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iPad Clearly Still Top Choice with Consumers – Almost 50% of Prospective Tablet Buyers Want an iPad

tabletpurchasesIn Apple’s first quarter revenue call, the company reported that it had sold a whopping 23 million iPads during the holiday season, thanks to the release of the iPad mini in October.

Both the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad have proven to be incredibly popular, and according to a new report from the Yankee Group, the iPad is still the number one tablet that prospective buyers are interested in purchasing.

Among the 506 potential tablet buyers surveyed, 47 percent of them plan on buying an Apple iPad. The next closest competitors were Amazon and Samsung, with 7 percent of those interviewed planning to buy one of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets, and 6 percent planning to buy a Samsung tablet like the Galaxy Note.

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iPhone Users Suing Apple over Location Services Want to Turn Lawsuit into Class Action Filing

safarilocationIn 2011, Apple was sued by two iDevice users for alleged privacy invasion and computer fraud. The duo accused the Cupertino-based company of secretly recording and storing the location and movement of iPad and iPhone users.

Apple, naturally, took offense to the accusation. The plaintiffs, an iPhone user in Florida and an iPad user in New York, requested that Apple be banned from requesting location data in the lawsuit. They also asked for a refund on the purchase price of their devices.

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Judge Reduces Apple’s Damages in Samsung Trial to $598 Million

samsungvsappleApple and Samsung have been in a long, exhaustive legal battle that came to a head back in August, when a jury found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple’s patents. As a part of the decision, the jury awarded Apple over a billion dollars in damages. $1,051,855,000 to be exact.

Samsing, obviously, filed an appeal, which ended up being partially successful. As noted by Foss Patents, Judge Lucy Koh today decided that Samsung only has to pay $598,908,892 in damages. She has also ordered a retrial to determine new damages for the remaining balance of $450.5 million, which means that the Apple vs. Samsung saga is going to continue on for quite some time.

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Become a CDC Disease Detective in the Solve the Outbreak – iPad App Review

cdcSolve the Outbreak is actually an app that was developed and published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It may be listed in the education category, but in reality, it’s more fun than some of the games out there in the App Store.

In Solve the Outbreak, players take on the role of a Disease Detective. The goal is to look for clues and analyze data in order to solve mystery disease cases and save lives. You will need to complete actions like quarantining sick villages, interrogating sick people, and developing lab results. If you’ve ever dreamed of working for the CDC, this is the app for you.

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Sporos Offers Simple But Challenging Gameplay in a Pretty Package – iPad Game Review

sporosSporos is a simple puzzle game that’s surprisingly challenging, with crisp, neon graphics and a decidedly biological atmosphere. The goal in the game is to infect all of the cells on the board, causing them to light up in phosphorescent colors.

To play, you will drag seeds known as sporos onto the board, one at a time, arranging them in a way to activate all of the spaces on the level. The seeds need to grow through every row and column, which requires both logical thinking and experimentation.

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Lili is a Breathtaking Flower-Plucking Adventure RPG – iPad Game Review

liliLili is a totally gorgeous adventure RPG with a compelling storyline and entirely unique gameplay. The game stars Lili, a Lara Croft-esque main character on the lovely island of Geos, who is working on her degree in vegi-magic.

Vegi-magic is indeed as interesting as it sounds, and you will help Lili with her work by collecting an array of arcane flower samples, which, coincidentally, happen to grow on plant constructs. The plant constructs on the island are under the power of the tyrannical spirits, and after befriending the constructs, Lili decides to free them from their spirit overlords.

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Apple Scores the Top Spot on Fortune’s List of Most Admired Companies

toprankingcompaniesFortune released its “World’s Most Admired Companies” list for 2013 yesterday, and unsurprisingly, Apple is at the top of the list once again.

Apple has been Fortune’s most admired company for the past six years in a row, thanks to its ultra successful product line and its unparalleled customer service. Read More »

Run Through Puzzle-like Obstacle Course Levels in Grudger – iPad Game Review

grudgerGrudger is a puzzle runner that takes place in a steampunk style world filled with wooden platforms, trains, pipes, and other dangerous obstacles. The idea is to run through each level, using the environment in innovative ways to make your way to the end of the stage.

You will jump over gaps, duck under pipes, bounce off of walls, and reverse direction in order to get through each level, and figuring out each level can be a formidable challenge.

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Spunk and Moxie is an Addictive One-Touch Platformer – iPad Game Review

spunkSpunk and Moxie is a fun and unique platformer that stars a couple of piles of goo grown in a secret lab by an evil scientist. The scientist was developing a formula to give himself extreme athletic powers and that formula mutated into the gooey duo known as Spunk and Moxie.

The two goos are filled with energy and will bounce endlessly through the level. You can control their jumping, but Spunk and Moxie will zip through each stage on their own, meaning all you can try to do is corral them into the right direction to complete a level. Read More »

Tapbots Uses Unique Approach to Expose Tweetbot App Pirates

tweetbotpiracyJailbreaking iDevices has become quite popular, as evidenced by the download rate of the recently released evasi0n jailbreak. The newest jailbreak was installed on more than seven million devices just four days after it came out.

While jailbreaking proponents often explain that they jailbreak their iOS devices for greater customizability (and there are quite a few high quality apps available only for jailbroken devices), there is no denying that jailbreaking is often done to obtain pirated versions of apps. You may not know this, but developers can tell when their apps have been illicitly obtained, and oftentimes, it can cause quite a loss in revenue.

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