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Chinese Labor Watchdog Group SACOM Says Apple is Failing at Humane Labor Practices

Foxconn Factory WorkersFollowing reports about human rights and labor violations in its supplier factories, Apple joined the Fair Labor Association in an effort to demonstrate its commitment to the well being of the workers in its supply factories. Apple also has a strict code of conduct, which suppliers must adhere to in order to work with Apple.

This code is monitored by Apple, and the company also maintains a yearly progress report. The 2013 report showed that Apple had increased audits by 72 percent throughout 2012, with a total of 393 audits conducted. Despite this effort by Apple, Hong-Kong based labor watchdog group Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, or SACOM says that the Cupertino-based company still isn’t doing enough to monitor the labor practices of its suppliers.

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U.S. Department of Defense to Open Networks for 100k Apple and Android Devices

ipad3The U.S. Defense Department announced that it would be opening its communications networks to phones and tablets from Apple, along with devices using the Google’s Android operating system. Earlier this month, CACI International reported that it was modifying iPads for use in government agencies, which are presumably the tablets that will be allowed on the newly opened networks.

Currently, employees at the Pentagon use BlackBerry devices. There are approximately 450,000 BlackBerry phones in use, so a switch to Android and iOS could significantly hurt BlackBerry’s dominance in government agencies. While employees do currently use 41,000 Apple products and 8,700 Android devices, the products aren’t connected to Defense Department networks, except when used for testing.

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Apple Among Dozens of Companies to Support Gay Marriage at U.S. Supreme Court

silver-apple-logoMultiple big name companies, like Intel, Facebook, Zynga, and Apple, will urge the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage across the nation, saying that the same-sex marriage bans in 41 different states damage workplace morale and undermine recruiting. Only nine states currently permit same-sex marriage.

The group of companies plans to petition the court at some point this week, because the court will be evaluating California’s Proposition 8, a state constitutional amendment that passed in 2008, in March.

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Wacky App Wednesday: Make Creepy Creatures with the Daily Monster

dailymonsterWelcome to another edition of Wacky App Wednesday, where I share some of the craziest, wackiest, and most awesome apps in the App Store. Last week I shared super fun kick-the-kitty app Hackycat, and this week I have another fun app for you guys, which allows you to create your very own monsters.

The Daily Monster Monster Maker is an app that comes to you from, which is a site run by Stefan G. Bucher.

Bucher is an artist who creates unique monster drawings from ink blots by putting a blob of ink on a piece of paper and then blowing on it to create different shapes each time. The Daily Monster app replicates that process in a fun way.

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Get All Your iPad Questions Answered with PadGadget’s Ask the Expert

asktheexpertWelcome to another week of Ask the Expert, where we here at PadGadget answer all of your iPad questions. Last week we covered transferring DVDs to your iPad, clearing up lost space, and syncing podcasts.

This week we’re answering questions on using multiple applications at once, saving and archiving emails, and creating folders, so check after the break to get a few iPad tips or to ask a question yourself.

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PadGadget Photobooth: How to Create Gorgeous HDR Photos on Your iPad

hdrYou have probably seen a gorgeous photo with what looks like impossible lighting, even if you don’t know what the effect itself is called. Those HDR photos, or high dynamic range images, use an increased range between the lightest and the darkest areas of an image in order to create an photo with a more intense light effect.

Essentially, HDR photos are composite images, made up of several different pictures with different exposures that have been compiled together to create one stunning image.

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Apple to Pay Parents $5 in iTunes Credit for Kids’ Downloads as Part of Lawsuit Settlement

smurfberriesWith older versions of iOS, it was possible to make in-app purchases without using a password for 15 minutes after signing in to iTunes. That meant that kids who were using their parents’ iPads occasionally racked up exorbitant in-app purchase fees. For example, in late 2010, several parents were exceedingly angry when children purchased high quantities of smurfberries in the Smurfs’ Village.

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Heal Them All is a Fun Tower Defense that Supports a Good Cause – iPad Game Review

healthemallHeal Them All is a new tower defense style game from Shortbreak Studios, in which players repel invading germs and viruses to save sick children. This is a game that was created in cooperation with the “Cape of Hope” foundation, which is constructing a new oncology ward in a children’s hospital in Poland.

The game, which is available as a trial version for free, donates some of the proceeds to the foundation, so not only is this a fun tower defense, it also supports a good cause. Read More »

Take on the Role of a Challenge-Solving Robot in C-Bot Puzzle – iPad Game Review

cbotC-Bot is a puzzle game for the iPad that promises to test both your reasoning and your agility. The game stars C-Bot, an adorable little white robot that is owned by Doctor Puzzle, a young scientist. C-Bot is awfully cute, and looks quite a lot like a square version of lovable Disney robot Eve, from Wall-E.

As the story goes, C-Bot was abandoned in a laboratory, which activated him. He wakes up all alone and confused in the lab. He doesn’t know who he is or where he needs to go, so it is up to you to help him escape the puzzles of the lab and discover his history.

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Help a Little Blue Amoeba Retrieve His Lost Memories in Cyto – iPad Game Review

cytoPhysics based games have always been overwhelmingly popular in the App Store. Angry Birds, with its cute but furious feathered characters has managed to sell millions of copies, turning it into a thriving franchise. Birds are so overdone, though, right? It’s time for a new cute character, and what’s better than a sweet little blue alien organism named Cyto?

Cyto is a physics-based puzzler from Chillingo, a publisher that has been putting out some solid games lately. In the game, poor Cyto has lost his memories, so he must float around in the primordial abyss hoping to hunt them down. That’s where you come in – you will help direct Cyto towards his memories in each level.

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