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MS Office for iPad to Hit Store Shelves Soon

Microsoft Office

Fans of the Microsoft Office Suite will be happy to know that they will soon have the option of working with Word, Powerpoint and Excel directly and natively on their iPad. Microsoft is reportedly submitting their application to the Apple App Store very soon.

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Jazz Up Your Presentations with Templates for Keynote Pro 2.0

Templates for Keynote ProIf you love and use Keynote for your presentations, Templates for Keynote Pro 2.0 is the must-have app that take your delivery to the next level.

For those of us lacking the graphic design gene but keenly aware of how lame it looks when you deliver a presentation to a group of people familiar with Apple’s Keynote software (and therefore already tired of the 12 built-in templates it comes with), this app goes a long way toward making you look professional and impressive.

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Laugh and Bash with Max & Ruby: Max’s Mole Mash – iPad App Review

Max and RubyThose of you with toddlers in your life will already be familiar with Max & Ruby, brother and sister bunnies who always have something to teach your child. Always insistent on good manners and good behavior, this television show is one that I don’t mind my kids watching –making me delighted to see that they also had an iPad game available!

Using the old ‘whack-a-mole’ premise, this game is equal parts fun and educational. Sure it might be goofy and encourage you to swing around your mallet to smash gophers, but it also teaches hand-eye-coordination and also requires that your child pay very close attention so they don’t hit anything other than gophers!

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iPad 3 Forces Amazon to Rush New Tablet Designs

Kindle FireFortunately for Apple this is the way it always seems to go down. First they release something innovative and new with all of the features that consumers have been asking for and then for the next year or so we watch as competitors do their best to catch up, releasing products that they think will be able to compete. And then Apple releases the next update and we start again.

Such is the way it seems to be going here, with Amazon planning a 10″ version of their successful Kindle Fire tablet.

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Want to Build an iOS App? – Apple’s New Tutorial Tells You How

iOS Developer

Building an iOS app may sound like a daunting task even for a more seasoned developer, but Apple wants to help.

Promising a “fun and rewarding” experience, Apple has created a series of tutorials designed to step you through the entire development process beginning with setup, continuing through the fundamentals and ending with development and next steps. You starts by installing the tools you will need, and touching on the language, basic tasks, frameworks, design patterns, human interface design, app design and then the app store so you can publish your creation.

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Another iPad 3 Sighting Points at an 8MP Camera

iPad 3We’re getting close. The iPad 3 is in the air and the rumors are starting to be a little less fuzzy and a little more tangible. With new images leaked of the apparent rear casing on the new iPad, Electronista reported on our hopes of a newer, better camera will be realized.

It may seem like grasping, but a side-by-side comparison of the old iPad versus the supposed new iPad 3 shows a larger rear lens giving credence to the rumor that we can expect an 8MP camera.

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iPad Makes Kindergarteners Smarter

School ChildrenApple’s strong commitment to education has been seen time and again in the partnerships and programs they sponsor and the devices and machines they build. A recent research study conducted in Auburn, Maine has shown that “Kindergartner students using iPads scored better on literacy tests than students that didn’t use the device.”

The study followed 16 Kindergarten classes (129 students had the use of an iPad, while 137 students were taught without) as they put iPads to the test over 9 weeks of study. All 266 students were evaluated before and after the study with those using the iPad outperforming the others without question.

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Create and Manage File Archives with WinZip on Your iPad

WinZipIf you have been using a computer for more than about 10 minutes, you have encounter a .zip file. Used as a method of compressing large files down to a more manageable size, .zip archives are also a great way to bundle multiple files together for ease of transfer and transport.

And now you can review these file archives directly on your iPad with WinZip, made available by the same experts who have been at this technology for the last 20 years.

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iOS 5.1 May Roll in “Ready Camera Button” on Lock Screen

iPhone Camera Button

Okay, with a show of hands, how many of you have virtually stopped using your regular point and shoot cameras now that you have an iPhone? Sure, there are a few limitations (that did improve significantly with iOS and the iPhone 4S) but all in all the pictures are pretty decent and the convenience can’t be beat… especially if you are like me and never have your phone more than arm’s reach away.

This said, accessing the camera when your iPhone screen is locked can be a very frustrating (and time consuming) process, requiring a double-tap on the home button that I can never seem to get quite right the first time somehow. It may sound silly to complain about a few extra seconds of fussing around to access this feature, but when you only have a moment to capture your photograph, every second counts.

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Google Tracking Mobile Safari Users Despite Privacy Settings?

Mobile SafariApparently privacy settings are only actually respected when they service the needs and interests of Google. According to the Wall Street Journal, even though people had intended for their web surfing details to be protected and blocked, Google was still monitoring user’s browsing habits.

Google swiftly disabled this code after being contacted by The Wall Street Journal yesterday.

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