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Apps to Prepare for Super Bowl XLVII

superbowlThe countdown has begun for the big game. This Sunday, February 3, the Baltimore Ravens will play against the San Francisco 49ers, in a game that will decide who is the NFL champion of the year. That’s right, it’s time for Super Bowl XLVII!

With just days remaining before the game, it’s time to get the party planning started. If you’re a football fan, you’ve likely got something big going on for the Super Bowl, so we wanted to hunt down some apps that will help you out. Whether you’ve got a party to plan or you just want to watch the game, check out our list of apps after the break.

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Wacky App Wednesday: This is Not an App

thisisnotanappKeri Smith is a writer and illustrator who has a unique vision. Years ago, she came up with an all new self-expressive approach to journaling with her book “Wreck This Journal,” which was filled with ways for users to make messes and mistakes in their writing without holding anything back.

Keri’s journal was so popular that it was turned into an app, Wreck This App, and now there’s a sequel to that original app, called This is Not an App. Can you think of a better selection for Wacky App Wednesday? I sure can’t!

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Collect Your Lost Belongings from Kleptomaniac Dinosaurs in Sneak Peek – iPad Game Review

sneakpeekSneak Peek is dinosaur-themed retro-style arcade platformer that’s simple to play but hard to put down. In this game players will traverse levels, avoiding T-rexes afflicted with kleptomania.

If that sounds like an inventive theme, trust me, it is. The idea behind the game is that these rampaging T-rexes have stolen your belongings, so you must go through level after level collecting your items while avoiding giant dinosaur teeth.

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PadGadget’s Ask the Expert – Get All Your iPad Questions Answered

asktheexpertAfter last week’s inaugural post, we got a slew of great questions from our PadGadget readers. I am going to answer a few of them today, so check after the break to find out about iCloud, multitasking, multiple users, and more.

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PadGadget Photobooth – Check Out These Great Photography Magazines

cameraiconLast week I introduced PadGadget Photobooth, where I will be sharing photography apps and accessories that have been designed for Apple’s iPad. The iPad is a great resource for taking and editing pictures, but this week, I thought I would highlight another great use for the iPad – entertainment.

If you have a spare moment or two and are looking to learn some new photography tips, a photography magazine on your iPad can be just the ticket. There are actually quite a few photography magazines you can download, so I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites.

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Defend the Mushroom Kingdom in Mushroom Wars — iPad Game Review

mushroomwarsMushroom Wars was originally a game on the PlayStation Network, which has been successfully ported to iOS. The game focuses on the Mushroom Kingdom, which has been threatened by a menacing unknown enemy.

The peace of the kingdom is at risk, so it’s your job to use the Mushroom Army to restore peace to the forest in this real time strategy game that encourages you to decimate enemy tribes while capturing strategic locations.

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Staples Gearing Up to Sell Apple Products in US

staplestestAccording to recently discovered evidence, it appears that well-known office supply store Staples may soon be offering Apple products for sale both online and at their retail locations in the United States.

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Apple May be Releasing New 128GB iPad

New iPadWith the advent of the Retina iPad, app downloads have been growing larger and larger in order to accommodate better graphics. In addition, as the iPad gets older, people acquire more content, including apps, movies, books, and music.

While a 64GB iPad was large enough in the past, that’s often no longer the case for many users, and it seems like Apple agrees. It appears Apple is working on releasing a full-sized iPad with more storage space, doubling the 64GB capacity to 128GB.

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Take on the Role of a Rollerblading Waiter in Cocktail Run – iPad Game Review

cocktailrunCocktail Run is a crazy tilt motion racing game from Flying Gamer where players take on the role of a rollerblading bar waiter, delivering drinks to patrons and collecting money while trying to stay upright.

The idea is to skate around handing out drinks, but you have to make sure not to spill them or break glasses, which is a challenging prospect because of the tilt motion controls.

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Love Donkey Kong? Give Endless Runner Banana Kong a Try – iPad Game Review

bananakongThe endless runner genre has exploded thanks to ultra popular titles like Temple Run 2, and it seems like every week there’s at least one new endless running game to play.

That means the genre is a bit saturated, so successful new games in this category should be fun, innovative, and addictive, adding never before seen gameplay elements. While Banana Kong, a new endless runner from FDG, delivers in the fun category, it is sorely lacking in the innovative and addictive categories.

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