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Google CEO Larry Page About Apple: “It Would be Nice if Everybody Would Get Along Better”

larryFortune Magazine’s Senior Writer Miguel Helft recently had the opportunity to spend a little quality time with Google co-founder and CEO, Larry Page.

With an estimated worth of a measley USD $20.3 billion, Page is one of the wealthiest men in America (if not one of the more influential, particularly in the tech industry). So what did Page talk about? Self-driving cars, mostly… that, and wishing Google and Apple could find themselves in a big group hug.

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Travel to China to Solve an Exotic Mystery in Judge Dee – iPad App Review

The entire population of the small town of Wu Ling is hit by the curse of the God of the City, punctuated by the death of mayor’s son, Chen, on his birthday. Your job is to take on the role of Judge Dee who is commissioned to try and solve the mystery and put an end to the city’s current fate.

Written by the scriptwriter responsible for the Nancy Drew™ series, Judge Dee is rich with story-telling content.

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Final Fantasy IV Joining iOS on December 20

The latest title in the Final Fantasy game series, Final Fantasy IV, is set to become an early Christmas gift for lovers of the franchise. Available on iOS beginning December 20, Final Fantasy IV is arriving just in time to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary.

Final Fantasy has long-since been a beloved series of RPG-style games with a strong focus on a character-driven plot featuring dramatic and complex storytelling.

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Apple TV Holiday Apps Mistake, A Sign for Tighter Integration with iOS Devices?

Apple may have given us an early Holiday gift by way of a spoiler regarding what may come to the Apple TV: apps! You can see for yourself by grabbing your Apple remote and navigating to Movies> Genres> Classics> Holiday Music, Movies, and More –though if you click on the link to ‘Apps and Games’, nothing is displayed or available for sale (though this strikes many observers as unusual, because if we are meant to wait for this new feature, why have a time-sensitive category at all right now?).

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Solve a Kingdom of Puzzles in Kings Can Fly – iPad App Review

Solving puzzles is an addictive iPad activity that you will never grow tired of. In Kings Can Fly there are over 60 levels set in his kingdom up in the sky in which you must guide the King’s airships through mazes and out of harm’s way (like keeping them free from dangerous spikes) using… wind; strategically place fans to guide those airships safely to their destination.

Filled with absolutely cute, whimsical graphics and punctuated by a fun soundtrack, Kings Can Fly is the perfect puzzle game for kids (and groups) of all ages.

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T-Mobile USA Plans to Introduce Apple Products in 2013

It’s official, Apple products will be available through T-Mobile in 2013. The plans were unveiled Thursday at Investor’s Day by company CEO Rene Obermann though the details did not include specifically which devices would be available. Speculation suggests that their offering will include both the iPhone and iPad models.

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Embrace Your Inner Farmer in Hay Day – iPad App Review

A great many of us can barely keep a houseplant alive and we certainly haven’t harvested a crop or milked a cow (or painted a barn), but Hay Day lets us pretend that we are farming experts! One of the first activities in the game involves buying some chickens which brings eggs to the party while getting you closer to owning pigs, sheep, horses or goats.

Of course, it’s all very good to own the animals but they also require feeding and care; meaning it doesn’t take long before you realize just how much work the job entails.

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Does the World Really Need Single-Purpose Tablets?

Everybody wants a ‘tablet’. Everybody wants to do this, that or the other thing on their tablet. What is the number one item on your holiday wish list? A tablet. They are popular, they are convenient and there are options. Whether you play for team iPad, prefer team Android, have your fingers crossed that Microsoft finally has things figured out, refuse to bail on team BlackBerry, or have your sights set on some other flavor entirely… there is a tablet out there for every body.

We are taught as children that having focus is a good thing. Does the same theory apply to our electronics? So in a sea of possibilities, are some choices better than others?

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Get Into the Giving Mood with Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift – iPad App Review

It doesn’t matter whether you are a true fan of the classic Cut the Rope game or a complete newcomer (which would be especially surprising given that it has received over 250 million downloads worldwide), Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift will serve as a tool to help get you in the mood to celebrate!

The premise of the game remain the same as always: swipe your finger such that you cut the ropes and feed Om Nom candy (all while avoiding spiders, spikes and other obstacles).

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Bask in the Warmth of the Best Winter – Themed Apps for Your iPad

Across much of the country, winter is a season during which the weather outside can truly be frightful –making it the perfect time of year to curl up with your iPad. Fortunately for those of us who tend to be a little less than outdoorsy, the iPad can really help to celebrate, experience and enjoy the season (while watching the snow fall through our living room windows).

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