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Make NoteLedge Your Go-To Productivity Tool — iPad App Review

If you are the kind of person who brings your iPad to meetings instead of a pen and paper, you should take a look at NoteLedge. Instead of using a different app for every function, NoteLedge brings together handwriting, typing, audio and video recording.

Not only can you capture all of this content, the built in “Navigator” lets you crop, cut and paste content of any type and place it anywhere you want within your notes.

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Work Out Your Aggressions in Slap That Zombie – iPad App Review

Slapping somebody is one of those things that is incredibly fun and entirely inappropriate and therefore doesn’t happen very often.

In Slap That Zombie your open-faced hand is your weapon of choice as you whack your way toward rescuing the humans (as long as you do better than I did and don’t actually slap them too).

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Create a Custom Story Book for Your Kids With These iPad Apps

Tis the season for iPads to join families, many of which include children who will be using the tablets for the first time. The available apps are countless, whether you reach for something educational or just purely entertaining… but why choose? With a personalized storybook, you can put your child into the story while enjoying all the benefits of reading books together.

Take a look at a few excellent choices for creating your own personalized storybooks, starring your child!

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Make Your Web Browsing Easier with Listango Bookmark Manager – iPad App Review

Sometimes a really simple solutions comes along that solves a problem you may not have even been aware of. We can browse the web on our desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and even machines at work –with a different bookmark list in each location.

The beauty is in the simplicity: Listango gives you access to your bookmarks (organized just how you like them) on any computer, tablet, or phone.

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Apple Working Double Shift to Release Maps ‘Version 2.0’

It is a good thing that senior-level Apple executives thrive on pressure, because there is no question that Eddy Cue has his fair-share with the impending release of the previously-failed (at least as far as the general public is concerned) Maps app.

We know that there are resource changes happening at Apple, but it seems the are also kicking development into high gear (working double shifts) in preparation for Maps version 2.0.

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Make Waistline Amends for Thanksgiving with Workout Trainer – iPad App Review

This is a really tough time of year for just about anybody. We start eating at the Thanksgiving table and we pretty much don’t stop until the New Year. Delicious food abounds and exercise is often the last thing on our minds while we rush to get everything done before Christmas. Fortunately, Workout Trainer is around to lend an app-enhanced hand with “thousands of free workouts and premium programs.”

You start by telling the app a little bit about yourself (like your birthdate, available time for working out and intensity level) and then identifying your fitness goals (whether that means working off that excess Thanksgiving turkey or just trying to get a little more toned).

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Recruit a Trusted Travel Companion with TripRider – iPad App Review

A truly fantastic trip takes a lot of planning then afterward it’s fun to share with your friends and family. TripRider is the perfect app to have on hand, helping you “organise, capture and share your journey.” Whether you travel alone or with a group of friends, TripRider will make certain that you are prepared.

With TripRider you can spend time enjoying your journey and remove the stress of getting ready for it!

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Embrace Your Love of Animals in PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue – iPad App Review

Whether you have a soft spot for cute hamsters, guinea pigs, sweet bunnies, playful cats or cuddly dogs, PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue gives you the opportunity to care for a variety of animals. With a little in-app guidance, you will learn that each animal needs food, water, a clean place to live and attention.

On the surface, this app seems very strightforward –but there is a depth to it that you will only notice if you play it through to the end of the tutorial phase. One task has you changing litter in the animal pens, but beyond that you need to first get the appropriate supplies out of storage, complete your cleaning task, dispose of the dirty materials in the trash and then take any remaining supplies back to storage. The point is simple: learn to be responsible and organized, two very important life skills.

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Join the Caped Crusader in Batman: Stickers with Sounds – iPad App Review

The only thing better than Batman is the cast of eight villainous characters he has to fight against to keep the city safe.

In Batman: Stickers with Sounds you get the benefit of an eBook with the interactive fun of stickers. From the moment I opened the app I was impressed by the bright and colorful high-resolution images and the strikingly clear audio.

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WaterField Designs Announces the New Indy Mini

Sure your iPad Mini may be in a case, but if you are one of the men, women or children who don’t also carry a purse, backpack or briefcase, it doesn’t matter whether your tabled is 7″ or 10″ –it still isn’t easy to carry because it is too large for your pocket. This is where the new Indy Mini by WaterField comes in handy: “a minimalist, leather shoulder bag to carry the iPad mini and a few necessities.”

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