniature Audis on Giant Track via the iPad

audislotcarsSlot Mods USA and Audi’s Canadian division have paired up on a fascinating new project, creating 1/32 scale Audis that can be raced on a carefully built test track using an iPad to control them. The project was part of a marketing program for the Audi quattro Experience.

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Apple and Amazon Ordered to Play Nice in “App Store” Trademark Dispute

app_store_icon1In early 2011, Amazon launched the Appstore for Android, which immediately put Apple on the defensive. The Cupertino-based company said that it had exclusive rights to the term “App Store,” and that Amazon’s similar “Appstore” name would confuse developers and consumers attempting to access Apple’s store.

Apple, who owns the “App Store” trademark, sued Amazon for using the name, and today, U.S. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte told the two companies that they must enter settlement talks before being allowed to fight over the name in a courtroom.

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