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Futureful is an Exciting New Smart Content Discovery App For iPad

futurefulFutureful is a new app from a Finnish startup, and it is backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis. The app works a lot like StumbleUpon, as a content discovery tool, but it is smarter and aims to merge machine learning with human understanding.

As a result, Futureful functions quite a bit differently than other content discovery apps that you might have used. It has an ultra simple interface, where it is impossible to type in a URL. This simple interface also makes it confusing to use at first, so make sure to spend a decent amount of time with it after you download it to learn just how it works.

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Charge Your iDevice With Your MacBook Anywhere Using The New PlugBug World

plugbugworldTwelve South, known for products like the BookBook for the iPad and the iPad mini, has released a new version of its popular PlugBug charger, the PlugBug World, which is an all-in-one USB iPad/iPhone charger that converts any MacBook Power adapter into a dual charger that can be used anywhere in he world.

The PlugBug plugs into your existing MacBook charger and allows you to use a single outlet to charge both the MacBook and an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device.

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Create Perfect Timelines to Share with Timeline 3D – iPad App Review

timelines3dTimeline 3D is an app that every teacher, educator, writer, or presenter should check out out, because it is a quick and simple way to make well designed multimedia timelines that can be shared at meetings, in classrooms, and more.

It can be used to create and present timeline charts for all kinds of events, from historical to personal. You can use the app to make and explain chronologies with an all new perspective, making it a great way to demonstrate timelines.

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Study Shows iPad is Now the Most Popular Device for Email

applemailAccording to a new study from Perion, the developer of popular mail client IncrediMail, the majority of iPad owners prefer reading and writing email on their tablets over their PCs and smartphones.

Perion surveyed 4,400 iPad users about the way that they use email to get the results, and 90 percent of respondents said that using email on the iPad was important. Two thirds of those surveyed check their email on the iPad more than three times a day.

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Top Ten Best Free Games for the iPad

ipadgameWe often feature free apps and games on PadGadget, and this week we thought we would share a list of some of our favorite games that are free to play, because there have been some great new titles released in the last few weeks.

Check out our list after the break for a great rundown on some of the best free apps in Apple’s App Store. Some are new, some are old, but all of them are worth downloading.

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Wacky App Wednesday: Flee from a Zombie Apocalypse in Organ Trail

organtrailWelcome to Wacky App Wednesday! This is the inaugural post of PadGadget’s newest app series, which will highlight one crazy awesome app each week. These apps may be silly, weird, bizarre, funky, funny, strange, or nutty, and they are all guaranteed to be just a little bit off the wall.

Of course, I never want to recommend an app or a game that isn’t a worthwhile download, so you can always expect these slightly zany apps to be high quality, from reputable developers, and worth purchasing.

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Have an iPad-related Question? Check Out Our New ‘Ask the Expert’ Column

asktheexpertWe spend a lot of time on our iPads here at PadGadget, testing out apps, playing games, and discovering new tricks. As a result, we are essentially iPad experts, and now we want to share that knowledge with you.

Each week we will be accepting questions from you, our readers, which we will answer in this new column. You can ask us anything, from how to use a feature on your iPad, to the best apps for a certain task, and anything in between.

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PadGadget PhotoBooth: iPad Photography Essentials

photoipadPhotography, both with my iDevices and my DSLR, is a hobby that I am passionate about. I make it a point to find and explore awesome photography apps and accessories for the iPad, and over the past two years I have shared many of those with PadGadget readers.

I plan to continue to share my favorite accessories and apps, in the form of a new photography series that I will post on a regular basis. Every week I will discuss an app, an accessory, a photo tip, or something else picture related.

I hope this series will help you find new apps that will allow you to improve your iPad photography or incorporate it into your photography workflow. I’m sure there will be a few amazing accessories to discover too!

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Riven for iPad Presents an Old School Puzzle Solving Challenge – iPad Game Review

rivenMyst and its sequel Riven are the games that inspired an entire genre of adventure puzzle titles. First released in 1997, Riven is set after Myst chronologically, and asks players to help Atrus free his wife from Gehn, his father. Unlike Myst, Riven takes place in one world during the Age of Riven.

When I fired the app I was immediately transported back to the day when I opened Riven on my computer for the first time so many years ago. The game is the same as it was then, even down to the graphics. If you’ve played Riven before, you will want to revisit it again on the iPad, and if you haven’t, this is a great opportunity to play an iconic game.

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Can a Flying Squirrel Save the Day? Find Out in Momonga Pinball Adventures – iPad Game Review

momongaMomonga Pinball Adventures mixes cute characters and a compelling storyline with action-oriented pinball gameplay. In this app players take on the roll of Momo, a flying squirrel who is determined to defeat the forces of evil after a band of wicked owls turned his village into ashes.

To go along with the sweet characters and the endearing plot line, Momonga Pinball Adventures features a unique muted art style and crisp, hand drawn graphics that look fantastic on all of Apple’s devices.

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